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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

El Tigre del Noche

His teammates call him Sr. Perfeción....some call him Hans Moleman....I call Carlos Beltran El Tigre del Noche. You won't hear or see him coming, but he will make the kill. According to Gary Cohen during last night's broadcast, Beltran is the first big leaguer to hit grand slams in back to back games since '02 when David Eckstein did it and the first national leaguer since Robin Ventura in '99. Last night's bomb traveled 449 feet and brought him within four of the National League lead in homeruns.

Beltran is 5th in homers in the NL with 27, 5th in the NL in RBIs with 78 and nine behind the leader, 4th in the NL in runs scored with 71 and six behind league leader Jose Reyes, 11th in the NL in walks with 54, 2nd in the NL in SLG and waaaaay behind Albert Pujols, and 3rd in the NL in OPS and is one of three above the 1.000 mark. Throw on top of that the fact he is playing gold glove caliber defense and is on pace to steal 20+ bases and it is hard to think of more of an all around contributor. In fact, only David Wright comes close as an all around contributor in the NL, but I still give Beltran a slight edge.

Beltran is on pace for a career highs in homers, runs scored, RBIs, and walks and is on pace to break through the first three categories by a lot. His previous high in runs was 114 and he is on pace for 131,which would be a Met record if Jose Reyes was not on pace for more, his previous high in homers was 37 and he is on pace for 50 homers, which would be a Met record, and his previous high in RBIs was 108 and his is on pace for 144, which would also be a Met record.

It is mind boggling that this is the same guy that put up 16 homers, 78 RBIs and 83 runs scored last year and just absolutely looks locked in. He is averaging 4.25 pitches per plate appearance and has never topped 4.00 pitches per plate appearance before and came closest in 2004 with 3.99. Beltran likes to do things under the radar and seems like a quiet guy who just shows up and plays the game with as much skill as anyone in the game. As good as Albert Pujols is, Carlos Beltran belongs in the same sentence when talking about the 2006 National League Most Valuable Player and he has been an absolute joy to watch so far this season. Now about that mole.....

* * *

  • Chris Cotter has gotten a chance to make a few calls this year while he is doing side pieces throughout the game and he got to call Reyes going from first to home on a LoDuca double with two chili cheese dogs in his hands. I don't know why, but hearing him do commentary on a play always cracks me up.

  • Did Christmas come early yesterday? It sure felt like it. Sure the Yankees won, but watching A-Rod take a meatball down the pipe on a 3-2 count in a tie game with a runner on was delicious and he made three errors on top of that the day before to make Michael a happy guy. Thanks for the memories A-Rod.

  • Joel Sherman goes against all his beliefs and does not suggest the Mets go after Alfonso Soriano, but rather keep the kids.

    But something important has come gift-wrapped to the Mets along with the latest bit of bodily misfortune to inflict Martinez. And that is opportunity. The Mets, with their big lead, get to see more of John Maine and Mike Pelfrey. That is both intriguing and, possibly, helpful. Very, very helpful.

    Right now the starting pitching trade market is slender. The starter the Mets are most associated with is Washington’s Livan Hernandez. And short of the Nationals just giving him to the Mets and paying a substantial piece of his $7 million for next season, that feels like a really bad idea.

  • I dig this pic.

  • Mike Pelfrey was not great last night, but his progress from his first to second start was huge. He faced a good Reds team in a very tough pitcher's park and was a ground ball machine. He showed big cojones against Adam Dunn and I especially liked his shoe tying stunt during the at-bat (I'm not even sure it was intentional).

    "I told him, 'I'm going to sit right in the middle of the plate and you're going to throw a fastball right by him,'" Lo Duca said. "He reared back and put something extra on it."

    He was throwing mostly fastballs (and by mostly fastballs I mean about 90%) and his 95 mph heater breaks up the normally soft throwing rotation. Give the kid five more starts and he just might be this team's third best pitcher.

    "Luckily there were seven guys behind me who played good defense," Pelfrey said. "I'm just a work in progress."

    Do not confuse Mike Pelfrey with a strikeout pitcher. He throws hard, but that is not his game as his fastball is thrown in the zone with heavy sink and that is not a bad thing. His 6-1 groundball to fly ball ratio last night was just freakishly good and the Reds wish they had a pitcher of his ilk so they can have a young stud succeed in that ballpark. He induced a few groundball doubleplays which helped him get out of trouble early, but last night's game was certainly promising.

  • Big whoop.

    The Mets may be No.1 in the standings, but the Yankees remain champs in the hearts of New Yorkers, a new poll has found.

    Almost half of those surveyed - 49% - say they are Yankees fans, with 42% considering themselves Mets fans, the Quinnipiac University poll found.

    And more New Yorkers would want the Yankees to win in a Subway Series between the two teams, 46% to 37%, the poll of 1,041 New York City voters found.

    "The Mets can win in the ninth inning day after day after day, but they can't win the Quinnipiac poll," said polling institute director Maurice Carroll. "It's still a Yankees town, has been for years. Maybe it's [Derek] Jeter, maybe it's [Joe] Torre, maybe it's the fact that they win year after year."

    Last year I'm sure the poll would have been more skewed. Two years from now, it could be the Mets. But for now, all Yankee fans are still douchebags.

  • It's good to see Gaby Hernandez hit the Prospect Hot Sheet.

    Despite losing two of his last three starts, Hernandez hasn't allowed an earned run since June 26, and is 1-2, 0.00 with a 16-3 strikeout-walk ratio in 20 July innings. After scuffling through April with a 6.48 ERA, Hernandez has lowered that number consistently over the last three months, down to 3.24 through 111 innings.

    Blogger Kenny said...

    Rodriguez made several strong plays Sunday in a victory over the White Sox, causing him to say he played like "Brooks Robinson" in that game.

    I used to think the guy was a douchebag, but I'm starting to think that he might just be mildly retarded.

    Anyway, for the sake of discussion, anybody think the batting order could potentially be shuffled. I wouldn't mind Wright and Delgado switching places. I also wouldn't mind Wright 3rd, Beltan 4th, then Delgado 5th. a double-digit lead allows you to experiment with these kinds of things.

    11:50 AM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    If I'm not mistaken, Chris Cotter was not eating chili DOGS, but rather, was just eating chili. Although it was hard to tell what was under that mountain of shredded cheese.

    12:14 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    12:16 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Kenny, you might be on to something.

    I agree that it should be tinkered with, though many will say if it ain't broke, don't fix it. The weirdest thing is that Reyes can be a run producer. He can potentially be a 3rd hitter and I still think he ideally belongs second with a .400 OBP guy in front with speed.

    .400 OBP Guy with speed

    Watch silly amounts of runs ensue.

    12:18 PM

    Blogger Andrew Fiorentino said...

    I'm confused. How does Gaby have a 1-2 record with a 0 ERA?

    12:50 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Toasty, I believe he was eating Chili Dogs called 'conies' (sp?). I was too busy wishing I was someone else to really pay attention.

    Andrew, bud luck my friend. Bad luck.

    12:54 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Ah, you might be right about that - maybe Gary and Keith's conversation about "five-way" chili got me all confused.

    1:03 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Keith was boring the hell out of me with hit mitt talk. I mean, who the fuck cares? A few quick words about mitts? Swell. But his dissertation was mind number. I understand they have a hard job to fill airtime, but it was bo-ring.

    1:11 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    Weren't Ventura's back-to-back Grand Slams in both games of a double-header? I'm pretty certain I remember that. Not as cool as Tatis's 2 in the same inning, but still pretty cool.

    Pelfrey looked incredible in teh 4th and 5th innings. He still seems shy with his off-speed pitches, and there was one change/fastball he threw at 80 MPH, which Keith and Gary noted "didn't appear to have a change-up grip." Clearly, there is work to be done, but the outing was encouraging.

    2:09 PM

    Blogger ossy said...

    i was listening to the fan and frank thomas of the oakland a's invited to madison square garden to chill with the feces drinker himself, jaerock lee. wtf? i dont feel bad. i think this jaerock dude has got a shit load of cash and is dumping it on mlb teams, players and media outlets.

    beltran is sick.

    so is the movement on pelfrey's pitches.

    2:18 PM

    Blogger ossy said...

    watchin this yankees game, i now know why seattle was so patient with meche all these years. he's got good shit

    2:21 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Chris Cotter is a clown, but he really is a fun part of the show... I would love to have announcers who say smart insightful things all of the time, but I'll take it some of the time, added to the classic comments we hear from Keith even when he adds a little too much "glove talk" type stuff. Compared with alot of other sportscasting that's out there, this is quality information and entertainment.

    2:31 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Tatis' two in one innings is unreal. Seriously nuts...I think he's trying to comeback nowadays.

    I agree, there is clearly work to e done, but his outing was refreshing. I think he'll stay all year.

    Jaerock is plum loaded it seems. I hope he stays around and throw out more feces comments.

    Hopefully Meche shuts them down. The Yankees are too close to 1st...too close.

    2:32 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Joe, 100% agree. I still think they are the two best i've heard, not that I've heard alot. I have the MLB package that cost like $15 for all radio broadcasts and listen to the away guys sometimes. There is some really crappy stuff out here.

    2:33 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Like the mole coversation. Good shit. I'd figure a good dermotoligist would have told him to remove that thing, seems like a melenoma risk. Dale Murphy had his removed. His pircture in People Magazine's 50 Sexies Men List (My wife reads it and showed it to me) had the mole airbrushed out.

    Sad thinf is Beltran gets no respect. Very little hype surrounding his sick numbers.

    2:41 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    this is a national league town - since the days of the dodgers and the giants. whenever the mets are winning it galvanizes the city like no other team. more people get behind the mets when theyre in it. all of the yankees fans are from nj, westchester, connecticut, and all the transplants in manhattan from west bumblefuck that think jeter's cute. so fuck a quinnipiac poll right in the ear...

    3:05 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    As I've often said, the most incredible thing about Tatis' feat was he hit both of them off the SAME PITCHER in the same inning. Unreal.

    3:35 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Good point on Beltran's possible melanoma risk. We don't want anything to happen to him.

    AE, what's wrong with NJ? There are plenty o' fans out here that root for the orange and blue.

    I agree with fucking Quinnipiac in the ear though.....those pretentious bastards.

    RE: Tatis…the manager probably left him in because he thought, ‘what are the chances he does it twice?’

    3:38 PM

    Blogger Count Choculitis said...

    Keith Hernandez is the best color guy I remember ever watching. He's great, and he's unpredictable and he's been there and he's done that. But I'm disappointed that he did not involuntarily chuckle when Gary Cohen asked him if he's every had a "5-way". I would've been doing the Beavis and Butthead chuckle for at least a half hour.

    Do we really think Petey is hurt, or do we think this is mid-season nap time? I'm surprised there's not a little more chatter about this. I don't think he's hurt. Nicked up, at best.

    4:39 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    How do you say pointless trade?
    I know! I know!
    Ruben Gotay for Jeff Keppinger. What's the point of that?
    Maybe its cause Keepinger is white and Gotay is a latino!?!? o0o0o0o

    Chris COtter on commentary sounds funny because he sounds like a constipated monkey.

    So Joel Sherman, the same douchebag who has been claiming the mets get Soriano and the same guy who has been providing us with rumors and rumblings about Soriano to the Mets, finally comes up with this genius idea of NOT trading for him and keeping him.
    Remember when some people wanted to trade Reyes for Soriano? ugh...

    Mike Pelfrey has big cojones, he's f'n solid.

    Who woudla thought that a guy like Gary Cohen would have been involved in a 5-way, wowzers, that's just... strong libido.

    Gabby Hernandez is a stud man. I guess you can't complain about Lo Duca but I would have loved to keep him.
    Coulda traded him for a Schmidt or a Zito NOW!

    4:55 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    He needs to recharge. He could pitch if need, I agree. I have a hard time swallowing that entire falling down and hurting his hip thing. Is he like 80? All these little dings concern me because they hang around. They don't get better and go away, they are always there.

    4:55 PM

    Blogger Toasty Joe said...

    Are you kidding me, Gary Cohen is a PIMP.

    4:56 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Chris COtter on commentary sounds funny because he sounds like a constipated monkey.

    Bro, how do you know how a constipated monkey sounds like?

    4:57 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Andrew, just because Gaby has a 0.00 ERA doesn't mean the other team didn't score. All it takes is a couple of errors, allowing a bunch of unearned runs to do him in.

    5:11 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I watch Animal Planet man. They have shows on constpated monkeys all the time.

    5:13 PM

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