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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Save Joe Torre

Sizemore rounding third . . .
Here's Damon's throw to the plate . . .
Bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce
~ Rob Neyer

I was thinking about the Joe Torre situation and I truly believe that we as anti-Yankee people should endorse him coming back in 2008. God forbid they get someone that can effectively use a bullpen. If Torre knew how to navigate through late inning pitching changes, he might have two more World Series rings to add to his collection.

Sure, that is pure speculation, but I am reasonably sure there were two series that I saw that were a directly effected by bullpen moves. I for one am fully supporting his return and I do believe we should pitch in and perhaps start a petition. I do think all our efforts would be for naught as I think they both move on, but we simply cannot give up the dream.

As to who would replace him if he was not brought back, the buzz has been that Tony LaRussa might be choice. According to Madden, LaRussa wants to manage at one more stop and have a chance to win another championship. The Yankees would certainly fit that bill and it allows Mattingly to get more experience under his belt. It does make sense since the Yankees would never go with a 'no-namer' and still positions Donnie Baseball as the heir whereas Girardi would probably be in for the long haul and blocking the Boss's favorite.

Of course popular notion is that no one could handle the media as well as Torre, but I call bullshit. I've heard many o' manager do pre/post games, including Eric Wedge during these playoffs, and many are very savvy and intelligent. The notion that no one else could do it is simply false and utterly ridiculous. Torre's staunchest supporters have always pointed to his handling of personalities, his even keeled approach, and the way he handles the media as the reason he is so successful in New York and simply do not believe anyone could do that outside of Yankee blood presumably.

I think all those people need to wake up and realize that Joe Torre does not walk on water, his poo does in fact stink, and the man is a marginal manager at best. Sure, he says nice things to the media, but I do believe a lot of people would have the ability to do that and LaRussa, Mattingly, or Girardi would be able to do just swell. It might be weird for a bit without him, but I'm sure things will return to 'normal' for the Yankees shortly.

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  • Ha ha!

    Clemens and his agents, the Hendricks brothers, a wily band of career plotters, knew the position the Yankees were in and held them up for a prorated $28 million salary, the highest single-season salary a major league player has ever had.

    Clemens’s first start for the Yankees came June 9, which set his salary for the season at $17,442,622. Making 17 starts during the season, he earned roughly $1 million a start. But Clemens, a six-time 20-game winner and a seven-time winner of the Cy Young award, has the credentials to demand that level of pay, or whatever level of pay a club is willing to give.

    Even if he was to pitch, he would have to do it for less than $10 million for sure. I hope he can manage to feed his family on that.

    For the record, I seriously doubt he will be back.

  • Tim Marchan does not like the NL.

    The Rockies and the Diamondbacks are the best on offer from the NL this year. One of them is going to follow in the proud tradition of last year's 83-win St. Louis Cardinals. Aside from our man in the Sangre de Cristos (and, possibly, the Almighty), no one should care all that much more than they care about Japan's Championship Series. The real title fight starts Friday, in Boston.

    That is the load of crap. I do not think I need to remind anyone that 2000 went to the AL, 2001 went to the NL, 2002 went to the AL, 2003 went to the NL, 2004 went to the AL, 2005 went to the AL, and 2006 went to the NL. I may not be the smartest human in the world, but the NL has fared well despite being overmatched on paper in every contest that they won.

    The AL winner is hardly a surefire bet to win anything. Yes, there are more talented teams in the AL, but I think history has proved that the NL has a shot here and I certainly do not agree that the NL does not have a team that the casual fan can get behind. Both teams are exactly the type of exciting team (and especially the Rockies) that a casual fan can get behind as they are the quintessential underdog.

    Call me crazy, but there is a lot of young talented teams in the NL that have bright futures. Things go in ebbs and flows and the NL will rise again and may very well be on the verge of growing up if the Mets can finally make that jump to a perennial playoff team, the Dodgers young guys get a chance to play, the D-Backs keep taking steps forward, the Brewers keep getting better, and the Rockies keep up their resurgence.

    There are teams that are loaded with talent that are extremely close to turning a corner and that is impossible to ignore.
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    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Most of my closest friends are Yankees fans and so I follow the Yankees closer than the average Mets fan and they return the favor. Hence (hence and whence are 2 of the mathematicians favorite words but somehow they have always reminded me of 2 Magpies) we are able to have intelligent discussions about our respective teams without the normal flaming wars that ensue. I have always found Torre’s problems in handling the bullpen somewhat perplexing. As an ex-catcher I would have though that he would have had a better intuitive feel for when to take out a given pitcher. As an example two of the best pitching coaches I have witnessed were Rube Walker and Dave Duncan both ex-catchers. I’m not sure how much Torre relies on his pitching coaches but the Yankees pitching coaches over Torre’s Yankees years were somewhat underwhelming. Stottlemyer showed when with the Mets he was good with young pitchers but how many of them did he handle when with the Yankees? But Torre’s strength was his ability to shield his players from the madness that ensued for most of his tenure as Yankees manager. Up until a couple of years ago when Cashman was given the ultimate power to run the team the baseball end was run like a Looney Tunes cartoon. Players were constantly attacked by George and the Tampa Bay crew. This was not your normal handling of the media. This was a constant grind. Willie Randolph’s job with the Mets is a piece of cake compared to what Torre went through. Those out of town Managers that handle the pressure during the playoffs don’t know what it’s like to have the same madness on a constant basis. Most of them would probably break down from the never ending idiocy. While the baseball end was the definition of absurdity George ran the business end about as well as you can run a professional sports franchise. I remember reading that the increase in value of the franchise from when George purchased it from CBS till now is without precedent in the history of professional sports. But I digress. As long as Cashman keeps on running the Yankees with some level of professionalism Torre’s special skills are not needed as much as someone with improved baseball managerial skills. He is no longer needed and should be replaced.

    BTW to Torre’s credit, unlike Willie, Torre will use young talent when he has it.

    11:13 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    BTW to Torre’s credit, unlike Willie, Torre will use young talent when he has it.

    He sure does now and I'm sure a lot of people agree that Joba was a springboard of sort for them and Duncan came up big a few times when they were turning it around.

    Trust the young guys. Assuming they cannot hack it is not the way to go and they need to have a chance to fail. The Mets young guys simply did not get that.

    Torre did great doing what he was tasked to do, but by no means is he the only guy who could have done it.

    Willie's job is too easy almost. I don't think you need some advanced personality to coach this team and I do prefer a bit more of a motivator. Whatever....he's here for a bit.

    11:40 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    o0o0o, Tony LaRussa and his sunglasses at Yankee Stadium. If we didn't hate him enough, now he's in the Bronx.
    Typical Steinbrenner move although LaRussa is pretty good. LaRussa the alchoholic in NY? Oh man, we're in for a wild ride. WOuld he be able to handle it? I don't think so, should be fun.

    Sure Clemens has the credentials to demand that kind of pay but that doesn't mean he should be GIVEN that kind of pay nor does it mean he has to be such a dick about it.

    The Rockies and the Diamondbacks are the best on offer from the NL this year.
    Actually the best team in the NL didn't even make the post-season this year.

    I say DBacks beat the Rockies in the NLCS.

    12:51 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Funny - I'm as big a Yankee hater as anyone, but I have the exact opposite thought on Torre. I am hoping like heck the Yanks fire him for three reasons:

    1) The second Torre is gone, I'm betting we never hear "this Yankee team" (meaning the 1996-2000) team again. It will be time to move on. Actually, it's been time to move on for about 5 years, but Torre is the link that holds them all together...

    2) Who knows what happens with a new manager?? I think people really forget that the Yanks spent money for decades, sucked from 1988 through 1993, and went 15 years (81 through 95) without even sniffing the playoffs. A new manager increases the chance for a train wreck. And on that note...

    3) Tony LaRussa on the Yankees is an that train wreck waiting to happen. I'm almost giddy waiting for this. In fact, it's such a bad fit, I can't even believe all-knowing, all-arrogant LaRussa is even considering it.

    Let's see: LaRussa is used to everyone kissing his butt, is unbelievably arrogant, hates when people second guess his moves, doesn't get along particularly well with the ultra-supportive St. Louis media, can't get along with more than one star player at once, and wins a World Series every 17 years. Yup, sounds like a perfect fit for the Yankees, Steinbrenner, and the NY media.


    3:37 AM

    Anonymous benny said...

    What's all this talk about David Eckstein on the Mets to play 2nd base?
    No... is all I can say, just no.
    I'd rather they bring the gang from this season, Luis Castillo, Ruben Gotay, Damion Easley, and Zorro, can all be in the mix for playing time.
    I mean what's wrong with Castillo? A guy who has an OBP of .360 in a bad year, and plays tremendous defense. The mets have solid backups in case of injury to him.
    I guess Eckstein's gritt, hustle, and other intangibles are better than Catillo's talent...

    1:17 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Rockies in the Championship. Bottom line....

    I think any decent manager could do well with the Yankees. They were head and shoulder above competition over this dominating span that I don't think Torre was the reason. However, the way baseball seasons work, it is probable if it is all replayed, Torre wouldn't make it every year and neither would someone else. Impossible to know, but I do think there are a number of people that can get the job done.

    With Tony, it's that name factor that George would love and he is a 'proven winner'.

    No Eckstein...please. I just got a forward called 'anal bong hit hits'. The girl takes a bong hit and craps all over the place. I felt sick...much like the same feeling that I get when I think about Scrappy on this team.

    I think the buzz is Catillo is a bad influence on Reyes. If that is in fact the case, then we have a problem bringing him back, no?

    1:29 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    can you elaborate on or link to the reyes-castillo influence issue...


    2:15 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I heard they like to go out in imbibe some alcoholic beverages. Basically, he is a guy that Reyes really likes going out with, which is understandably not the best thing.

    2:39 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Meh, it hasn't been reported in newspapers or anything relevent or important so I'll take those things with a grain of salt because those things are coming from "bouncers" at night clubs, c'mon now, lets be real.
    A week ago somebody came up with this cockamania bullshit about Jose Reyes being on and using cocaine.

    2:43 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    well...something happened, no? i love drinking so i would be hard pressed to judge, but if there is any truth to it, I would seriously think about it.

    i mean, he did not bring enough to the table to be a distraction, right?

    3:07 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    Eckstein and Castillo are essentially the same player at this point in their careers. What does one do that much better than the other? Eckstein is actually surprisingly good defensively even if he throws like a girl. His OBP is roughly the same as Castillo's. He hits for roughly the same power. He's probably even harder to strikeout than Castillo.

    I personally give the second base job to Gotay and look to spend the extra money on pitching. Overpay Francisco Cordero and try to convince him to setup until Wagner retires. Overpay whoever the best of the available Japanese pitchers is in their estimation. Try to bring in another young second baseman type like Barfield, or a high energy guy like Freel that can play multiple positions, just as some insurance against Gotay stinking up the joint. Or the Mets could always try an in-season trade to shore up the position like they did this year. I don't think Gotay's defense is as bad as people say it is. And I love his stick from the left side.

    I think the offense is okay as it is. The Mets really need to improve their pitching depth. It's nonexistent right now.

    4:30 PM

    Anonymous Farva said...

    I heard that Reyes was afraid to enter the clubhouse because Castillo was sacrificing chickens to effiges of Ron Saboda, snorting tobhasco sauce and running around in womens underwear.

    I dont care if the rumors are 100% BS...just get rid of castillo in case they are. Bring in Zorro if reyes needs a warm and fuzzy feeling next to him and who cares anyway?

    6:48 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    farva....nice of you to stop in.

    I'm glad someone agrees. I was starting to think I might have put a skirt on this morning. Thankfully, that might not be the case.

    8:43 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    Suzyn Waldman crying post-game....priceless.


    10:33 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I am a red sox fan, but i know that joe torre is one of the greatest managers out there. yes he has the highest paid for team in all of the MLB but it takes a leader to organize a team and win as many world series as that man did. The yankees will be stupid to let him go because who are they going to pick up? if anyone the yankees we were going to get rid of it should be A-rod.. hes over paid how well did he do in the post season? not well... yeah these players for the yankees get paid alot but they dont follow up. i think joe torre deserves to stay.
    you can say the rockies and diamondbacks are gonna come out for the national league but the national league has no chance in winning the world series this year its gonna be the american league. The rockies are hot right now yes but they have faced no competition. The diamondbacks cant score runs to save their lives and the rockies are just catching good breaks. they will not win by luck on a good developed team liek the Boston Red Sox or the Cleveland Indians

    10:55 PM


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