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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Times Are A-Changin'

These are not your slightly older uncle's Yankees. The winds of change are blowing in the Bronx and it signals a possible changing of the guard. The Yankees have gotten younger and should continue to get younger and might not be the Yankees of old who would bid on a player and pay as much as needed to get the deal done. They truly seem committed to building a team the right way.

They have said they will not pursue A-Rod if he opts out and they might not. Even if they do get involved with the bidding, they probably will not just keep bidding until everyone is trumped, which likely means he will be gone. Despite how vital he is to the team, I can see them just holding tight and sticking to a number and if someone blows them out of the water, so be it. Mike Lowell will be out there and there were rumors that Aramis Ramirez might be available opening up a spot (and cash) for A-Rod on the Cubs.

Regardless, there is always some darkhorse team that comes out of nowhere to bid some ridiculous amount and it is clear there are teams with glaring needs and some cash that could jump into the A-Rod sweepstakes and outbid the Yankees. It would not surprise many people to see someone put their next ten years of financial flexibility in jeopardy out of desperation.

As old adage goes, it is insane to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. Well, what the Yankees have been doing is not working which is why they will probably do things uncharacteristically. They might be in a bit of transitional phase while they cleanse their team of the Giambis, Damons, Matsuis, Mussinas, etc. They really cannot go after any top tier talent (not that there is any out there this off-season) with every position taken with the exception of first and possibly third and catcher and they need to bring along their youth.

You might see the Yankees hold tight this off season and go back into battle with the same crew with the idea that a full year with Duncan, Hughes, Kennedy, and Chamberlain might provide that extra spark. Lowell might be a possible acquisition and a trade might be in the works with their sudden glut of pitching talent, but I cannot see anything gigantic happening. The wildcard is how Posada and Rivera might be affected if Torre leaves, but I think they will ultimately be back and I will make a bold prediction now. If A-Rod leaves, the Yankees team will not make the playoffs in '08. That is not to say that is a bad thing as their young pitchers will be taking lumps and team will be gearing up for 2009.

* * *

  • Two days and two Yankees-centric posts? I don't get it either. I think I have not put enough time in to digest what the Mets need to do. I need to get a 30-pack of PBRs and write something on the topic.

  • Matsui back in spotlight with stellar playoff run

    Who would have thought that headline would have ever been printed about Kazuo?

    In Colorado's three-game sweep of the Phillies, the second baseman went 5-for-12 (.417) with a double, two triples and six RBIs. His Game 2 grand slam in Philadelphia was, in Matsui's words, "very cool, my best moment in baseball."

  • How is this not #1?

    50. Zimmer charges Pedro, Game 3, 2003 (Yankees vs. Red Sox): A Yankee (Karim Garcia!) gets plunked by Pedro Martinez. Pedro then gestures to the Yankee dugout, possibly indicating he's going to throw at their heads. Fast-forward to a high-inside Roger Clemens pitch to Manny Ramirez. Benches clear and 72-year-old Yankees bench coach Don Zimmer tries to take out Pedro, only to be thrown to the ground.

    It has it all. Drama, comedy, brawling, excitement, a fat guy....

    Out of the top fifty though, a team that has not been to the playoffs all that much surely was involved in a lot of intense moments. Come to think about it, that does not surprise me at all the Mets would check in so many times. Nothing is ever easy with the Mets and good or bad, the Mets bring out some pretty intense emotions.

  • Unless you are into a Michael Barrett type mood, Ramon and LoDuca should be brought back.

  • Ken has some info...

    The White Sox, Tigers and Mets are among the teams that could be interested in Eckstein — and Eckstein would figure to be open-minded if the Mets or another club wanted him to move to second base.

    Four words.

    Please God. Not him.

  • Also from the above link:

    Rather than trade left-hander Johan Santana, the Twins might be better off moving closer Joe Nathan, whom they could replace internally with righty Pat Neshek. The Twins are certain to exercise Nathan's $6 million option, and the scarcity of quality closers on the open market could bring the Twins a substantial return. The Yankees might be first in line for Nathan if they lose Mariano Rivera as a free agent. The Mets could not ignore Nathan, either, even with closer Billy Wagner signed through 2009...

    Trading Nathan would be a smart thing unless they decide to just go for it. However, going for it would not be the right thing to do since they direly need to acquire some pop if they plan to actually make some real noise. Frankly, they should explore trading Johan and Nothan to see if they can bring in a monumental haul.

  • From Bada....Waldman crying.... I can listen to that all day. In fact, while we are laughing at her, give this one another listen.

    If that does not satiate that voracious appetite of yours of laughing at Suzyn Waldman, enjoy this one.



    Anonymous ossy said...

    i can see many teams lining up for nathan. the braves should be first in line. followed by the giants (what a bad trade for them).

    i need a 50-50 playing time of loduca-castro. there are no better options out there. barret is a no go bc there is seriously something wrong when a team dumps their catcher in the middle of a race.

    waldman should be a beat reporter. that way she can cry or high beams when clemens is in the bronx all she wants without us having to hear it.

    id rather stick my wet wang in a socket than deal with eckstein and his "grittiness." it would be like hearing bout jeters intangibles.

    speaking of which, i love when steve somers does the jeter leads the league in intagibles thing

    11:57 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    If I'm the Yankees and A-Rod opts out, I wouldn't go after him either. In regards to Posada and Mariano Rivera, I think one of them leaves one of them stays. Which one does what? i dunno but I think that's what's going to happen.

    SPeaking of A-Rod, how would eveyrone feel regarding the Mets and A-Rod? Me personally, I would love to have him but, fuck, that's alot of money, I'd have to pass on that. Too much of a commitment too much of everything. EVen if he is the best player in the game right now, its just... it makes no sense.

    Endy Chavez checked in at #34 which is very impressive considering those fuckers didn't win the damn game. Still though, that catch gives me hope in all dreams coming true.

    Michael Barrett might be interesting as he hits more than 3 HR's a year but I have NO idea how he is behind the plate.

    Lastings Milledge for Joe Nathan? Now that's balls deep. I'd deffinitly trade Carlos Gomez.

    Nick Evans and Hector Pellot are part of the Waikiki Beach Boys of the Hawaii Winter League, allright!!

    While Mike Carp and Eddie Kunz are in the AFL.

    12:04 AM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    Oh and by the way, I hate Yankee fans with an incredibly strong passion. It gets to the point where I want all of them to burn in hell. I hate them.

    12:05 AM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    Nick Evans fractured his hand unfortunately, Benny, so he got sent home. He's a dude to keep an eye on though, next year at Bingy.

    I still like Brant Rustich as much as Eddie Kunz. The Mets at least have a few power arms coming up the pipeline to keep an eye on. Rustich is also in Hawaii.

    A king's ransom would be given for Nathan by someone. He solves the Mets problems in the bullpen immediately, but it would be a heavy price and would create holes elsewhere and sap the Mets further of young prospects. Milledge alone doesn't get it done. Milledge and Pelfrey/Humber is probably more like it. And that would hurt for one year of a reliever.

    I would still rather overpay Francisco Cordero for 4 years and convince him to setup while Wagner is still here. The market will be immense for Cordero though.

    8:52 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yes. There are definitely red flags with Barrett and it might take more than a one year deal for him making it prohibitive.

    There just are not many catchers out there and you really just need to grow your own. I'm still pissed we missed Teagarden by a few measly slots.

    Somers is great. He is unapologetic about his disdain for Jeter's intangibles.

    AJ for Nathan, Bonser, and Liriano. OUTCH!

    Benny, those are bold predictions. I just cannot see either playing for another team.

    I'm not down with moving Wright. I just think it's a bad idea all around unless A-Rod wants to move to first, which will never happen.

    That is a uninspiring group that was being sent to play some winter ball.

    Danny, I agree there will be a huge market for Cordero and he has no incentive to come set up for the Mets who did not do themselves any recruiting favors by shitting the bed in such a fantastic manner.

    9:10 AM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    This is my favorite Yankees blog!!

    It should be interesting to see what omar does these next few months. i don't pay as much attention to the minors as some of you guys, but i would sort of like to see Omar step it up in this department. As I understand it, international scouting is part of the mets strategy and holding the line on bonuses. I am feeling a little impatient about the farm situation. Where are OUR slugging infielders and power pitching prospects? How could he have let Jesus get snatched--you'd think that name would be a noticable one. Even though I feel Omar has a plan superior to little Stevie Phillips plan, I notice something of the same product coming out of the farm: fast, toolsy not-sure thing outfielders.

    I admit, this comes a little from watching the youngsters on the spankees (not to mention the other playoff teams and the NL easters that blew our dreams away), and thinking how they may yet rob me of the satisfaction of watching the yankmes sink into a decade of relative mediocrity under the weight of elderly ex-steroid users like so many dinosaurs into a tar pit.

    Am i being totally irrational? Is there evidence to show that Omar is building in the right direction, other than holding on to his chips and not his parting with potential Escobars or Reyes (which I support)?

    PS I hate eckstein
    pps. dont forget who else was crying this postseason!

    12:25 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I'm not going to try and spin this, but Omar has not done to well in terms of the minors. Frankly, his lack of impact prospects is stilly. He needs to pony up and sign that gy represented by Boras.

    I'm with you on the Yankees youth. It discourages me that they have soooo many good young arms that are good right now. I thought the Mets were supposed to be ahead in that department?

    1:13 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I could care less if Posada or Rivera stay in NY. Loyalty in baseball is not what it was like in the past. Who would have thought Boggs, Clemens, or even Damon would play for the Yankees or Glavine for the Mets.
    I'm real surprised that the Yankees have let Torre sweat this long. Bad move by George.

    Signing ARod would be great, but the length of the contract, cost and how it would affect DW and Reyes (position wise) would lean me to avoid pursuing him all together. $30 million is way too much for one player, even for ARod. Heck, with that money, Omar can get a whole new bullpen and bench for that money. I predict ARod will end up with the Angels or Cubs.

    Lirino is an interesting player to try and get on the cheap, since he's coming off the surgery. Nathan and Santana would set the Mets back for a decade, in terms of player development. The prospects mentioned that the Mets would have to give up would be disasterous.

    Hopefully, Omar and Co. will let Pelfrey and Humber prove themselves in the rotation and see how Mulvey develops. I'm sure the bullpen is on the top of his to-do list.


    1:23 PM

    Anonymous Yankapolitans said...

    Okay, I still haven't adjusted to the Mets AAA team being in the PCL. Just sent a question about Philip Humber to Matt Eddy.

    Best thing Mets can do for a catcher is make a trade. I'd rather have inexpensive average over overpaid average.

    Eddy Kunz got lit up last night.

    2:37 PM

    Anonymous Mr. Yankee said...

    Mets have not really had a minor league strategy over the last couple of years, which has led to a top heavy organization - bunch of higher end talent and not much in between. Though we do seem to develop a lot of middle relievers for other teams.

    A-rod plays second base in that scenario (but if you want to play with yourself why not think of someone cute?)...

    2:40 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Since we’re on the topic the weeping and wailing for Joe Torre produces a pain in a anatomical part only seen in XXX rated movies. The guy is worth more than most people see in a lifetime and owns an Hawaiian Plantation.

    I visited a Yankees message board where a couple of my friends post and extolled the virtues of Larry Bowa as the next Yankees manager. Believe it or not some of those idiots were in favor of him. (LMAO). Those same mentally challenged individuals wanted Cashman fired. One of my friends made of list of some of the positive things Cashman has done since assuming complete control. Here they are:

    1. Molina and Villone for relievers unlikely to ever pitch in the bigs.

    2. Ohlendorf and Vizcaino plus two very interesting wild card prospects for a broken old man comming off surgery and a 5+ era.

    3. Pitching prospect with Ace or closer potential + Detroits self proclaimed future closer + decent relief prospect for an injured malcontent pushing 40.

    4. Veres, Bruney, Ramirez, Rasner...for NOTHING

    5. Willingness to let veterans sign elsewhere and take draft picks which lead to Hughes, Joba, Kennedy, Marquez, Henry

    6. CJ Henry(more of a B-Ball prospect than baseball prospect at this point), Matt Smith and two spanish guys nobody will ever know about for Bobby Abreu (essentially a salary dump by the Phillies).

    7. Agressiveness with prospects like Hughes, Kennedy, Melky and especially Joba. They wouldn't be up otherwise.

    8. Pouring money into the draft. Resulting in first round talents like Betances, Melencoln, and Austin Jackson being 7th and 8th round picks.

    9. International signings like Tabata, Frak Cervelli, Corona, Carlos Urena, Abraham and Zoolio Almonte....

    10. All this while lowering payroll, getting rid of some(not all) of the dead wood, restocking the farm, and still making the playoffs every year.

    If I was starting a team I would consider hiring him as GM.

    Mike, I believe what the Yankees are doing is bothering you because the Mets are reticent to go with and develop their prospects. They seem to be acting according to the old Yankees plan albeit on a smaller scale.

    It’s perplexing that with MLB rejoicing over the demise of the Mets this year every time Bud Selig asks Fred Wilpon to dance, Wilpon asks if the “two step” is adequate. It’s time for Wilpon to do what’s best for the Mets rather than what’s best for Bud Selig. The meltdown of the Mets last season will impact the business end with reduced revenues. Those “bandwagon” fans, that most posters want gone, represent an enormous source of revenue for the team that directly relates to the quality of the product you see on the field and must be catered too.

    5:48 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Though we do seem to develop a lot of middle relievers for other teams.

    Sad, but true. And really, the Mets drafts over the last few years have not been good. Of course, they could still turn out good if they can get some big league contributors, but their top tier pitchers have not done as well as expected nor even looked as encouraging as we all hoped.

    Also....has good bullpen help become more important than the #3 through #5 starters? It is almost as if you can get mediocrity there if you have a good bullpen and do splendid but you cannot do good with a great #3 through #5 with a shitty bullpen.

    Liriano ain't going nowhere. That there is a true ace under control for a loooong time.

    Kunz needs to step it up. They need him by mid '08. Which is scary that that I am already depending on him.

    Hopefully, Omar and Co. will let Pelfrey and Humber prove themselves in the rotation and see how Mulvey develops.


    2x4...Cashman has done what we all hoped Omar would have done. Omar has done a great job, but the future has not been take care of. Milledge was here, Wright was here, Gomez was here, Humber was here, Reyes was here....

    He has done good things, do not get me wrong. But the Yankees have more to show for that same period of time and that is what bothers me.

    I agree about Bud and Wilpon. It costs Betances and Efferson. They fucked up big time and have not used their cash to make a bad draft good in later rounds.

    5:59 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    I just want to momentarily change the direction of this thread. Both Metsgeek and Metsblog are looking for writers to expand their stable (at first I thought they were soliciting the services of Mr. Ed and Francis the Talking Mule, but I digress) of authors to address a wider variety of subject matter pertaining to the Mets specifically and baseball in general. After studying their requirements I have been able to succinctly reduce them to the following:

    1. Metsgeek requires authors whose expertise is in the field of nonlinear partial differential equations, while
    2. Metsblog seeks authors whose description of any move made by Omar and/or Willie, no matter how bad or good, to be prefaced by “Golly gee, I am privileged to sit in awe of greatness.”
    3. For both, as always, bloviating is encouraged.

    9:07 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    One last comment for today....

    What the hell has Tony Gywnn been eating? He better be on some dialysis machine or colostomy bag that we don't know about, because, that is one hefty HOF'er. Come on Tony, eat a salad or go fuck some whores instead of doubling up on the happy meals.

    That's all...


    10:49 PM

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