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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Let's turn on that stove!

Now that the Phillies have found a way to throw salt on the wound, it's time to focus on next year. We all know the names and the needs. Minaya has some options and I think that the Wilpons are going to want alot of fans in the shiny new seats. That adds up to many "potential" moves and hopefully just as many smart moves. I'll start this off by saying that Brian Fuentes does not need to be Met. I'm saying that one based off a gut feeling like my boy Willie used to do. I'm also looking forward to a different face at first base next year.

The Marlins and Royals have opened things up and got Mike Jacobs out of the division. The trade fills a need for both teams as the Royals had a big hole at 1B and Leo Nunez would fit in nicely with any team.

I doubt that Willie will manage another team in the Major Leagues. It sucks too because had he gotten the job, Milwaukee would've underperformed and gave the Mets a little wiggle room.

Can Omar kick tires on Chad Cordero? I wouldn't mind seeing him signed to a small deal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's with the crazy look of the RSS feeds?

5:33 PM

Anonymous tc said...

15 days until free agency ... and everyone knows the team has glaring holes in the bullpen, starting rotation, corner outfield spots, second base, and catcher.

As I said yesterday, I'm all for signing quality role players like the Phillies had.

For what it's worth, I'd like to see the following in Citi Field next year (in no particular order):
Orlando Hudson
AJ Burnett / Derek Lowe
Huston Street / JJ Putz
Juan Cruz

All I know is, my full season ticket prices went down, thanks in part to me telling the Mets to go fuck themselves and to move me up to front row of the upper deck because I wasn't paying $8,500 a seat to sit in the same place I paid $3,300 to sit in this year.

So, for the money I spend on this team, and for the shitload of cash SNY is worth and the new stadium will bring in, for the love of god, sign anyone it takes to overhaul the bullpen.

6:23 PM

Anonymous benny said...

I never thought Chad Cordero was good when he was healthy. The dude had labrum surgery!

nice job on those seats TC!

Now Ossy, we all know where Willie's "gut feelings" got him. Fuentes is a solid alternative to K-Rod. Better peripheral numbers!

Leo Nunez is awesome. You show me a guy who looks like a baby on the mound, I'll show you an awesome team.

I think Juan Cruz is a given.

Early prediction. The Phillies sign Manny and let Burrell go.

7:41 PM

Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

a torn labrum is a serious injury... but who knows if he can make it back. nothing wrong with taking a shot with him on the cheap.

Welcome back fernando tatis. make sure you bring that hustle with you.

spending money on the bullpen isnt gonna solve it. look at the phillies. major parts of their pen were cast offs.

10:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Philly pen by all rights should have been dreadful.

I was a huge fan of the move to get Lidge. Totally thought that it was worth the risk. Boy did that pay off in spades for them.

Ossy is 100% on target here. The Phils caught lightning in a bottle with that group. Let's see them do it again. I have faith in Lidge, but the rest?

Not so much.

11:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good point on the phillies bullpen Ossy.

the Phillies have proven once again that smart pickups can make a world of difference.

Imagine if the Mets had traded for Lidge last season, we would probably be the ones celebrating right now.

I don't think spending itself is bad. On the contrary, I believe the big market teams have a tremedous advantage over the others. The important thing is whom you spend your money on. The redsox is a fine example of building around home-grown talents and staying competitive with its financial strength at the same time.


12:00 PM

Anonymous seattle stev said...

Trade for vasquez from the sox, and either putz or street for the pen/ for the outfield sign Milton Bradley and the bench mark loretta and easley, and once he is not offered Arb. sign Pudge.
The trading chips will be Heilman, Evans ,Parnell, gee, owens, kunz.antonini & bowman..
I would also invite Holt to spring training.

10:52 AM

Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

I think we also need to e looking at filling the void in LF. We had nothing/nobody/zip/zilch/nada playing out there this season and the production from that slot was worst in the majors.

We also gotta get a half decent season from Church. Now that Willie is off playing with his willie hopefully we will see some commonsense out there!

I read about a possible trade of castillo for Byrnes in Arizona, me likey! Castillo for a bag of baseballs and a pack of big league chew would do it for me!

Gotta get rid of Heilman. Wonder if Beane would take him as part of a trade for Street?

Yes on Cordero as a set up guy. Sign him to low $$$ for 2 years and give him a chance to come back.

11:34 AM

Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

Rumor has it that Curt Shilling is looking for a one year gig in NY with us or the wankees. If we want an older guy then bring Pedro back for one more. I have no problemo with that.

11:40 AM

Anonymous tc said...

Ossy, it's more of the point of bringing in new faces then just going out and signing everyone that we can ... though that may not hurt with the disgraceful guys they threw out there last year.

Good call on Holt invite to ST ... he has two filthy pitches, and I'd love to see him get a legit shot at the 'pen if he can impress while in Florida.

Vazquez in the NL and in a pitcher's park would be a solid move I think. Then again, while the dimensions are the same at Citi for the most part, I'm curious to see if the change in field direction or the different layout (no open outfield) does anything in terms of affecting the winds.

Schilling? Meh, one year deal can't hurt, can it? Though he talks an immense amount of shit to the media/his blog, which I am sure would inevitably piss someone off.

Scott, I read the D-Backs thought about that Castillo for Byrnes deal, and in the end, they just didn't see a use for Castillo. Aka, he is actually that piss poor that they don't even want to trade a guy making $20 million as a fourth outfielder to fill a position where they currently have no one. That, my friends, is bad.

From Newsday -- Whether he remains in Flushing has yet to be determined. But it seems as if the Mets are willing to bring back Carlos Delgado at first base and focus on their most pressing offseason needs: finding a closer, rebuilding the bullpen and improving at second base and leftfield.

The thing is, if Delgado can be moved for one of those "needs," then they need to do it.

1:47 PM

Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

From USS Mariner: "His defense in left is so bad it negates much of the value of his bat. He really should be a DH."

They r talking about Raul Ibanez who seems to be on the Mets radar. Ugh. The guy is 37 and wants a 3 year deal by the looks of things. Worse yet, he is ranked as a class A FA. Just say no thanks Omar.

TC you are right, Arizona isn't loving the Castillo move. However, they do like the idea of not paying Byrnes. I think this trade will be revisited with the Mets getting Byrnes and paying them some of Castillos salary, Az then cutting Castillo and using the money they save on him on resigning Dunn who the fans seem to love.

1:01 PM

Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

Ugh, I don't see any positive out of Raul Ibanez. Maybe the original intention of him being brought in mid-season made sense but signing him would be a BAD move.
He really is a DH.

I have faith in Omar that he won't be after him unless its a 1 year deal or something.

6:59 PM

Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

Could not agree more Benny. However, he has hit 338 RBI over the last 3 seasons which is very solid and actually makes him second among FA's in this category. When it comes to defense he is a solid DH.

The white sox want to trade Vasquez for Castillo? WTF? Why? But if they r serious I will drive Louis there myself.

10:57 AM

Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

Oh, meant to mention. Dan Murphy is killing the AFL! I know that's like saying "Lance Armstrong is topsin his spin class" but i do think it shows the kids talent. Do we take a chance on him at 2nd base next season? Give him 450 AB's and let Easley have a few games there too?

11:01 AM

Anonymous tc said...

Mets-Rays rumblings: Heilman for Sonnanstine/Jackson, is a must do.

Mets-Sox: Castillo for Vazquez ... you mean to tell me we can get something of value for him? I'll pay his cab fare to Chitown.

Ibanez, if it's less than three years, I don't see why not. He's better than Tatis, and we can't afford to fuck around all season with platoons again. He's no superstar, but you know you're getting a solid .280 bat, a 90 RBI guy, and a good clubhouse figure.

Mets MUST make a push for Lowe. Johan, Lowe, Pelfrey, Maine, Vazquez/Sonnanstine/Jackson is a solid, solid 1-5. I'd love for Omar to be able to snag Vazquez or Sonnanstine for that 5 spot.

Joe Beimel rumblings. Nice!

11:21 AM

Blogger AE said...

at the minimum i would like to see the mets sign:

orlando hudson
brian fuentes
brad penny

i know what your thinking. brad penny? penny could be a beast if healthy. and yes, that's a big if. no, i don't think penny is the be all and end all solution to starting pitching. i just think spending $50m on a 36 yr old derek lowe is absurd...

i would like to see them trade for gerald laird at catcher. he would make up for ramon castro's creaky body.

i think dan murphy will be the everyday lf next year with tatis being the backup lf and 3b.

as for middle relievers, the market is bleak. i do not envy the task the mets have to remedy that...

11:30 AM

Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

i wouldnt touch penny with a 10 ft pole. dude is historically bad at shea stadium (6.82 era)

fuentes lost his job two years ago.
he is good, but i want a top quality closer.

10:04 PM

Anonymous benny said...

I'm not sure if he'd be down with this, but how about Penny in the bullpen?
Penny gets rocked at Shea because our scouting reports on him are top notch. It has nothing to do with the stadium, I mean technically, he won't have to be facing us anymore.

9:03 AM

Anonymous benny said...

And Fuentes losing his job had more to do with the Rockies over reacting. He blew like 2 games or something and then they give it to manny corpas. Whatever.

9:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Penny could be amazing out of the pen. Potential closer material. The man can throw hard! And he's got the stuff that over a period of 1-2 inning can be lethal.

Ah, but the trick is getting him to believe that this is where he belongs. It may very well be viewed as a demotion in his eyes, and I sincerely doubt it would happen.

9:19 AM

Anonymous Will said...

Willie's on the bench ready to give sage advice in Milwaukee.

6:39 AM

Anonymous tc said...

Holliday to A's ... Carlos Gonzalez, Greg Smith, Huston Street to Rockies.

Billy Beane with a ballsy move. I love it. I wonder if the A's will go out and make a FA splash or two to seriously compete this season in the AL West. They have a new stadium coming, and probably can afford to increase their payroll.

From CBS: One source said Monday that the Rockies are prepared to turn around and trade Street -- though to which team he wasn't sure.

Hope the Mets are in on him big time. The Rockies liked Heilman last year, and thought he still had material to be a starter ... hopefully that can be a starting point for a discussion.

5:56 PM

Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

Heilman for Street....DONE!!!! I'll drive Heilman out to Colo and pick up Street.

Whats with the Dye rumors? What would it take us to get the former MVP batting in LF for us?

Looks like Moreno is saying ta ta to KRod. Why? Do they know something about that shoulder?

9:01 PM

Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

Oh, and Orlando Hudson? Damn! He is one over hyped 2nd baseman! His numbers are very ordinary, so why is he so hyped in blogland?

9:03 PM

Anonymous Farva said...

Hey guys.

I hear Philly is interested in Dye. ESPN said that this afternoon.

The Wsox also want rid of Vasquez and Jenks. I dont get this. Jenks os good and relatively cheap. But they like the Cuban Pitching Crisis as closer...whats up with that?!?!

If they want rid of Dye, Jenks and Vasquez give them Heilman and some prospects as long as we dont give up our future.

9:23 PM

Anonymous tc said...

Tuesday night, several White Sox officials watched Mets pitching prospects Bobby Parnell and Eddie Kunz pitch in the Arizona Fall League,’ reports Mark Gonzales in the Chicago Tribune.

According to Gonzales, citing two NL scouts, the Sox are scouting players for deals that include OF Jermaine Dye.

Kunz + Parnell for Dye? I'd have to say I like it. I wasn't impressed with Kunz whatsoever, and as much as I think Parnell has shown he has good stuff, can he really make it without having a solid third pitch?

12:02 PM

Anonymous benny said...

After Kenny Williams traded Swish to the Yankers, I don't see him trading Dye. BUT if he did for a mix of Evans/Kunz/Parnell, then that'd be awesome.
Especially Kunz... i don't like him at all.

8:34 PM

Blogger AE said...

i don't want dye. looking at the 2009 projections from bill james and marcel, both projections have daniel murphy being projected to have approximately the same OPS as compared to dye:

bill james - .825 OPS
marcel - .848 OPS

bill james - .849 OPS
marcel - .826 OPS

why would you trade for a guy who is going to make $11.5M this year who is projected to have the same stats as a guy making league minimum? if you like wasting $11M, then dye is your man...

as for orlando hudson, i have a mancrush on the attitude, the defense (3 gold gloves), and the above avg offense for a second baseman. i hate to use the word intangibles, but the dude has them. he's the kind of dude who loves talking to the press. he would take a lot of pressure off wright having to be the go to guy dealing with the media. that would be a huge plus that doesn't go into the box score...

12:00 PM

Anonymous Farva said...

ae I couldn't disagree with either (or both) of your points more.

Dye is a stud who just keeps hitting. What team would pass him over if he wanted $8 mill and was a FA? None. The extra $3.5 mil means nothing to the Mets and if we give up nothing to get him then do it! Give em Heilman and their choice of the AAA relief pitching. If we can get Dye for a year, allow Murphy to get 400 ab's and then 2 draft picks when Dye goes FA again...DO IT!

Orlando Hudson? His numbers are not impressive at all! Yeah he plays great...seriously great defense, his offense is mediocre, even for a 2nd baseman.

His ave and OBP the last 3 years .282 .346 not great at all. What does he bring besides his glove?

6:57 PM

Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...


9:45 PM

Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

I like the Beimel idea. The guy has been solid. He would make a great set up guy for Fuentes.

How about Milton Bradley for LF on a 2 year deal? I know Murphy is a fan favorite right now but if we do sign Bradley and Murf turns out to be a good option then we could trade Bradley before the ttrade deadline in 2010 and get some nice talent back.

Just thought i would throw that out there.

What happened to Mike?

6:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quick thought here. With the Sun now gone, where is Tim Marchman?

10:53 PM

Anonymous tc said...

News tidbits from random sites:

El Caribe: Mets make offer to Furcal to play 2b. (Interesting to say the least. A's offered him 4 years at $48mm, so I can assume we beat that?)

NY Times: No interest in the "unproven" Beimel and Juan Cruz yet. (Can't understand why the fuck they aren't?)

Daily News: Mets feel they can't compete with Red Sox and Yanks for Lowe ... may need to turn to Garland and Vazquez. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't the Mets have a new stadium that cost $800mm, have jacked up prices the last 5 years or so, and haven't they lost repeatedly down the stretch? Give me a break with this "can't compete" nonsense.)

Also, for those of you who would ever visit St. Louis -- I was there for a week on business -- I highly encourage you to check out Busch Stadium. Terrific looking ballpark, and they offer $10 tours at 11am and 1pm each day.

12:41 PM

Anonymous tc said...

ESPN: There is a report out from a Dominican newspaper that quotes Rafael Furcal as saying he has received a "tempting offer" from the Mets to play second base. The Mets say it is untrue and a source confirmed to us that it is not true.

Makes a little more sense. Can't see going after Furcal without first getting rid of Castillo's contract, second considering Hudson over Furcal (injuries, etc.), and third, fixing what we need most -- the pen.

1:55 PM

Blogger Rickey Henderson said...

Leave the stove off please, Rickey isn't hungry!

4:53 PM

Anonymous Farva said...

Furcal is not playing 2nd bade in NY...ever. The guy has too much ego to move to 2nd bade beside Reyes.

Garland would not be too bad. Not sold on Lowe wanting to go anywhere except Beantown again.

Still need a 2B, LF and 2 starters and Omar has done nothing but say "We are not involved with player X,Y or Z." Getting tired of NOT hearing about Mets moves.

Closer and at least 1 set up guy are needed ASAP!!!!! If we doing nothing else this offseason...OMAR---> FIX THE DAMN PEN!!!!!!

10:50 PM

Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

Farva I think Omar has started to do that now. By waiting Omar has stopped the market for closer from climbing, a sensible option.

Street for the 8th inning...yes please. Then i think it will be K-Rod to close.

5:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I last saw Tim Marchman was covering baseball in the journal during the playoffs.

8:28 PM

Anonymous Mookie Mouse said...

"El Caribe: Mets make offer to Furcal to play 2b."

Daily Forward:
אין סמוטנע, קווענקלענדיקע צײַטן קומען אָפֿט אַרויס אויף דער אויבערפֿלאַך פֿון דער געזעלשאַפֿט פֿאַרשידענע "נבֿיאישע פּראָגנאָזן", וואָס בדרך־כּלל דראָען זיי מיט שרעקלעכע סכּנות און קאַטאַקליזמען. דווקא איצט גייען מיר אַרײַן אין אַ תּקופֿה פֿון אַזעלכע סמוטנע נישט־זיכערע צײַטן, וואָס יעדער פֿון אונדז פֿילט (דערווײַל מיט די שפּיץ־נערוון), און זוכט אַ סגולה ווי צו מאַכן דאָס "פֿאַלן" זײַנס, כאָטש אַ ביסעלע ווייכער

I’m sorry but all these useless reports from all different venues give people something to argue about but they are nothing more than rumors or speculation. Perhaps by the end of next week we will have something of substance to discuss.

1:57 AM

Anonymous tc said...

Winter meeting time, you bastards. Discuss!

Mets are getting K-Rod by the end of the week. Just a feeling.

11:24 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back in the game, Mikey! It's getting hot! Get a move on!

12:44 PM

Blogger Sidd Finch said...

I hope the Mets get Fuentes instead, and use the cash they save to fix the 7th and 8th innings.

I still think we could pry Devern Hansack loose from the Sox, he could be very useful.

Cardinals did not offer Braden Looper arbitration. I know people hate him, but I think he pitched hurt the last year in NY.

Let's hope Omar reshapes the roster during the winter meetings.

1:44 PM

Blogger metsfanincincy said...

Braden Looper makes it back to NY when Bobby Bonilla makes a comeback with the Mets. Don't you remember when he mocked the "Jose Cheer"?

I'd like to see K-wood instead of K-rod. His shit is nasty. Get Huston Street to set up or back him up in case of injury. Then add one more quality reliever (Beimel). All that might cost less then K-rod alone and costs no draft picks.

3:33 PM

Anonymous tc said...

Heyman & Lennon: Mets closing in on 3 year, $37 million deal.

You have to love that contract. The guy thought he was getting 5/$75mm, and the Mets and Omar both played the market well ... AND ... got the best available closer.

Now it's time to get Huston Street (bye, Aaron), and figure out what the hell is going on with our rotation.

Also, I'd like to thank the front office for charging full-season ticket holders ON TOP of their already large bills ... for pre-season exhibition games at Citi vs. the Red Sox. I thought the 300% jump in prices during a recession was enough. Guess I was wrong.

9:18 AM

Blogger AE said...

k-rod is worth 2 wins. the mets still need 2 starters and another reliever if they want a chance to make the playoffs...

4:10 PM

Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

We desperately need a set up guy! Omar signed K-Rod partly because he can pitch 2 innings but in reality this is why his velocity was down so much. Pick up a Beimel or Street for the 8th.

Don't re-sign Perez,Boras will make him seem like the best pitcher in baseball when we have seen him being the most unpredictable pitcher in baseball. Garland would be an inings eater and thats all we need him for in the 4th spot.

Dunn or Abreu makes us a WS contender. I would be happy to suffer with Castillo batting 8th and have Murphy learning LF, RF, 1st and 2nd as a rserve. Dunn or Abreu could move to 1b next season unless Murphy shines there.

Mike! Come back Mike!!!!

11:38 AM

Anonymous Farva said...

If the Cubs pick up Peavy could we trade Heilman and Parnell for Harden?

I like the idea of Abreu or Dunn in LF. Either could probably play 1b next season then their defensive problems wont matter as much.

11:46 AM

Blogger metsfanincincy said...

Guys - please believe me - Dunn can't play first base! I've seen it in person. Think of Mike Piazza. That's how tragic it is. The Reds tried it multiple times when they had too many potentially good outfielders (Griffey, Dunn, Pena, and Kearns). It's just not an option. Has Abreu ever played 1B? I hate him.

Now that Dunn's price and commitment has apparently come down, I could see him as the Mets left fielder. BUT...do expect to be driven nuts by his strikeouts and do expect to see some bonehead plays (he's not the butcher that people portray his as, however). If the Mets can sign him to play LF for a couple of years that would be great. But don't they have enough lefties?

3:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


HUGE... HUGE DEAL in the works!

Mets rumored to have 6 players involved and the big fish coming to NY is Putz. But for 6 players, there better be more coming back.

Mike, WTF?!?!? Get on this shit!

10:17 PM

Anonymous tc said...

Putz + K-Rod? That is one hell of a tandem. I like it more than Street + K-Rod in terms of pure filthiness.

Heilman? See ya. Endy? Thanks for the catch. I'll miss you. Joe Smith? Eh, I liked you, but happy trails.

As for the minor leaguers, Carp was never going to be on this team. He was quintessential trade bait.

I love the deal if it goes through as I see it on SNY, MLBTR, Fox Sports, and in Newsday.

10:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rosenthal says, "If the trade is completed, one problem for the Mets could be that Putz wants to remain a closer. Asked earlier in the day if Putz would embrace a setup role for another team, his agent Craig Landis said “no.”"

That's a problem.

11:24 PM

Anonymous tc said...

Not really, being he's under contract for this year with a team option for next.

I love this trade.

I seriously can't wait to get to Citi Field now. Time to get a fucking starter, Omar!

Omar Minaya will be on the podium within the hour. Live on WFAN.

11:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couple of quotes from Putz regarding his new role and team:

“It’s not the ideal situation, but having the two of us at the back of the bullpen will be pretty strong,” Putz said in a telephone interview on Wednesday night. “I will not change my approach at all. I will close the game in the eighth and give the ball to Frankie.”

from the Seattle Post:

Putz said the toughest part will be spring training in Florida. He has a home close to the M's training facility in Arizona and a baby due on the way in March.

But he's already talked to Mets GM Omar Minaya about that and feels reassured.

"I'm really going to miss Seattle,'' he said. "The people I met there, the great friends and teammates. I have nothing but good things to say about my time with the Mariners."

He's being positive and accepting the trade knowing that he has no other choice. But this man is not happy about being here. Team option keeps him here for 2 seasons, then he's gone. If anyone in that deal ever becomes anything (and that includes the unlikely event Heilman sees the light as a starter), I'm gonna be pissed in two seasons.

7:36 AM

Anonymous DG said...

May be drinking different coolaid than most, but what I'd like the Mets to do right here is turn Putz around. As far as I see it, they could probably do quite well for themselves - an eighth inning set up man AND a top prospect - if they trade him now as he has two years left on his contract, especially since his prohibitive 2010 salary is not prohibitive if he's closing. I don't know how the Mets pay that personally, so the likely scenario is they exercise his option for 2010 and then trade him. He's worth more now, certainly more than we paid for him. Just thinking,...

And Mike, où es-tu??? Where are you, dude?

9:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Why does the FAN have Cole Hammels on promoting the fucking Phillies WS DVD set?

What kind of a sick fucking joke is this?

12:51 PM

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