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Thursday, January 03, 2008

First Post of '08

I hope everyone had a good time over New Year's. I had a swellicious, scandalous, and rapacious one. Unfortunately, I have to wait a year to do it again.

Now back to the snoozefest that we call the baseball off-season. Some random items:

  • When there is little else to do during these dark days of baseball, you can look ahead. Mentioned within the piece is Oliver Perez. We talked about him and John Maine in the beginning of last season and the impending free agency Oliver Perez. Deals on guys like Vincente Padilla, Jason Marquis, and Jeff Suppan are painting a very clear picture.

    Oliver Perez will get paid and Scott Boras will make sure of that. It would be nice if the Mets could get him inked to a nice four year $44 million extension, but that will not happen. Not unless Perez loves New York a whole lot and we all know you do not hire Scott Boras to get you signed with a team in a town that you love.

    However, despite a solid year last season, Perez is still someone that not many people count on. Even with an '08 that rivals his '07, there will still be many doubters, but it will not matter. He is young and he is lefty. He will get a giant contract and one has to wonder if that contract will be from the Mets.

    I think it is worth the risk for Mets to ink him during Spring Training if they could at something less than what he can get on the open market. Perez's incentive will be security and the Mets might continue to have a 'bargain' on their hands. Odds are he sniffs free agency though since not many players get to be in their prime and a free agent.

    Just some more food for though, the Mets have three starters slated to hit the open market next off-season with only John Maine having any sort of big league experience set to be around. I cannot state plainly enough how imperative it is to get Mike Pelfrey or Philip Humber some meaningful innings this year to see if they can take that next step because two of Humber, Pelfrey, and Mulvey might be a bigger part of the '09 rotation than the Mets would like.

  • By way of Rob Never, Vegas Watch takes a scary look into the Hall of Fame voters reasoning skills.

      "During a visit to Yankee Stadium in the late 1970s, I wanted to talk to Goose but was told he was cruel and gruff to reporters. I sheepishly introduced myself and said I was from Colorado, his home state, and he talked pleasantly for 30 minutes. We've been good friends since. I would vote for him even if he wasn't deserving."
    Not much analysis needed here, beyond this. At least others were seemingly trying. Did you really expect someone else in this spot?

    Amazing stuff. It is a shame that the thing that is supposed to pay the ultimate respect to the best players of the game we love so much is a heaping pile of shit.

  • Boring days also seem to insight crazy talk. Would Yu Darvish get posted? Not unless someone would make it worth it for the Ham Fighters to give up a lot of years of Japan's best player and pay a $100 million posting fee, which would be totally insane. The Daisuke posting fee of $51 million was borderline insane and at no point can I come up with some logic that allows Darvish to be worth an insane posting fee and the money it would take to convince him to sign. If the posting fee runs higher than Daisuke's and the team that inks him gets him for six years, what would he cost annually? The posting fee and his salary would run his cost for six years of service higher than what Johan Santana is looking for over seven years. Pure insanity.

    That's it. Nothing going on whatsoever in baseball.
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    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    I hear the Yanks are still interested in Santana?

    Really? Wow!! That IS news!!

    - Nokes

    12:50 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Oh, it's big news these days. I am still a bit dumbfounded as to how the Mets are in it. The Twins could just be crying wolf here, but I'm sure there would be a public outcry in Minny. Not that the deal would be all that much less than the other proposed offers in reality, but the perceived value will be much lower.

    However, one has to wonder if Pelfrey, Humber, Mulvey, Gomez, and Fernando would be worth it.

    1:51 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    'However, one has to wonder if Pelfrey, Humber, Mulvey, Gomez, and Fernando would be worth it.'

    I'm starting to think it would be worth it. 3 draft picks in next years draft means the minors wont be too barren.

    BTW, Swisher traded to White Sox for 3 minor leaguers. Who knew he was available?!?

    - Nokes

    2:26 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    If they spend...That will be my only consolation, but the Mets still have three guys in the rotation that will have their contracts expire and two of them are cheap. Trying to put that rotation back together without spending $40 million in addition to what you are paying Johan is going to be mighty difficult and not matter who they draft, that will not help out '09.

    2:53 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    Happy New Year you swellicious Metropolitan readers!

    Omar has to be busy in Spring training to ink as many FA's before they hit FA. Pedro is worth another 2 or 3 years at current price. Perez...hmm, how much is security worth to him'?

    I think Mulvey has little to no pressure to step up this season. HUmber, he has to show he has something. Pelfrey HAS to step up and prove he can pitch this season. Unless traded he is going to be the 5th starter and throw 180 - 200 inns.

    Santana looks better and better...

    4:07 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Scott..thank you. The readers are waning by the day...but I applaud everyone who has stuck through the lean news times.

    I think Pedro comes back for two years at his current rate, but not until after the season ends. You cannot do that right now with everything that has gone on.

    Perez is interested in security all right, but not before the 2008 season ends.

    Santana looks great. Sure, but how much is it worth it to the Mets to get him? Are they as bad as everyone thinks?

    4:20 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Another day dawns and another Santana trade rumor or two at Metsblog. Will he come to the Mets? Your guess is as good as mine. Yet Cerrone’s contradicting posts keep on coming. This is a testament to the banality of the Mets off-season.

    Carlos Delgado on M&MD said his wrist was not the reason for the subpar 2007 season. Hmmmm.

    Mike today’s post would have been more interesting with more detail of your New Years celebration.

    7:44 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I don't know any rumors myself, but I can comment on potential ones that I hear. I stand by my word though! Santana is nice, but he does not fit!

    Too much long term damage to pick him up.

    It might not be his wrist. His swing looked late and I do think he can bounceback slightly, but his days of being a force are over. A consistent .260 with 30 homers is as good as it might get.

    Oh, the details are not important. Just know that fun was had.

    8:45 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    The Santana rumors vary from the Mets offering any four prospects from their system plus Heilman to Reyes’ inclusion in the deal. As I posted in the HOF ’08 thread I would be cautious about trading the farm for a pitcher when your farm system is thin. People keep pontificating about the inherent danger in depending on prospects but generally ignore the dangers of trading a veritable cornucopia of your best prospects for one pitcher, albeit the best one in baseball. Suppose you’re bitten by the injury bug (as is usually the case during a season) or worse suppose Santana goes down. Where do the replacements come from? If Santana goes down for a year or so where does that leave you and the future of the franchise? Over a long season having depth is as important as any other issue. And baseball has a way of exposing weaknesses.

    St. Louis signed Matt Clement to a one year contract with a club option for 2009. This off-season is looking so much like last off-season but perhaps they are confident they will acquire Santana and don’t wish to spend on other players when they factor in how much Santana will cost them.

    12:26 AM

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