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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Naming Names

The Mitchell Report will name about 50 names. 50 names! For me, this entire steroid fiasco is about fairness. I never felt Bonds' treatment was fair because most people acted like he was the only one. He receives the brunt of it partially because his attitude, but he still unjustly receives it.

He was one of many. Now, they will name fifty names in total. I am sure they will have the low hanging fruits in there like Guillermo Mota, Jason Grimsely, Alex Sanchez, etc. which takes the total down a bit in terms of new names. So what we will have will be relatively short list of new names. Though we do not know for sure, it can be reasonably assumed that there were more than fifty offenders.

Is it fair that these unlucky guys get named on the Mitchell Report while many skate by? Some would say yes because they still did the crime and just did not get away with it. I say no because it will impact public opinion for some while letting others go unscathed. There will be many suspected users that will simply keep lying and say, "I was not on the list and therefore that should end your suspicions".

This should have been put to bed a long time ago with better testing and that way all the criminals could have remained anonymous. Now, it is just going to be mess with a few poster boys representing many being the sacrificial lambs. The moral of the story is to do your own house keeping before a maid comes in and steals a family heirloom and rapes the family dog while making you pay them for that pleasure.



Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

This is like Christmas for me!
I can't wait!

10:11 AM

Blogger mr. met said...

It should be an interesting day....that's for sure. The entire point is escapting though. I know it is a strong arm tactic to make baseball actually do something, but this thing is truly pointless.

10:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No current Mets from 40-man roster named in the report says Bob Klapisch. However, the Yankees are "hit hard."

Names #1 and #2 from the good 'ol Yankees that were released:

R. Clemens
A. Pettite

Seems the Yanks trainer ratted them out to Mitchell saying he supplied them with the juice.

11:05 AM

Anonymous gbaked said...

the moral of this story is to not do steroids.

You wont find one ounce of compassion from me from anyone named on the list. Others didnt get caught? too bad. you did.

11:06 AM

Anonymous ossy said...

my penis got hard at the announcement of clemens on that list! i cant stand that asshole.

i can hear suzyn waldman crying as i type this

11:30 AM

Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

Brian McNamee was both of those guys' personal trainer, he was also my professor about 2 years ago, that guy was the man!
HJe worked with the Toronto Blue Jays and the Yankees so expect a couple of names from those two teams.
I'm not sure what I take more joy in, Roger Clemens being in the report or Andy Pettite, and I say Pettite because he's supposed to be this God-loving, do no wrong, family man, Saint, kind of a man. And here he is injecting steroids into his ass and committing illegal actst that I'm not sure God would be proud of.
I think I take more joy in Pettite being named in it because he's soo full of shit with his religious facade.

I want to play a fun game. I'm going to guess 5 names and see if I'm right. Jeff Bagwell, Bret Boone, Glenallen Hill (ionno makes sense to me), Mark Sweeney, and... umm, Todd Hundley, and fuck it just for fun David Eckstein that little piece of shit.
AHH, I can't wait for 2pm!

Your going to have sooo many guys looking like fools when they have to make statement's n' shit. It's going to be great seeing these guys scramble.

I must say that I read this ESPN article by Howard Bryant and the whole Mitchell Investigation seemed like, ionno, very badly done. Like a 5th grde research assignment. Here's the link from that article, its a good read.

It has nothing to do with the Mitchell Investigation but, god I am sick and tired of hearing Willie Randolph speak. Any quote I read from him pisses me off to no end. I officially hate him. I tried to tolerate him and "look at the brightside" but, I can't stand him. I have no respect for that man.

Akinori Otsuka non-tendered? What the hell? Odds are he's going to need Tommy John otherwise... why release him?

I want Johan, trade the farm, I don't care. That's the level I'm at right now. F-Mart, Gomez, Mulvey, Guerra, all of them I don't care.

11:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mike, with all due respect, i don't understand your point. 50 names is kind of a lot even if not comprehensive. plus the report probably qualifies it as saying there were more unknown users. at any rate is not picking on bonds or any one guy. i mean what do you think should be done? ignore it and move on?

all i know is that if i had a vote i wouldn't vote for bonds, clemens or anyone else implicated for the HOF.

i don't care if they don't elect a single person from the last 20 years to the HOF.

the HOF is supposed to be a place where kids and baseball purists go to admire baseball heros. not a place to enshrine cheaters.

believe i am no puritan but i just wouldn't vote these guys into the hof.

and for obvious reasons i don't buy the argument about spitballers, sign stealers, etc.


12:00 PM

Anonymous MikeinspaininLA said...

I just read "the list" as it was shown to a friend of mine, for what that´s worth.

The only mets named are Ramon Castro and Scott Schoenweiss. Matt Lawton was named, too. Remember him? Yeah, me neither. Oh, and Lenny Dykstra. Oh yeah, Mo Vaughn, too.

Yankees named, for what that's worth, are Clemens, Pettite, Farnsworth, Damon, Giambi, Sheffield.

Other notables: tejada, sosa, belle, palmeiro, john rocker (no, really?) mark prior, pudge rodriguez, kerry wood, nomar, glaus, Gagne, wally joyner (wtf?), daryl kile, mcgwire, Caminiti (big shock) and both Boone brothers. Strangely, my friend said he saw two lists which were indentical, except that Pujols and Varitek were on one list but not the other.

12:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is huge - new names like Pujols, Varitek, and Nomar, none of whom I've heard mentioned before. Plus Clemens, Pettite, and Tejada specifically mentioned. Wow. Wow wow.

I have been, and will continually be, on the record that I do not want anyone who has taken steroids in the HOF. Ever. And since you can't de-elect someone, if there is serious doubt, you have to hold off until more is known.

I think this is the most damaging for Clemens and Pujols. Given all the ancillary evidence against Clemens (roid rage against Piazza, huge weight spurt, rejuvinated late career, trainer with ties to PEDs), it would be hard to consider him clean now. Pujols all of a sudden now gets thrown into the Bonds category.

I guess, the guy who maybe comes out best is actually ARod. Of all the hitters putting up unreal numbers - anyone else not on this list??


12:43 PM

Blogger mr. met said...

Wait....the Yankees aren't as virtuous as they claim to be?

I think Waldman is roiding.

Benny...good point on the Pettite thing. There is a lot of irony in that one.

Their statements are going to be silly. A lot of 'ums' and sorrys'.

I'm glad to see you are moving forward with your hatred of Willie Randolph. I'm longing for the days when the Mets will have a capable manager that actually does not sound like an ass when he speaks.

Jake, 50 names over how many years? I do not think it is a lot and barely scratches the surface, no? At least from what we have been lead to believe.

i mean what do you think should be done? ignore it and move on?

At this point it has taken on a life of it's own. It should never have gotten to this point and it is a complete and utter joke. Baseball fucked up and now it has come down to this debacle which will only serve to make the sport look bad. At this point, I have no suggestions. But this 'investigation' is a joke. What is the point? What comes out of it?

and for obvious reasons i don't buy the argument about spitballers, sign stealers, etc.

Really? I do not get that. Cheating should be cheating. You are breaking the rules to get a leg up on the competition...or try to at least. All forms of cheating should be looked upon in the same light, no?

Wally Fucking Joyner!

1:23 PM

Blogger Sidd Finch said...

Neither of the Fielders seem to be on the list, the only Father/Son combo to have 50+ homers in a season. Also, Mike Piazza is not on it. He had huge numbers for a catcher.

1:25 PM

Anonymous Pavan said...

According to Jon Heyman... Clemens, Pettitte, Mike Stanton, Knoblauch and Grimsley all on the list. Hell yeah, fuck the yankees!

1:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"it has come down to this debacle which will only serve to make the sport look bad"

i agree. and that's fine with me, bc baseball deserves to look bad.

my thought on spitballers is that they are cheaters and should have been punished accordingly, but that it is water under the bridge and not that big a deal, plus it has been dealt with. basically if there are some cheaters already in the hof that doesn't make me think we should put more in. jake

1:48 PM

Blogger metsfanincincy said...

Taking steroids is chemically altering your body to give one an advantage over the competition. It is illegal, dangerous, immoral, and puts not only the user but the people around the user in danger. It pressures others players into following suit because the user is gaining an unfair advantage. Kids think they have to do steroids to succeed at the highest level. Can you say any of these things about stealing signs? Spitballing? Bat corking? C'mon. The game can self regulates the minor stuff. Is stealing signs even against the rules? Spitballing is like getting away with holding in football - if it isn't called it didn't happen. I don't think that kids feel pressure to steal signs in HS ball, but I know asshole parents around here who are giving their kids steroids and kids who are taking them on their own. I love your blog, man, but you can't seriously compare taking steroids with stealing signs and spitballing. Those are part of the game - always have been and always will be. No one ever died of cancer from stealing signs. They simply don't hurt the game. Steroids don't belong in sports - period. They are bad for every facet of the game. The records, the reputation, and the health. I'll get off my high horse now.

2:04 PM

Anonymous Pavan said...

Dude, I'm reading the report now (on mlb.com)... not looking good for lo duca.. says he took it, and referred people to it... kevin brown, and even placed orders for eric gagne

2:21 PM

Anonymous Pavan said...

thats HGH, not steroids... Hundley also named on it, took Radomski out to dinner after his 41 hr year

2:31 PM

Anonymous rick m said...

Lo Duca is all over this report. I wonder if the Mets knew this was coming??

3:25 PM

Anonymous DG said...

Clearly a lot of teams knew this was coming. Several non-tenders - Prior, Logan, etc. - suddenly found themselves free agents, and obviously the Mets' pussy management dropped Lo Duca like a hot potato (of course I have no problem with that fact, but it's still pussy management in any case). Any surprise that Tejada was dumped yesterday?

But still even more shocking was to see that Homer Simpson, Wallace & Gromit and the entire cast of Josie & the Pussycats were implicated. That George Mitchell gets the job done. Maybe we should elect him president!!!

50 names is bullshit. There were a lot more, clearly. I even read one Michael Oliver implicated on page 432 under the codicil on bloggers.

Matt Cerrone wrote: "I really like Michael Oliver and what he writes about the Mets. He always seemed to have his finger right in the middle of the action, but still as a completely sycophantic dweeb and Met licker, I just always somehow expected that there was something questionable about him. Good luck, Michael. I hope things turn out okay for you!" Wow, incisive!

Admit it Mike, you've been juiced!...

4:02 PM

Anonymous dg said...

And you always knew that Wally Joyner was juicing once he started to hit doubles!

4:03 PM

Anonymous John in RI said...

Here's the full list (CNN.com):

# Marvin Benard

# Larry Bigbie

# Barry Bonds

# Kevin Brown

# Roger Clemens

# Jack Cust

# Lenny Dykstra

# Eric Gagne

# Jason Giambi

# Troy Glaus

# Jerry Hairston, Jr.

# Glenallen Hill

# Todd Hundley

# David Justice

# Chuck Knoblauch

# Tim Laker

# Paul Lo Duca

# Kent Mercker

# Hal Morris

# Denny Neagle

# Andy Pettitte

# Brian Roberts

# John Rocker

# Benito Santiago

# David Segui

# Gary Sheffield

# Mike Stanton

# Miguel Tejada

# Mo Vaughn

# Randy Velarde

# Rondell White

# Gregg Zaun

4:24 PM

Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

They should have interviewed the player’s wives and girl friends and asked them when they noticed they needed an electron microscope to see their bf/husband’s balls.

4:26 PM

Blogger mr. met said...

Sidd, the fielders don't look like roiders. Just big fucking dudes a la Dunn.

Jake..the thing is...are you really not ok with Bonds and Clemens going in? I mean, I get your stance. If you believe that strongly on the topic of cheating then I cannot disagree with your opinion. You do think they should be in period and what was done was done. That makes more sense then somehow saying one was ok.

But Bonds and Clemens are no doubters still and McGwire is not in for me. It's a judgment call like any other vote in the HOF. A matter of opinion and some of these guys deserve to be in anyway. Clemens though is more of a borderline for me since his career really took off after the Red Sox said he was done. Also, does this give credence to what Dan Duquette said? Without the roids, does Clemens really have that surge?

metsfanincincy...I'm not saying roids belongs in sports, but cheating is cheating. I get that one is illegal in this country, but I still cannot give a pass to any cheater. Cheating is cheating and I don't differentiate.

Pavan, LoDuca is in bad shape after this. Someone told me he was involved with getting 20 players into it from this report.

Rick M, I'm thinking yes which is why they were so adamant about it.

DG. I admit it. I juice. The cramps I was getting in my fingers was just too unbearable. Blogging on back to back days was becoming nearly impossible. I won't name names, but another prominent blogger introduced me to some guy he knew and I started rubbing the clear on my knuckles. If I did not do it, some other guy that was all juiced up would come in and take all my traffic. I had no other choice {sniff, sniff}...I had no other choice.

2x4...smaller balls = more money. I doubt they cared!

4:45 PM

Anonymous DG said...

Must admit that when I saw Lo Duca hit a homerun last year, I knew he was jacked. Plus he was constantly arguing with umpires, total roid rage.

Shocked to see that Anderson Hernandez was on roids, but we should have seen the signs when he stopped bunting and actually grounded out to second base.

Surprised that no managers were mentioned after the Bud Black episode. And Willie seemed pretty perked up one game last year; what was that?

Where did the reference to Castro come from? Didn't see him named in the report.

Mike, the past is the past; you should never talk about it. You should just concentrate on running your foundation: The Michael Oliver Foundation for Runaway Sufi Chicks.

But, now that you've admitted it, who was that blogger?

5:16 PM

Blogger mr. met said...

I will not name names. You will just have to be on the lookout for the investigation. But I will say this...the problem is more widespread than you think.

5:22 PM

Anonymous seattle steve said...

I don't care... these guys play till 10-11 PM hop on a plane... get in 2-3 AM fall asleep at 5-6AM get up at noon go to the ball park, lick there wounds and play a game, the majority of the players take drugs so they will be able to perform, i never saw a drug hit a ball, catch a ball or get hit by a ball going real fast, they hurt.

6:08 PM

Blogger mr. met said...

No one said baseball was not hard or grueling, but this is why these guys are world class athletes, no? That is what separates them from us assholes, no?

That is why professional athletes are professional athletes. They are incredibly gifted and have the ability to do such amazing things.

I for one do not think that is particularly an excuse. From what I can tell, players were doing this long before steroids were being used and had to do so with less high end accommodations and pampering.

6:22 PM

Anonymous Dep said...

this report was good for gossip fodder.

not much else.

it was worth it to me to go thru all this BS just to have Clemens and Pettitte exposed as the cheating scum they are.

Pettitte especially. Go pray to your god now you pansy.

And roger, I dont wanna hear ppl commending your "amazing work ethic" that keeps you in shape to compete at such advanced ages.

enough is enough.

And Mitchell relating this whole thing to Northern Ireland was possibly the stupidest thing said in 2007. Maybe 2nd, with that Miss America girl and her maps for kids speech taking first prize

6:51 PM

Anonymous Dep said...

oh...one more thing.

note to ballplayers that want to cheat.


I mean come on!!?!??!?!?! How dumb can you be?????

They truly are jocks.

PS...Brian Sabean came off HORRIBLE in this. As did LA and Boston's front offices. Read the pages on Sabean, its just unbelievable. Deadspin has them isolated as well as many others.

6:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW..Baltimore makes a good trade!

7:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now catching, for the Washington Nationals, Johnny Estraddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

7:12 PM

Blogger mr. met said...

Yeah, the personal check thing is silly. But even with Brown paying in cash, there is a trail. So you really need to hand things off in person to eradicate all trails.

7:26 PM


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