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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

10 Things That Need To Happen

Dayn Perry lays out his ten things that need to happen most in regards to this off-season.

1. Alex Rodriguez to the Angels

That is what many people saw as the ultimate destination for A-Rod and there is obviously the great need for offense that the Angels have. However, the biggest priority for the Yankees this off-season should be retaining A-Rod and it looks like that is something they have come to terms with.

2. Johan Santana to the Mets

Given Santana's peerless skills and the demand for him on the market, it'll take a lot to get him — say, a package of Fernando Martinez, Lastings Milledge and Philip Humber. Still, nabbing Santana means the Mets would be the power team in the NL. They've got the deep pockets to sign him to a long-term extension.

If that was the deal on the table, I would do that in a heartbeat. My only fear is that leaves Carlos Gomez as the only to position prospect and he has a lot more uncertainty than Lastings Milledge in my eyes.

3. Miguel Cabrera to the Yankees

The Gotham media and Yankee partisans have a long-standing habit of A) Grossly overestimating the team's mid-grade prospects and B) Assuming other teams, when it comes to making trades, will gleefully and deferentially bend over. That's not how things work (at least not since the A's were in Kansas City). You can keep Philip Hughes, Yanks, but getting a player of Cabrera's gifts is going to cost you Joba Chamberlain and Jose Tabata.

I do not think Perry could have nailed this one on the head any more. Yes, he would be a great fit and yes, the Yankees mid-level prospects are grossly overrated. Outside of their pitching duo of Hughes and Chamberlain, only Cano could be included as a centerpiece for a big time player.

4. Mariano Rivera to the Tigers

That would be something else, no? The Yankees lose A-Rod, Pettite to retirement, and Mariano to the Tigers? Dare to dream..... I guess that would mean Joba is definitely back in the bullpen for the time being until Humberto Sanchez gets healthy, which could be 2009.

5. Miguel Tejada to the Blue Jays

A package of young arms centered around Ricky Romero (plus the salary relief) should be enough for the O's.

He would be nice there, but Romero is basically a non-prospect these days. I used to love him back in his Long Beach days, but he is simply in the Jeremy Sowers arena when it comes to being a prospect. I just do not see a great fit unless the Blue Jays want to pony up Adam Lind in any deal which would probably get the Orioles attention.

6. Torii Hunter to the Dodgers

That would certainly seem like a good fit if they fail to get A-Rod because they need to add some serious pop. It could also be argued that he would be a better fit overall than A-Rod if they give Kemp, LaRoche, and Loney full time spots from day one.

7. Francisco Cordero to the Cubs

Signing Cordero not only gives the Cubs a huge upgrade at closer, but it also deprives their chief division rivals, the Milwaukee Brewers, of their best reliever.

I don't know much about #2 since he is not going back to the Brewers anyway and they give the Brewers their first round draft pick, but Cordero makes any team instantly better so it is hard to argue with the Cubbies really making their solid bullpen into a tremendous one.

8. Jon Garland to the Brewers

For the Brewers to trade anything away for one year of Garland would be curious. If they planned to chase him as a cheaper alternative to Ben Sheets that is one thing, but they certainly wouldn't be well advised to trade for him to make a run at the playoffs in '08. The Brewers have a good thing going and are on their way to being a contender for a while. They would be better off trading Sheets for a younger arm that could contribute down the line.

9. Geoff Jenkins to the Indians

Have we dropped off this precipitously already? The 9th most important move is for a role player?

10. Bartolo Colon to the Phillies

This is a smart deal for a team that needs pitching badly. There simply is not much out there and the Phillies need to get creative. In regards to getting creative, the Mets should definitely seek out Freddy Garcia and see if he can give anything in the rotation or the bullpen in the second half of the season.

Overall, I think Dayn Perry did a good job here in objectively evaluating talent needed in trades and definitely targeted good fits.

* * *

  • Why would Posada rule out the Mets at this point?

    "We're working on it, we're working on it with the Yankees," Posada said, noting that the two sides are close to reaching an agreement. "We're going to hear from the Mets [tomorrow]."

    It is called leverage. Posada makes tons of sense to the Yankees, but not to the Mets and he will ultimately end up back in the Bronx. The rumored deal is not done officially just yet, but it will be any day now.

  • If Lowell walks, the Red Sox would undoubtedly check into the possibility of A-Rod coming to Boston. In 2007, the New York Yankees spent $189,639,045 and the Boston Red Sox spent $143,026,214. With the Yankees set to lose a substantial amount of payroll, the Red Sox might overtake the Yankees as the team with the highest payroll. The Yankees have not been anything but #1 in that category since 1998. Would John Henry have to rethink this "Evil Empire" tag that he gave the Yankees?

  • Joel Sherman muses about some third sacker options for the Yankees. I actually like the idea of Scott Rolen in pinstripes despite the obvious injury concerns, but the Cardinals need offense badly so they may as well just hang onto him since they probably will not extract all that much in terms of value from trading him.

  • 'Twas a close one in the NL, but the AL was a landslide. You can argue all day about Braun and Tulo, but what Braun did was mesmerizing.
    Tulo was good, but what Braun did was extremely rare and extremely impressive. He kept pace with the universe's best player during one of his top three best seasons in the history of his eventual Hall of Fame career.

  • The ESPN bloggers had some interesting stuff on an uninteresting daythe other day.

    First, Neyer did a quick piece on Mark Cuban.

    I got my turn, too. I asked him what's happening with the Cubs. He said, "I'm tryin'."

    I asked if he really thought the owners would let somebody like him own a team. He said, "I'm tryin'." And then it was on to the next guy.

    Like a lot of baseball fans -- and maybe every Cubs fan, and baseball writer -- I'd love to see Cuban own a team. I just don't think will happen

    During the Q&A portion of Cuban's appearance, he said, "I'm a ready-fire-aim kind of guy."

    Read that again. I thought Cuban misspoke. Wouldn't you know it, the next question from the audience was, "Mark, did you misspeak a minute ago when you said 'ready, fire, aim'?"

    He smiled and said, "Let me think about that ... ready, fire, aim ... yeah. That's right." Another smile (that might be more accurately described as a #@%&-eating grin).

    When was the last time the owners allowed a ready-fire-aim guy to join their little club?

    I've spoken about how much I would love Cuban to own a big league team, but I do not think the Cubbies should be that team. They are already a team that spends money and has resources. However, a team like the Pirates or some other small market team would greatly benefit from the likes of a Mark Cuban who would truly do what it takes to make that team competitive.

    Second, Keith Law laid out who he thought should win the AL and NL Cy Young, MVP, and Rookie of the Year Awards.
    Law was behind David Wright as the MVP, which we know will not happen.

    NL MVP
    1. David Wright
    2. Chase Utley
    3. Jake Peavy
    4. Albert Pujols
    5. Matt Holliday
    6. Chipper Jones
    7. Hanley Ramirez
    8. Brandon Webb
    9. Jimmy Rollins
    10. Prince Fielder

    Likely winner: Rollins

    I'm tilting at a windmill here; voters will say the Mets didn't make the playoffs and therefore Wright can't be the MVP. Of course, in those fateful 17 games when the Mets went 4-13, Wright had a hit in every game, had multiple hits in eight, had eight extra-base hits, and in total hit .397/.451/.575 over that span. Yeah, it was all his fault.

    Utley probably would have won the award hands-down had he not missed three-plus weeks due to a broken hand, and he would have passed Wright in total value anyway. But with Utley out and the Phillies still winning, the voters needed someone else to fall in love with, and Rollins was sitting right there on the other side of second base -- think of him as the "rebound MVP candidate."

    He obviously hit the AL and NL CY Young winners as he laid out Sabbathia and Peavy and his choice of A-Rod is going to be correct since he carried the Yankees for so long.

    He also just missed on Tulo, though it was close enough to give him a pass on and hit the Pedroia on the head, though he curiously thought Jeremy Guthrie should have won it.

    He also had a quick bit on Brian Bannister.

    Bannister is an interesting story and deserves to be on the ballot, but among him, Guthrie and Matsuzaka, he's the one I most expect to experience a sophomore slump. He had some extraordinary luck, and in general pitchers who don't miss bats or get groundballs end up giving up a lot of hits and home runs.

    If you were reading my site in 2006, you know my thoughts on Bannister and they are echoed by Law above. However, I think he might have given the Mets that extra win they needed to sneak into the playoffs and Omar's deal is a horrific one in hindsight (in fairness to Omar, a healthy Burgos might have notched that extra win as well). Going forward is another issue. I fully expect a significant regression in 2008 for Bannister and his 2007 will be a distant memory shorty.

    There is always a chance he is one of those guys that just gets it done no matter what scouts say, but I just cannot see that happening. He should be a good 4th or 5th starter in the bigs, but that is really nothing to cry about losing.

  • From Mr. Neyer:

    Doug, Nashville, TN: What happened in 2006-7 that would make it into a new edition of BASEBALL BLUNDERS? Thanks. PS: Tell those coming for the meetings to make it to the Loveless Cafe. Best biscuits in the world.

    SportsNation Rob Neyer: The Brewers didn't handle Ryan Braun particularly well, and Willie Randolph is widely held to have mismanaged his bullpen down the stretch. That said, I don't think either of those would merit a whole chapter.

    It seems Willie's inabilities have circulated into baseball circles which is a good thing when it comes to getting someone a bit better than him at the helm.

    Kalyan (Minneapolis, MN): I have to say Rob, Willie Randolph's mismanagement of the bullpen wasn't just down the stretch, it was all season long. If we're struggling at the All-Star Break we need to fire him.

    SportsNation Rob Neyer: Really? Didn't the Mets have a fantastic relief ERA through the spring? Anyway, I think talk of firing is premature. But assuming he made some mistakes last summer, we'll see if he learned from them. Some guys never do.

  • The Mets appear to be ready to trump everyone for Torrealba.

    The Mets have zeroed in on Torrealba, who played for the National League champion Colorado Rockies, and could offer him a multiyear deal worth as much as $5 million annually, which would be a hefty raise from the $1.075 million he was paid last season. The Rockies remain interested in retaining Torrealba — the Florida Marlins are suitors, too — but have reportedly capped their offer at $7 million for two years and would not match what the Mets would give him.

    While not ideal, he is certainly more attractive than LoDuca in my estimation for the simple fact he is 29. I think there is probably more to him than was seen in 2007 and he will not cost any talent. However, a guy like Gerald Laird still might be a better choice, but he would cost some talent (however little, it would still be talent) for someone that is better defensively, but not all that much better overall.

    Besides, if the Mets bring back Castro, things would be all good. The Mets appear to be set to give him more playing time and he could very well be better than anyone they are looking at on the market and via trade, but Torrealba would provide a solid alternate (though expensive) option should he not be be able to handle increased playing time.

  • I have not used the term Sugar Pants in a while much to many people's happiness, but this quote outlines why David is Sugar Pants.

    "It was more to say hello and he wanted to tell me to be prepared to be the third baseman in 2008," Wright said Monday while visiting sick children at NYU's Medical Center. "That's what I took from it and that's how I'm going about my business."

    "I wanted to let him know that in no way, shape or form does he have to go through me about anything. His job is to make the trades, sign the free agents and I told him that I want to win, first and foremost. But as far as talking about changing positions, talking about Alex Rodriguez, his name did not come up once in the conversation."

  • Not good reports on Kunz.

    The Mets have four pitchers on the Scorpions: lefties Adam Bostick and Eddie Camacho and righties Eddie Kunz (the Mets top pick in 2007) and Carlos Muniz.

    Here's the take from Deric McKamey, advisor to the St. Louis Cardinals and author of the soon-to-be-released, third annual "Minor League Baseball Analyst" (available through BaseballHQ.com or via Amazon):

    "I like Bostick a little more than Camacho. I think Bostick can be a swing-man or two-inning reliever. Camacho to me is a LOOGY (lefty one-out guy). Muniz is going to have trouble getting lefties out, so he's a ROOGY; and you don't see too many of those in the majors."

    "As for Kunz," McKamey continues, "I'm not as big a fan as some scouts. He throws 89-to-94 with a slider in the low-80s and a developing change. His command is an issue, a big problem for a short reliever. He struggled with his control for Oregon State even. I see him as a notch below an Aaron Heilman, more of a seventh-inning guy."

    An American League East scout in attendance at a recent AFL game agrees with McKamey. "I can't believe Kunz was a first-round pick. I think his ceiling right now is Aaron Heilman and not many players reach their ceiling." Technically, Kunz was a first-round sandwich pick (42nd overall).

    If true, you have to wonder what is going on with the Mets and their scouting.

  • Tom Glavine is inching closer to becoming a Brave again, which we all expected.

  • The Red Sox do not appear to be willing to budge on their three year offer to Mike Lowell. Inevitably, the Yankees are not wasting time jumping into the fray, but Mike Lowell's chance to use the Yankees as leverage might evaporate pretty quickly. The Yankees have warmed a bit to the idea of bringing A-Rod back because they would be in trouble without him.

    The New York Yankees are getting close to re-signing third baseman Alex Rodriguez to a multi-year contract that would pay him as much as $290 million, multiple baseball sources told MLB.com as the owners gathered here Wednesday for the final quarterly meetings of the year.

    As long as A-Rod gets a contract above his $250+ million and the Yankees pay less than $30 million a year, everyone saves face.

  • Youlk finally shaved that disaster on this chin.

  • Lastly....for Jake.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I love that picture of the half naked hippie chick! Good to see her raising her head again.

    -Scott From Peeksill

    11:06 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    HOly shit Mike, Graphs, pictures, this post has it all!

    Appearently Posada to the Yankers is official. They can keep him.

    Scott Rolen on the Yankees. Nah. Last thing they need is ANOTHER guy on the decline.

    I've said it a million times already but I'll say again, I absolutely hate Vomit Torrealba with an incredibly strong passion. He's just bad.

    I decided to be a loser and look at Kunz's draft video. He has a cool motion, throws pretty hard, but he's kinda erratic.

    Lets all hope Glavine signs soon rather than later, I want that draft pick!

    KEvin Youkilis looks like Shrek.

    12:43 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Scott, I don't know about her being a hippy, but it is good to see her back.

    Benny, no way Glavine signs before Dec. 1st. They would just be handing over a pick for no reason.

    My new thing is stealing ESPN's graphics for my own use in an effort to seem more professional.

    7:51 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I forget: Do we still here approve of Evangeline Lily? I do remember the pics posted back in the day of here. As much as I like the half-naked chick, Lily does it for me. Also, that Brazilian vollyball players ass.....that'll do.

    Anyway, second base. Um....am I crazy, but if we dont resign Castillo and if we dont feel comfortable about Gotay....why not David Eckstein? I mean, he can be a great #2 hitter behind Reyes, he works the count, plays good defense AND he's a winner. He's won two rings and was MVP in the WS. I'm sure he'd be fairly cheap as well. It's just a thought....and one I kinda leaning towards making.


    - Nokes

    7:57 AM

    Anonymous orangeandblueblood said...

    If the Mets sign Torrealba it means they have learned from the mistakes. Trading Gabby Hernandez for LoDuca two years ago was a mistake. Two years ago there was no catcher within two years of ready and they knew that (they didn't even protect Flores last year so they knew he wasn't even close to ready 2 years ago). For 1.5 million more than the Mets paid LoDuca they could have gotten Ramon Hernandez for four years. That would have been about the horizon for Flores to be ready. He was in short season ball at the time so low A to AAA is four years. For that extra 6 million dollars for Ramon Hernandez they would now have Gabby Hernandez in AA or AAA and based on what I have read at Baseball America and from other talent evaluators Gabby looks like a #3 or #4 pitcher. That type pitcher costs 10 million a year in the market. Trading a young pitcher that can one day be a #4 starter or better (Humber, Pelfrey, Mulvey) is a bad idea. Torrealba is the best available guy that doesn't cost young, cheap talent or even a draft pick. There was no catcher that is a difference maker available so keep your young talent and pay abit more than you have to. This is a NY team so the extra million dollars can be absorbed. If you still don't like the deal consider this: If the Mets had signed Ramon Hernandez for 4 years the 2006 and 2007 season results would have been the same or better but they would have Gaby Hernandez a year or two away from being a pitcher worth $10 million a year. Signing Torrealba means the Mets are getting better as an organization.

    8:07 AM

    Anonymous danny said...

    Seriously though, Fuck Bees!

    This was quite the post, Mike. A lot to digest. A-Rod is going back to the Yankees, the writing is definitely on the wall for that. It's for the best, really. They are made for each other.

    If Eckstein is cheaper than Castillo, I would definitely look at him. I don't think any of these second base free agent options are particularly beguiling. I am willing to roll with a Gotay/Easley platoon out there. Easley manhandles lefties and Gotay manhandles righties. I really think this could work.

    I don't like Torrealba at 3 years and $15 million. I would rather do 2 years for $12 million and overpay that way. I just don't see how he is such a valuable commodity. I would rather trade a piece for Laird than give Torrealba 3 years, I do think that a Castro/Torrealba timeshare catching situation could work. I just don't like Torrealba's supposed price tag.

    Lowell will return to the Red Sox. The Yankees will be out of the bidding, and who else would really give him 4 years? I don't see it happening.

    Kunz may suck, but the reports on Brant Rustich are very encouraging. He's a mid-to-high 90s guy with 3 or 4 pitches. There is actually talk of converting him to a starter. He has some control issues, but if he irons those out, his stuff is fantastic. I like him better than Kunz.

    Duaner Sanchez is going to pitch in the Dominican Winter League. If he makes it all the way back for Spring Training, that's better than any free agent bullpen acquisition the Mets could make, when you consider the dollars and commitment. It's hard to be too confident in Dirty, but I have high hopes regardless. He changes this team.

    10:45 AM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    I don't believe Castillo will be back with the Mets. I HATE the rumor floating around that it could take a 4 year deal to get him. No thanks. 2 years tops and I don't think that will get it done from what I'm hearing about interest from other teams. I'll take Gotay/Easley before that.

    Thank god Arod is not on the Mets. We have arguably the best young SS and 3B players in baseball. We didn't need an Arod. He doesn't fit on the Mets. Please use that 30 mil and go get Santana and another solid starter.

    Castro/Torrealba makes sense as a platoon. Castro is a badass and I love the idea of seeing that guy play half the games. I like LoDuca. But he's going to be 36 this year and his skills are definitely diminishing. Torrealbe is young, seems to have some skills and works well with pitchers by most accounts. And I like that we don't have to give up any prospects for a catcher in a trade. F that.

    Dirty Sanchez...please be back. A healthy Duaner completely changes the bullpen.

    I remain with my stance on Glavine as I have thru most of the past 5 years. Fuck him. Asshole.

    I heart the half naked chick.

    11:19 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Nokes, it is not LOST season yet. When it is, mass amounts of Ms. Lily will be found here.

    Yes, good call on the Brazilian chicks. I forgot about their existence as well. They make watching girl sports fun.

    Eckstein a winner? Not sure about that, but he replaces the intangibles that LoDuca brings for those upset about missing him. That grinder attitude is a big thing for someone and who knows, maybe it rubs off. It is not a bad idea, but I happen to hate the site of him so I am conflicted.

    O&B, good call. I agree with you and in hindsight, Ramon looks like the better bet and Gaby would still be here to be used as a chip or a much needed pitching prospect. These things add up and their lack of draft picks is adding up, not that I am complaining about Beltran and Pedro.

    Trading a young pitcher that can one day be a #4 starter or better (Humber, Pelfrey, Mulvey) is a bad idea.

    Right on the money. And with Castro in the fold, they could be rather productive, no? Couple that with the fact they retain all their talent and things are nice. It cannot be overlooked that the Mets lack of mid-level prospects impairs their ability to make mid-level trades. It starts with guys like Mulvey for average to below average players and the Mets need to hold onto whatever they have unless they are getting a stud. Overpay if you have to on the market, but keep your picks and your prospects.

    Danny, Killer bees? Fuck that. If they ever tried to attack me, I'd punch them in the face. Fuck bees.

    Your Easley/Gotay platoon was something we discussed last season you know I'm a Jeter-like 125% behind it. No need to go crazy here, I think this off-season does not have to be a crazy one for the Mets to be successful.

    If really comes down to what Laird costs. Carp? Not sure he is worth it over Torrealba. I would rather just keep everyone at this point.

    I'll tell you who might give Lowell four years. The Angels or the Dodgers. The same guys who are looking at Cabrera.

    I did see Rustich moving up the BA top ten ladder and that is encouraging. They should move him right into the rotation at this point, but how knows. Middle relievers might be more valuable these days as crazy as that sounds unless the pitcher is a #3 or better.

    I am not placing any type of hope in dirty at this point. I've made that mistake before. Omar has to move forward as if he is not going to contribute.

    Anthony, four years for Castillo is plain nuts. I'd rather stick with danny and go with the platoon.

    11:29 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm right there with you guys, there are players I'd love to get but what do we have to give up??

    Omar is trying to do something very difficult here - win next year AND build the team for the next 10. In 2005, he was just trying to do the latter, and it was easier. In 2006, he tried to do both, and we ended up a game short.

    So I think you'll see Omar like the frugal housewife - walking down the produce aisle, picking up the apples, looking them over, deciding they are too expensive. Then looking at the oranges, plums, etc. Eventually, he'll buy the fruit that is the best value for the buck. And he'll tell the family this is what they needed/wanted all along...

    I'm not sure about Kunz at all - haven't seen anything from his numbers so far. But, it's funny I felt like he was a stretch until I went back and noticed Keith Law had him rated as his 48th best prospect, which isn't far off from where he was drafted (#42).


    Also, note Nate Vineyard (#47) was rated 56th. So it wasn't like these guys were reaches or anything...


    12:06 PM

    Blogger Rickey Henderson said...

    Aving been woefully unfamiliar with the 'naked hippe chick,' that picture made Rickey's day. What's her deal? Rickey demmands a link to further photos of her.

    12:23 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    good stuff mike. i'm still having trouble thinking about the mets without puking in my mounth, so i was stoked to come here and find what i was looking for.

    1:45 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    1:53 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yo!! From espn.com

    Free-agent catcher Yorvit Torrealba will agree to a three-year contract with the New York Mets on Thursday, according to Torrealba's agent, Melvin Roman

    - Nokes

    2:01 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    ube...I agree. I think 'prudent' is going to be the term that best characterizes this off-season and that is not a bad thing. I healthy Alou (stop laughing) and a full year of Milledge would probably make the difference with no Mota and a non-overuse of Smith early on. Oh, and less wasted starts on Park, Lawrence, etc.

    Give the kids a shot. Not doing so probably cost the Mets a trip to the playoffs in my eyes.

    Rickey...you listen to Dane Cook? She is paying homage to him by writing Cook-isms all over her body. No more pictures to follow unless you can tell me who she is and where she lives.

    Jake, I understand the gag reflex when it comes to thinking about the Mets. You got hit twice pretty hard with the Tides and the Mets monumental collapse.

    RE: Zambrano, I would still have loved to see what a healthy Zambrano could have done here.

    2:05 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Good stuff Nokes. I am happy about that actually when you look at what else is out there. I guarantee 80 games of Castro and 80 of Yorvit will result in top five production in regards to OPS in the MLB at the catcher's spot.

    That was my bold prediction for the day.

    2:07 PM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    Sorry, Benny, looks like you're going to have to get used to the sight of Vomit. This isn't a bad thing. A least the Mets won't have to do the "Who's catching for us next year?" thing on an annual basis. And he only costs money.Lo
    Duca's going to be an expensive back up or DFA candidate for someone next year. He wasn't going to easily accept a diminished role with the Mets next year and they need to see what Castro can do in a greater role. It was great to see him in '06, but that was a career year for him and it's over. Stick a fork in him. The best part to me is that, other than second base, the postion players are settled for '08. Omar can focus on pitching and only pitching at the Winter Meetings.

    Orangeandblueblood, once again I totally agree with you. Are you really Omar trying to impress us on what is obviously the best Mets blog with the most intelligent readers? (BTW, is there an IQ test that you have to fail to comment on Metsblog? I made the mistake of reading the comments over there the other day. What is with their obsession with PLD anyway?)

    Mr. Met, I love the half naked chick. You have a knack for posting that picture at the right intervals. If only she knew she was a star among us.

    2:32 PM

    Anonymous kranepool said...

    Yorvit Castro will give Mets at least 20HR 80-85 RBI from C postion and better defense than Capt. Red Ass.

    Not as down on Kunz as scout you mentioned as I saw him in Bklyn along with Rustich and seems to me pitching for his third team in a year might be taking it's toll. Kunz or Rustich will make the big team out of spring training.

    Question? How did the Highlanders make a great deal for A-Fraud when no other teams were biding against them? Even when they fuck up they wind up smelling like a rose in the Ny media.

    Can't ever have enough naked chicks on a web site. Love the hippie chick but the Brazilian volleyball piece 'o ass is grrrrrrrrrrreeeaaaatttttttt!

    2:47 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I think Cincy hit the nail on the head. I've said many times that I would not mind LoDuca back in a reduced role, but the caveat always was, would he accept it?

    Yorvit will accept that it seems and the Mets have a nice hedge in place in either direction. They have two guys that could start in the bigs.

    Yes, I've gotten away from posting half naked chicks, but I am getting back to my roots.

    Yorit Castro is not only a nice militant sounding name, but a productive duo. I am not down on this move at all.

    Kunz or Rustich out of ST? That is bold my friend, but I am going to disagree.

    Free Agency
    The Duque

    All those guys will be in the mix from day #1. However, I do not doubt Kunz will be up at some point.

    In regards to Rustich, someone mentioned he might be headed to the rotation, which seems like a good thing to at least try out for the time being.

    The Yankees got what they want and A-Rod got what he wanted. A decent deal all around. Everyone saves face a bit. At least everyone can stop talking about it! I still do not think anyone was giving him $30 million, so $27.5 million per is not too shabby.

    How is she now dubbed the hippie chick? It's the sufi-girl/chick.

    Anyways....from KLaw

    ason (Philly): Is Garza to the Mets for Milledge a possibility?

    SportsNation Keith Law: (1:27 PM ET ) The Twins want Carlos Gomez. If I'm Omar Minaya, I do that deal.

    If that deal is even possible, how is it not done already? Keep Milledge and add a potential from end guy under control for four more years?

    3:23 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    I would do Gomez for Garza yesterday. Hell, I would throw in Niese to sweeten the deal. I like Vineyard more than Niese anyway.

    3:29 PM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    Wow. Keith Law.

    2 days before that he said the mets trading Gomez for Garza would be a horrible deal for the mets.

    Bad job Mr. Law.

    I'm a huge fan too.

    5:03 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Danny, I second your motion, but let's not give it all away before they ask for it.

    Dep, did he really say that? Blog or chat?

    8:14 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    A Torreabla/Castro tandem is serviceable. I would have preferred a Michael Barrett/Castro platoon but Barrett is a type A FA and I would not want to wait until Dec 7th to see if the Padres offer arbitration. The Denver Post had an article indicating that PLD would be among the catchers the Rockies would consider. If they sign him expect a fine year with the bat in Coors.

    Omar has indicated he will go to the Winter Meetings looking to trade some of the Mets’ top prospects for pitching help. I would rather see the Mets use their considerable resources to help them procure help rather than totally destroy the farm. They’re going to raise ticket prices no matter what they do and as a fan I would rather the money spent improving the team, including spending over the slot on draft picks, than Fred and Ethel purchasing some new beach front property in the Hamptons.

    The moronic A-Rod episode gave fans something to discuss even though we know the Mets would not have signed him. The Mets actually improve their image by telling their fans they were deliberating whether or not to sign him and may have aggressively gone after him. If you add the 30 million/year for A-Rod to the 39 million they bid on Dice-K that’s 69 million the Mets would have spent in two years that they now will never spend. So how can you say they won’t spare any expense for their fans?

    If you don’t think the Yankees rule the baseball media world just look at the way they’re presenting the A-Rod story. If it had been the Mets they would have been laughing at us.

    That half naked chick looks like a girl I met some years back in a commune just outside of San Fran.

    8:21 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    She is a hippie chick cause hippie chicks are hot...and she is smokin!!

    "RE: Zambrano, I would still have loved to see what a healthy Zambrano could have done here."-Dude, Zambrano is dead man, game over, let her/him rest in pieces!

    Yeah, looking back now LoDuca was a bad trade. Ramon Hernandez was worth the extra $6mil and Gabby would still be with us.

    -Scott From Peekskill

    9:49 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Oh and as for integrity... the Wanks proved yet again that there is none to be found in their pinstripes. If you have cajones enough to stand up and say 'NO' then stick to it you spineless gimps.

    Is Hank Steinbrenner an adopted retarded kid from pigsknuckle Arkansas???


    9:52 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Gut feeling?

    Mets are holding out for Castillo. If Castillo signs with another team, Mets sign Eckstein.

    Mets are monitoring the Joe Blanton situation as well as waiting for the Mitchell Report to come out.

    Once The Report comes out and if Jose Guillen name is not on that list, Mets trade Milledge and Heilman to the A's for Blanton, and sign Guillen to a deal.

    Castro - Carlos - Eck - Reyes - Wright - Alou - Beltran - Guillen

    Yorvit - Anderson - Easley -Gomez - Chavez

    Pedro - Maine - Perez - Blanton - Humber/Pelfrey

    Orlando - Feliciano - Sanchez - Smith - Mota ): - Wagner

    I know I'm missing someone, but I'm drawing a blank.

    - Nokes

    8:28 AM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    You know how Benny feels aboout Torrealba? That's how I feel about Eckstein. The guy can't field and can't hit. I hope this doesn't happen. I'd rather see Gotay any day. He can't field either, but at least he can hit and hit some dingers.

    10:28 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Eckstein BA last 3:

    .309, .292, .294

    His K/BB ratio is nearly 1:1

    And he hits the ball into play about 85% of the time.

    Fielding? Well, OK it's something less then what it is. Last three years: 15, 6, 20.

    Shit!! That's who I forgot as my other benhc player: Gotay!

    - Nokes

    11:27 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Nokes...Blanton for Milledge AND Heilman?


    Not a fan. Please do Garza if possible.

    I am not against Eckstein, but he irritates the hell out of me.

    11:52 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Eckstein is annoying. His WS MVP was not warranted.

    How about Jason Jennings on a 3 year incentive laden deal? The guy pitches 200+ innings every season at a batters paradise and puts up reasonably good figures. He is preferable to Silva, Lohse and Hernandez.


    12:35 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It's funny - Eckstein and Torrealba would elicit the exact same reaction from me - ehh...

    Both would be solid average players that don't cost much but don't solve anything longterm. It would mean that Omar was saving his chips for pitching (or, if that was too expensive, trying to hold out until midseason and give the kids time to establish themselves and/or repair their image).

    The funny part, though, is how much people (and especially the press) would LOVE the Eckstein signing. I can read the headlines now:

    "Mets add a little heart."
    "Eckstein signed to toughen up Los Mets."
    "Mets add a little grit."

    It's all image, I guess...


    12:43 PM

    Anonymous orangeandblueblood said...

    Castillo doesn't rate very well anymore from a range perspective but what he gets to he converts to an out and is exceptional around the bag. Eckstein is not as good but the difference is not hugh and with Eckstein you are less likely to lose him to nagging injuries. It also opens the door to seeing more of Gotay when facing righties since he shows more from the left side and Eckstein is a righty. If Eckstein isn't a type A FA I could see the Mets going with him just to raise the team's intensity. Kind of a Wally Backman type thing. I like Castillo but to me the Mets have too many calm, unemotional players. Adding Torealba is a step in the right direction. Reports on Torrealba are that he is a very passionate player that plays with a visible intensity. That is an important trait in a catcher and adding a guy like Eckstein may be reminisant of the Carter/Backman days. OK I've dated myself. As for Garza, the Mets need to decide who they want long term - Milledge or Gomez - and trade the other for Garza if the Twins are truely interested. Neither Milledge or Gomez project as a corner outfielder with power and the team needs at least one corner spot to be a HR producer. If both flank Beltran in 2009 and Delgado is gone or his power erroded the only power bats will be Wright and Beltran. That's a bad idea. Blanton is my next choice after Garza if Beane will make a realistic trade demand. Heilman & Milledge for Blanton is too generous. As a last resort, how about signing two of Colon, Leiber, or Clemment to insentive deals. Those 2, Pedro and ElDuque should fill 2 rotation spots worth of games and Maine, Perez, and Humber/Pelfrey/Mulvey round out the rotation. I'd prefer that over 4 years of a Silva type.

    1:09 PM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    Nokes, I stand corrected. I was blinded by my hatred of the little gnat. OBP is OK, too. But the .362 career slugging sucks, but OK for a 2B. But his fielding still sucks. Damn.

    1:45 PM

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