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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Just Say No to A-Rod

The Angels are joining the Mets in chasing A-Rod? I had no idea the Mets were even chasing A-Rod. I do not care what is out there, the Mets are not chasing A-Rod.

Scott Boras is scheduled to meet with the Mets this week concerning you-know-who, and Tuesday the new GM of the Angels certainly made it known his team will be in the A-Rod sweepstakes.

But other than the Giants and Dodgers, who have previously expressed their intention to explore the A-Rod situation, only the Mets and Angels seem interested in Alex Rodriguez and his hefty price tag.

I know many people think that any play for A-Rod would be a good one, but I seriously do not agree and it seems to be a square peg in a round hole situation no matter how it shakes out. Too much money over too many years when the Mets already have a great third baseman as is. Of course, a good GM is always open to anything.

It would not be shocking if they made a similar pitch in this spot to see if they could get Rodriguez at a price that would make a significant roster shuffle - likely Wright to a new position - worthwhile. But it is probably even more likely that they simply will not make an offer and concentrate their full attention on finding pitching in this difficult market.

The article does mention that the Mets are most likely just humoring Boras and trying to keep a good working relationship rather than being genuinely interested, which makes sense. However, one has to wonder if Wright would be more likely to hang around after his contract expires if he stays at third versus being moved to first. Would he rather go play third base for someone else if the Mets move him?

I do not think this is a black and white situation and it is not just as easy as move Wright and Delgado, who they will most certainly have to eat $6 million to $10 million when you factor in the buyout. It is easier to find offense at first than any where else and though A-Rod makes this team a better offensive team in 2008 and beyond, his signing could have bigger implications than just money. No matter what Wright says about being a good soldier to accommodate A-Rod, one has to wonder what he would ultimately do and I think this is more delicate than people realize.

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  • Tom Glavine looks like he might be heading back to Atlanta and that is just fine by me.

    "I think it would be nice for our fans if Tommy finished as a Brave," Wren said. "At the same time, we're looking for a quality pitcher, and we feel Tommy is still that."

    He did some nice things here and I will not deny that, but it is 100% time to move on for the Mets. Besides, the insistence by Willie to use him as their #1 scares me when I think about the Mets in the playoffs and this is truly a case of addition by subtraction in many ways.

  • The Yankees are possibly looking to acquire Miguel Cabrera.

    A canvas of executives indicated the Yanks would have to trade Melky Cabrera and one of their high-end starters, perhaps Ian Kennedy, but more probably Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain in a package. And there are no signs the Yanks are willing to part with their best young pitchers, even to replace A-Rod.

    Melky and Ian? First, the is a bizarre report that the Yankees would balk at that. At least that is what they are saying now. Second, that would be truly a ridiculous trade and if the Marlins do not get Phil or Joba back, that trade would be a horrific one for the ages.

    I think Kennedy is a solid pitching prospect, but not in the same tier as the other two and you will excuse me if I do not think Melky is good enough to be a centerpiece of a deal of that magnitude. I am not nearly as high on him as many Yankee fans are and just think he is going to be a mediocre regular player down the line. Other teams would have to give up the likes Kershaw, Kemp, Wood, etc. and the Yankees would give up Melky and Horne? Ridiculous. People are crazy and Yankee fans are crazy for thinking this deal is even discussed without Hughes or Joba.

  • It seems I have been proven 100% wrong.

    “It is about the two draft picks," Cashman said. “By offering arbitration, we get the first-round pick of the team that signs him and a sandwich pick."

  • It really seems that LoDuca's days as a Met are over.

  • It looks like instant replay is backed by the vast majority of big league GMs.

    With the Mets and Yankees among those in favor, baseball's general managers formally recommended that the sport adopt instant replay.

    After several years of discussion, the GMs voted on the issue for the first time yesterday, and replay was approved 25-5. It would be used only for "boundary calls" such as whether a ball is fair, clears a wall or is touched by a fan.

    "It just makes sense to me to use everything available to get it right," Yankees GM Brian Cashman said.

  • Marlon gets two years and $2.2 million. He truly seems to flourish here and he is certainly welcome back.

  • I would not mind Silva, but I do have my limits.

    The Mets have interest in free-agent pitcher Carlos Silva and planned to meet here with Silva's agents, Barry Praver and Scott Shapiro. Yet they are wary of the large price that Silva (perhaps five years and $50 million) could command on the open market.

    Of course, that is way to much and Silva is getting a lot of attention making it likely that he does receive that amount. This is one of the worst markets in recent years which is saying a lot because they have been rather paltry the last few years. Silva may cash in big time and he might become a bit expensive for rational GMs.

  • Wow. There is a video as well and this has to be one of the stranger things that I have seen.

  • Carlos Gomez for Matt Garza? Sign me up. I know Gomez has some immense upside, but Garza has front end potential and is under control for another four years. The Mets would be dealing from an obvious position of strength and this would truly be a tremendous move for Omar if he can get this done.

  • You cannot make this stuff up.

    Millions of Chinese-made toys have been pulled from shelves in North America and Australia after scientists found they contain a chemical that converts into a powerful date rape drug when ingested. Two children in the United States and three in Australia were hospitalized after swallowing the beads.

  • The Astros continue to venture down a very perplexing road.

    The Phillies made a great deal to get Brad Lidge form the Astros, which allows them to move Brett Myers back into the rotation after he did a decent job as a makeshift closer. The Astros received Michael Bourn, a talented outfielder, as the main piece in return, and he has a chance to be pretty good. No great surprise that new Astros GM Ed Wade dealt with his former team.

    Why maximize the value of your players?

    This team is so far away from winning, they might as well blow things up. Oswalt would be in his mid-30's by the time they might become competitive and it will be extremely difficult to become competitive without trading him. He may be an icon down there, but anything that is not tied down should be dealt with only Pence as an untouchable.

    Especially with a horrific free agent class, they can look to really cash in with three guys who would be in the in the top ten of available free agents with ease.

    As for the other side, Nate Silver likes the deal for the Astros. However, the caveat I would add to this is that Lidge is not necessarily for one year as the Phillies could easily afford to extend him. Even so, I would still take my chances with a sandwich pick and a first rounder instead of those two beacons of mediocrity.

  • Cordero for Gomez or Pelfrey? If I did not like Cordero for Humber, I certainly do not like that deal as I still maintain Humber or Pelfrey would be solid arms out of the bullpen for much cheaper and much longer with some upside in the rotation. For me, this is no brainer to not do and the Nationals could just sit and stew in their horribleness.

  • It looks like the Mets do have some interest in a Japanese import.

    A pitcher the Mets have their eye on is Japanese righty Hiroki Kuroda. The 32-year-old is a free agent, though it's uncertain whether he'll head to the United States or what his timetable is.

  • Eleven of this year's free agents have been nabbed for steroids. Good times!
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    Anonymous orangeandblueblood said...

    Garza for Gomez is a no brainer. The Twins must want somthing else, like Mulvey, Humber, or Pelfrey along with Gomez. If Gomez is the top Met then get this done quickly before the Twins wake up. Garza is a legit #2 and coupled with Perez (a #2), Maine (a #3) and Pedro (a #2) the Mets wouls have a very good staff. I wouldn't mind seeing Humber/Pelfrey/Mulvey get a shot as the #5 starter with Hernandez in the long rlief/spot starter role. Given that Taguchi is a type A FA I think the Mets should pass and stick with Castillo. Give Milledge his shot in RF, batting him 7th and get a defensive catcher instead of LoDuca to hit in the 8 hole. Offer Glavine arbitration so the Braves give up a draft pick for good measure. If he accepts it wouldn't be the worst thing to have him as the #5 starter and the young guys fill in when the injuries occur. If Sanchez comes back in shape and ready to pitch he can replace Mota and Hernandez replacing Sele is a big upgrade also. If so, the pen is not in crisis. Lets hope Schoenweis is limited to lefty speacialist and all will be well. I saw spectulation that Trot Nixon could be a reserve outfielder, I hoped for that last year and think he would be a great fit for this team. If the Garza deal occurs I think everything else will be fine.

    9:29 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    THe thing about A-Rod is that acquiring him should not be a priority. BUT fuck, if he's available you have to check it out and if things make sense then you go after him.
    Boras is asking for 10 years, he's not going to get 10 years. What I see happening is him getting a 6 year deal and options that come into play automatically depending on how many games he plays or how many AB's/plate appearences he gets.
    Regarding Wright and moving all I think of Killa Cam talking all that shit in the offseason about moving for Beltran and then when the time came he whined, bitched, and complained.

    What's all this shit I keep seeing with the Yankees trading Melky Cabrera and then he's attached to some badassed names. I mean they're only rumors but still, I saw one of Melky and Kennedy for Peavy.
    I mean wtf? Since when did Melky become something desireable? Is it because he's a Yankee because he fucking sucks. But yet if a bring up a Milledge and Pelfrey trade for Peavy its considered unrealistic and Towers would "walk away laughing".

    Umm, by the way, I'm sick of hearing the Mets are interested in Torreabla. He's horrible. He sucks. He hit worse than Lo Duca IN COORS FUCKING FIELD! No-no-no-no!
    Lo Duca, Ramon Hernandez, Michael Barret, and Ramon Castro as long as he's platooned with someone like Jason LaRue are all interchangeable in my eyes. Any of those guys are fine but no Torreabla!

    4 arms+4 legs=holy shit! Its Spider-girl! That's just creepy as fuck. I wonder if she could control them? That'd be cool for about a day.

    Ed Wade is a fucking moron. He probably thinks he's still working for the PHillies.

    I don't like Chad Cordero. He's just an iffy pitcher, he walks a ton, gives up alot of hits, and lived dangerously. He's like Brian Bannister but for the 9th inning.

    I don't like Kuroda, I don't think he's very good. The only Japanese player I like is Iwase. Dude is niiiice.

    I can't wait for that Mitchell Report to come out. I'd buy that book! It'll be so fun and interesting! Even though steroids don't bother me as others.

    According ot Mr. Jon Heyman, the Twins plan to place Johan on the block if they can't sign him. I'd give away anything and everything because the Mets sure as hell don't have the pieces.
    Same goes for Peavy if he's truely available. Anything and everything for him.

    11:18 PM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    good lord, so much to respond to. i cant remember half of what i wanted to say.

    1st off, in newsday supposedly it says omar talked to the astros about lidge and balked at a package headed by either gomez or f. martinez. are they kidding? they asked us for that and took what they took. I guess they really really wanted a CF.

    instead of silva...if we really want to spend $40-50M, lets try and give it to francisco cordero...if we offer him the most he might just come here. somehow trick billy into allowing a 2-headed monster closer, or even try and get f. cordero to just set up and close down the line for us. for the most $'s, he may do it. wagner and he have the same agent. you never know. I'd personally rather pay f. cordero than silva.

    our bullpen could be lethal, it could even open heilman up to be traded. to baltimore for r hernandez if it costs that much, or maybe even a 2B, O-Dog???? ya never know!!! ;)

    date rape drugs on our kids? insanity.


    11:35 PM

    Anonymous seattle stev said...

    I saw garza against the M's and he was unbelievable... that would be a great deal but i think we'd have to give more than Gomez
    heard about Polanco for Delgado ..interesting and if that did happen
    then trade pelfrey and Milledge for cabrera( he is the only player I would trade milledge for)and play him at 1st base, we'd have a hold in right but we could platoon Chavez and a free agent OF

    2:18 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    If by some chance A-Rod lowers his demands to sign with the Mets you cannot turn away the preeminent player in baseball for fear of insulting David Wright. It is not unusual for players to switch positions even those that excel at their spot and in spite of the Gold Glove I wouldn’t place Wright in the same company as Brooks Robinson just yet. A-Rod switched from SS to 3rd when he may have been the finest all around SS to ever play that position. Even Babe Ruth switched positions and they can just tell Wright if the Babe can do it so can you (laughing as I write this).

    The market for pitching is such that either you will over spend in dollars or young talent. Personally, I believe the Mets have the financial resources to over spend for a FA without trepidation. But the Mets are not rich when it comes to an over-abundance of top prospects.

    I get the impression the rest of the league does not like the Mets especially someone who was previously associated with the Phillies. Thus Wade would never make that trade with the Mets (unless he raped them in doing so). When is Wilpon going to realize this and stop being Selig’s lap dog? It’s time the Mets used their financial resources and spent over the slot in an effort to sign prospects that fall through the draft because of contractual concerns.

    2:24 AM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    First off, Mr. Met, thanks for the link to the four armed, four legged kid. I was able to forward the link to my buddy here at work and freak him out at 6:30 am – now that’s the way to start the day! He told me I was a freak and I referred him to you. And the Chinese toys thing – I work at the US Forensic Chemistry Center. We’ll probably be getting that shit here for analysis, but I heard about it at The Metropolitans first!

    Orangeandblueblood, you get my vote for GM. I agree with all your ideas. I would give up Gomez and Humber/Pelfrey/Mulvay/Heilman (Let them pick the pitcher) for Garza.

    I don’t hear anything about signing Pay-Rod and moving him to 1B. He would have been even more historically highly regarded if he remained a SS. But he readily switched to 3B to play for the Skankees. I think if the Mets met his asking price he would move to 1B, no? The guy is a whore, I say he would do it. Eat some salary and trade Delgado to Detroit for Polanco and, BAM, there’s a fucking infield. I still don’t want Pay-Rod, though.

    More thoughts on the Lidge acquisition. Everyone seems to think he will go to the Phillies and close. He lost his closers job in a much weaker division. Why do we assume he will be able to close in Philly? Their stadium is even more of a band box than Houston’s and the Philly fans will chew him up and spit him out as soon as he blows his first save. The guy’s a head case. I think it was a great acquisition for them in that they didn’t give much up for him, but I don’t see it working out. Also, since he is in Philly now, does that mean his next stop is the Mets (following Billy’s path)? Could we have Lidge setting up for Wags in 2009? That would be a good story.

    The Astros, like the Orioles, are like a crappy old car that you are attached to that is ugly, unreliable, and costs you more to fix than to buy a new one but is still crappy when all is said and done. At some point you have to scrap it for parts and replace it. You said it best, Mr. Met, the Astros are being irresponsible by not starting the rebuilding process. They are going no where fast and for a long time doing this. I wonder if the Orioles will really have a fire sale this off-season.

    7:54 AM

    Blogger Rickey Henderson said...

    Garza for Gomez is terrific but who knows if the Twins would agree to it? Gomez isn't ready yet to play in the majors and Garza definitely can throw. Even with the Twinkies' having an excess of pitchers I can't see them making that deal.

    8:15 AM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    I would like to believe that Delgado is more valuable than Placido Polanco! Or am I crazy?

    8:58 AM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    Come on.

    Mark Healey of Gotham Baseball started that Polanco/Delgado rumor.

    I dont believe that man has ever gotten one thing right.

    of course he broke the mets signed Alou, too bad it was like 2005 when he broke it ;)

    The rumor never made much sense to me to begin with.

    10:20 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I'm 100% on board with Pelfrey or Humber getting a shot at the number five spot. It is really now or never for them if you ask me.

    Taguchi is certainly not worth a first rounder. I cannot believe that he would even cost anything.

    Benny, but it is not that A-Rod won't be an asset, but I think that displacing Wright would be a mistake.

    As for Melky, dude hit 8 homers last year and like 7 the year before. HE'S A MONSTER!!! Really though, I cannot figure it out. He was upgraded from being a 4th outfielder to a decent regular. He is still young, but he has not done all that much to inspire a lot of confidence in his ability to become that good of a player.

    Delgado in a salary dump is not worth more than Palanco, but would have to be a tandem move with someone filling in first, but who would that be outside of A-Rod? I know that El Tigres de Detroit would love some more pop and he would certainly bring that. However, are they not looking to move Guillen to first now that they have acquired Renteria?

    Dep, Gomez is a centerfielder and a damn smooth one. If they balked at that and went with the Phillies package, that is just nuts. I wonder what else Omar was throwing in.

    I love the Francisco idea, but in the age of egos, it will never happen since he will get a plethora of offers.

    Steve, they would most certainly need to add to Gomez, but it seems like it would be peripheral people. Humber or Mulvey type of additions or even Heilman which would more or less free up Nathan as they can shift Neshanik (sp?) into the closer's role and further strengthen their future.

    2x4, I never like to trade young talent, but if you are getting young talent back, it is a no brainer. No one would be as good as Garza that they would get.

    It is a great point on the Mets getting treated differently. Trades start with Milledge and Pelfrey and go up from there when other teams are asked for mediocre prospects. No one wants to give the Mets anything, but they are the assholes who are not getting the best deal for their teams. They are the ones impacting their own future with their moves.

    RE- moving Wright. Is it not possible that Wright bolts because he wants to play third base and will get paid regardless of where he goes? Of course this is speculation, but he has the chance to become one of the best third baseman of all time...not one of the best first baseman. I don't know...i agree that getting a preeminent player is hard to pass up, but he is more of a luxury than a necessity. When you couple in his outrageous demands and history of being a sissy, it is questionable move for me, which sounds crazy being how good he is.

    Cincy...not a problem. I almost puked yesterday morning as I saw that as well. It took a lot of courage to watch the video. Did you see the father rubbing her nubbies? Weird. I am glad she made it though and did not end up in a circus.

    I think if the Mets met his asking price he would move to 1B, no? The guy is a whore, I say he would do it.

    RIGHT! I agree with this one. If the Mets want to chase A-Rod and outbid everyone else, why not? He has no pride at this point and is going to be the best player of all time so position won't matter as much. For Wright, it does.

    Ricky, it certainly seems crazy, but I liken it a dude with an ugly girlfriend that thinks she is hot. Prospects are very subjective and the Twinkies might really believe in Gomez's ability as the Mets do. He is a top 50 prospect and a B+/A- guy for sure with the ability to be a superstar. There is a certain level of risk involved, but you never know how much they value this kid. He raised his stock a lot last year after showing some flashes and if you throw in a decent pitcher, I think it is not as bad of a package as it seems.

    10:32 AM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    Omar balked at the price of Gomez, not the astros. I'm glad he did.

    sorry if i was confusing.

    10:43 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ah, well that does make sense.

    10:50 AM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    And on F. Cordero.

    I get ya on the ego thing, but hell if we offer him the largest offer out of anybody out there (which i think we could, we have the resources to do it) maybe the greed for $'s part of his ego will overrule the I must be closer part of his ego.

    I guess its a long shot, but man i would be pleased. our bullpen would be so stacked, especially from the right side.

    10:57 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Well, I'm not against it for sure. I love the outside of the box thinking. I am not sure how Wagner would like being a lame duck, but it is for the betterment of their World Series aspirations. I mean, the Mets were one effective reliever from the playoffs.

    Also, the Mets have no long term solution at close so it certainly fills a need. Part of me really wants that 22nd pick though. The Mets system is going to be horrendous after Humber and Pelfrey graduate.

    11:34 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wait a sec! Why stop there? If the Twins want Gomez, offer him AND Pelfrey or Humber and Maine for Santana. If the Twins dont resign him, make that offer and go from there. Keeps Milledge in RF, Santana, Perdo, Perez, the Humber/Pelfrey leftover and either Orlando, or bit the bullet and sign Silva.

    - Nokes

    11:40 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    From Gammo:

    This is not about Wright vs. Rodriguez, because they are both great players, and Rodriguez at first base with Wright at third and Jose Reyes at short would be a spectacular combination. But Wright, at 24, accepted every responsibility when the Mets struggled down the stretch. While the majority of his teammates practically hid out and ducked under tables in the players' lounge, Wright was there to answer the tough questions. "I feel," he said one day, "that it is my responsibility."

    Granted, Rodriguez was a Gold Glove shortstop who moved to third base, but he initiated the action to get out of Texas. And when the Yankees took a hard line in regards to his negotiations with the players associated, he had no choice but to move over in respect for Derek Jeter. This is different. Wright is the Mets' best player; he's not moving to another position. He and Willie Randolph were the two people who stood and accepted the harsh music down the stretch, and after seeing how Randolph was carved up, now Wright has read that he is fungible.

    With Tom Glavine likely gone, the Mets need pitching -- starting and relieving. Their starters weren't as bad as some think. They were second in the National League in quality starts and fifth in starters' ERA (4.40). But unless Pedro Martinez stages a miracle comeback, they really don't have a starter who'd be a No. 3 on an American League contender.

    They also need Wright, his talent, his extraordinary character, his leadership, his face on the franchise's banners for the next decade. Which is why Jeff Wilpon owes his best player, big-time.

    Shocking that he wrote something not about the Red Sox....

    Also, Wright vs. A-Rod through 24:

    BA. .311 to .308
    OBP .388 to .363
    SLG .533 to .551
    OPS .921 to .914
    HR. 97 to 148

    Outside of homers, he compares very favorably. I know no one is saying that Wright is not as effective over the long term and it is more about adding Alex's bat, but make him move. Wright is a special player and yes, there have been special players that have moved, but Wright should not.

    Move A-Rod if anyone and if he does not like it, too bad. This is Wright's team and would be even without A-Rod in the fold.

    11:40 AM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    id rather offer milledge for garza... gomez looks like he has the same potential but without all the headaches the media will associate with milledge... id give up milledge straight up

    id trade delgado for polanco in a heart beat. i'm done with his ass.

    can we offer glavine arbitration? if he accepts i think the mets shouhld take footage of game # 162 to the hearing. i want picks. if he takes it and he can eat up innings on a one year contract even if its with mediocrity

    the pen will be mighty next year. we should get juan padilla and duaner sanchez back. them two with 3 fingers chopped off is better than mota.

    duque is an upgrade on sele

    we need 1000 innings to keep our pen fresh... garza may give us 170. perez is 180 innings... maine 190.... pedro should give us 180 we need a 270 more. id like to have 200 in someone like livan and give the remaining spot starts to humber/pelfrey.

    can we try to get a scary bat behind beltran? next to reyes, he is the key to offense. when he is on, the offense rolls. our offense should give us big enough leads to take the pressure off our staff. our staff last year was worn out. thats why we suffered

    the lidge pick up was solid. his shit is all mental. now we get to see 6 innings of wife beater.

    im still waiting for someone to throw one by rollins head.

    i think they should kick tires on bedard but angelos is a fucking dick. he ruined the AL east for the last 10 years. that team should be doing way better. the idiot thinks players draw crowds. winning teams fill up the seats more douche.

    if tori hunter gets $15 mil per year, arod should be given ownership of the new look Rays

    12:25 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    can i get some action on the jason jennings front?

    12:50 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I may be part of the minority, but I like Milledge more than Gomez. Of course, I would not complain about either being used to get Garza. I wonder if these thing has any credence? It certainly is intriuging....Also, wouldn't they want Milledge more who can contribute from day #1?

    We can offer Glavine arb....but then the Braves will not sign him and Glavine will accept. But as ube mentioned the other day, the Mets for some reason have these gentlemen agreements and he does what he wants. He will not get offered arb...

    Padilla and Sanchez are not even thoughts in my mind.

    Duque is an upgrade on Sele? Duque should be a cornerstone not a long man...enough of that talk!

    Livan is not a bad choice, but I do prefer Silva over him if the price does not get crazy, which is probably will. No love for our Japanese friend? He should be more affordable I would think.

    Bedard would be spectacular, but Angelos likes to nix deals and sit on things for too long. However, trading Bedard and Tejada make a ton of sense for them with some solid possible cornerstones.

    the idiot thinks players draw crowds. winning teams fill up the seats more douche.

    Perfect statement and I think that is the best thing I've read in a while. I've been harping on dealing hard to deal players like Bay and Oswalt for a while now, but owners are afraid people won't show up. But most of these teams have problems getting people to come to games anyway, no?

    What type of a free agent is Jennings? Type A or Type B? I see him headed back to Denver...maybe I'm nuts though and no one would head back their voluntarily, but I think it may happen.

    1:12 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    scott linebrink? 2 years $7m?

    jennings? 3 years $18m?

    2:00 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    padilla and sanchez have to be considered. they can eat innings and have shown good stuff in the past

    2:01 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    padilla and sanchez have to be considered. they can eat innings and have shown good stuff in the past

    2:01 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Jason Jennings is an injury guy, MEH! He's never been any good to get that kind of committment. I'd PASS!

    El Duque in the pen, what kind of role? Long man? But he won't be a long man in the traditional sense, he won't be the garbage time pitcher. He's going to be an extended starter. Game gets tight real early, its the 4th inning, opposing team has bases loaded, one out, opposing team winning 5-1 or something, you bring in El Duque and let him do that Houdini act. Of course its not going to work all the time but... El Duque is a magician out there, I don't know how he does it but the man has balls and gets it done.

    Padilla can not be counted on.
    Dirty Sanchez, with him, I'll believe it when I see it but he's supposed to be pitching in the Dominican in the coming month.

    Those new Rays uniforms are nice. They should change the color of the turf to blue to match that team colors, it'll be a cute gimmick.

    Regarding Kuroda. I dunno, he's alright, I been watching video of him for about a month and he's unspectacular. I think he can be fairly productive BUT the important thing is curb the enthusiasm and temper those expectations. He's at best a 3rd starter but most likely a 4th starter. The guy throws at around 88-91 mph but he has a nice little breaking pitch.
    Putting it into perspective a rotation of:
    Oliver Perez
    John Maine
    Pelfrey/Humber/El Duque

    is not too shabby...

    2:55 PM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    Give Milledge his shot in RF, batting him 7th and get a defensive catcher instead of LoDuca to hit in the 8 hole.

    Miguel Olivo of the Marlins fits that bill, and rumor has it that he's available.

    The Mets have not been lucky with Japanese imports, I'd steer clear of ones that have an upside of being a #3 starter.

    2:59 PM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    Mike, those are great comparisons of Pay Rod and David Wright. One additional thing to take into consideration is that Dave played half his games at Shea, and A Rod played at the Kingdome for his first several seasons.

    3:03 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    I was really thinking about miguel olivo but came to the conclusion that his .287 obp is just not worth his defense. Just brutal, he struck out about 137 times this past year...

    Here's one, what the opinion of Dontrelle Willis? I know he's not what he used to be. We know he's fallen off but on the Mets he won't have to be an ace, hell, he would most likely slot in the 3rd or 4th slot, and hey I'd take that!
    You would assume he'd get better pitching in New York with something to play for.
    With how the Marlins are would a Milledge/Gomez+Humber/Pelfrey package be enough? Would you do it?
    I deffinitly would and I think that's a nice return for Mr. Willis.
    Then you have a:
    Oliver Perez
    Dontrelle Willis
    John Maine
    Pelfrey/Humber/El Duque

    rotation, which isn't too bad. Of course the 5th slot goes to whoever wasn't traded...

    3:11 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    So...if the Braves sign Glavine before Dec 1, we wouldn't even have to offer arbitration, we'd get the pick automatically. And if they wait until Dec 2 to say screw you...I say we say screw you right back. I have nothing against Glavine, but I think Omar and Fred have been MORE than gentlemanly enough with him the last few years. You can't trade the #18 overall pick for squat in your own division just to be nice...which is what this would amount to.

    Not a big fan of Japanese pitchers as starters - it's been a mixed bag in mlb, at best. Japanese pitchers as relievers, though - that's been a pretty good bet. Red Sox, Mariners, Rangers, Dodgers, and Padres have all had lots of luck with their guys. I'm all for Iwase or another of the relievers.

    I think Gomez is rated as a significantly better defensive outfielder than Milledge, as he is faster, has a better arm, and hasn't struggled to paly the corner OF positions in the majors like Lastings. I think Lastings will adjust (I liked him in center when Beltran was hurt), but I think defensively you can start Gomez tomorrow with no worries.

    I was very surprised by the Wright/Arod comparisons; even the lack of HRs is more than overcome by the higher OPS. Throw in Gammons' comparison with Cabrerra the other day, and you know what it shows you? ARod is a great player, but he's not *that* great. He's certainly not worth 50% more than anybody else. I'm not even sure he's the best player in the game. He was last year, but don't you have to look at guys like Pujols, Cabrerra, Utley, Ortiz, Manny, and maybe even Beltran (if you put a big weight on defense at a premium position) as well? At the end of this day, I'd love ARod at reasonable money to play first, but this team HAS to be built around Wright.

    orangeandblueblood - I'm right there with you on your plan, though I'd love to add a reliever or two and trade Heilman (while his value is high) for Freel, just to give us a bit more "grit". Nothing earth-shattering - and please god no Eckstein - but I think he would be a good fit.


    3:22 PM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    Put my peg in liking Milledge more than Gomez.

    Gomez is all about potential still, yea he's got the higher ceiling, but he also cant even outhit Endy Chavez right now. he's got a ways to go and grow.

    I also think Gomez is not very good defensively. He has a cannon arm, that's fact, but his instincts are poor in what i've seen from him.

    He has such blinding speed that he 99% of the time able to cover for his mistakes, but I dont think that makes him a good outfielder.

    3:32 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I'm not considering them because they are injured. Anything extra is great, but cannot be counted on and the team should be built as if they weren't going to be there and then they can make a trade if they have excess.

    Benny, but fairly productive is suitable no? Gives good innings, a chance to win, and let's the Mets keep all draft picks, which should be the priority this year. They need to start balancing today and tomorrow much better.

    I would NOT do yoru Willis trade and I don't even have to think about it. He is not worth an B+/A- prospect for me in any shape or form. Sorry. I am very down on him.

    Sidd...I think this guy has upside to be a #3 starter in the NL east, no?

    Ube, we agree there and you better be sure Atlanta won't sign him before that. Why would they? They are not worried about competition and it would be an extremely bad business move for them. We'll see if the Mets man up, but he could accept thereby giving Willie his "#1" and you can be sure he would be getting jacked up in the playoffs early and often should the Mets make it. I hate Willie for those reasons....his reasoning is 'because he is Tom Glavine'.

    Defensively Gomez is there, but he's bad like .250 at best with a .270 OBP. He needs more work and possibly a lot more work.

    A-Rod is 100% not worth what he will be getting paid and would be a noose around the neck of whatever team signs him. I just cannot condone spending that much on one player no matter how good.

    And we agree on being happy with A-Rod on the team because he is still the best player in the league, but he would have to move again and Wright will lead the team as the third baseman.

    Dep...I thought he looked smoooooooth. I agree with you on the speed making up for some mistakes, but I thought he looked great in center and really tight.

    4:14 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Some interesting Mets stuff in Keith Law's recent espn chat. Take it for what it's worth:


    Law's key thoughts on the Mets:
    - wouldn't do Gomez and Humber for Garza and a reliever, because Gomez has a high upside, Garza's not a sure bet, and he wouldn't sell low on Humber.

    - Milledge should start, good enough to be above average OF with a small chance of being a star.

    - Heilman for Orlando Hudson would work for both team. (I'd do it).

    - LoDuca's not coming back unless everything else falls through, and Reyes for Santana is a joke.


    4:23 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I saw all of that and it all sounded good to me! Though, Gomez for Garza is awfully tempting. They can't fit them all (FMart, Lasings, & Gomez) and if someone will give up Garza for upside, then great.

    Heilman for O-Dog? Sign me up.

    Those two moves would be amazing...

    4:33 PM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    ok, maybe i was too harsh on Gomez's D, just maybe lol ;)

    hahahha, didnt I suggest Heilman for O-Dog yesterday???

    stop stealing my stuff LAW!!!!!

    have a great nite boys.

    it feels good to be posting and be a part of this blog finally, Mike you do an excellent job. lots of fun and great mets content. You done good. ;)

    5:54 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Dep, you are a true visionary. I wouldn't have thought that would have been enough, but I would do that one in a heartbeat. Maybe Omar will work some magic...maybe it's even years for him and he should stay away from trades in the odd years.

    The #1 thing though it holding onto the draft picks. They must get some youth and he needs to look at the Dominican kid and outbit anyone for his services, though $3m is just nuts.

    Thanks for coming by and adding to the conversation. It's making for a pretty good off-season so far ....

    5:58 PM


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