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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Met Related Post

Well, there is not much Met news these days as they are being pretty quiet. After Willie got that boost of confidence from the front office, things have been hush hush with the exception of a Rudy Jamarillo rumor which seems to be just that at this point.

Where do the Mets go from here? Well, the big problem is there is not much they can do to improve their team this off-season with what is on the market. It is actually even more of a skimpy crop than last year, which is scary to even think about. It is so bad, the Mets would actually have to think about bringing Glavine back with the unknowns on their team.

The Mets really have one thing to concentrate on this off-season and that is pitching. More offense is nice, but I think Delgado will contribute more in '08, Castillo seems destined to be back, they might actually be ready to give Lastings a chance, Alou is a no brainer to bring back, and there are lackluster catching choices. What else is there aside from pitching for them?

Then you look and see the rotation has 3 for 4 slots already taken with Pelfrey and Humber in the mix and there is not much worth doing there. Steven Trachsel? No thanks. Kris Benson? Not so much. The Paul Byrds of the world would be utilitarian for sure, but not worth throwing our youth aside for another year. Sure Omar might be able to get creative this off-season, but the Mets farm system is dangerously close to being barren. Any big deals would likely liquidate half of the impact talent that is close to the bigs and possibly set the Mets back long term.

The only big area that the Mets have an opportunity to make some inroads on the market is in the bullpen. Jeremy Affeldt is a guy that I have liked for years now. He is a hard throwing left hander that just seemed to have problems putting it all together. He had a nice season for my new favorite team and would be a welcome addition to the Mets as a guy who can start or head to the bullpen. The Mets can have him fight it out in the spring or just send him into the bullpen to see if he can be transformed into a dependable set-up man.

Then there are some decent guys like David Riske, Scott Linebrink, etc. and some unknown Japanese guys that might work as well. I do think Omar can add some quality arms, but nothing really spectacular and at least Affeldt has upside. On top of that, it is imperative that either Humber or Pelfrey gets to be in the bullpen mix from day one so they can start putting their young arms to use. Omar has one focus this off-season and he should try and not get to cute like he did last off-season which backfired on him in magnificent fashion. Also, it would be nice if the Mets could hold onto their first round pick this year so they can add a high impact player into a farm system that direly needs it.

* * *

  • Speaking of draft picks, Tampa will pick first for the third time in six years.

  • After this season is over, Mitchell might name names and an ex-Met trainer is going to have played a big part in it.

    Baseball investigator George Mitchell has received an extensive paper trail documenting performance-enhancing drugs sent to players by former New York Mets clubhouse attendant Kirk Radomski, a person familiar with the probe said Monday.

    What is crazy about all this is that the Player's Union has brought this on themselves. They have probably caused some serious damage to the game by not agreeing to random blood testing.

    "You would have thought by this time this wouldn't be, but they've put us to the sword again," said Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.). "We want them to police themselves the way they're supposed to. We want them to obey the law."

    When all of this first came down, instead of protecting the 'privacy' of the players, they could have taken a hard line stance and all this would have gone away. The government would have been satisfied and baseball probably could have gotten away with having some big names named, which is probably going to happen.

    "There are two simple steps that could close the gaping loophole in Major League Baseball's drug testing policy," Waxman said in a statement. "Baseball could either begin random blood testing or it could store current urine samples so that they could be available when testing methods are improved. Storing samples would be an effective deterrent and would make players think twice about using HGH."

    The Government has no incentive to not tell all, but baseball did have incentive to keep things quiet. Imagine if steroids was more widespread than originally thought? It was already believed to be rather widespread and this could spread it to living legends and other players who were not previously implicated in this steroids mess.

    This all could have been avoided, but methinks this is going to get ugly. Baseball is riding high right now with record attendence and it would truly be a shame for public opinion to worsen and have people driven away from the game.

  • Adam Dun is back and that certainly re-crowds the Cincinnati outfield. They finally were looking like they had things freed up a bit, but they brought back Dunn. Not that I don't agree with it, but they better be looking to trade off Griffey or Hamilton. If they think Hamilton's first season in the bigs was a fluke, then they should deal him while he has some worth. If they really think he is the real deal, Griffey needs to finally be dealt for something useful and so they can save some cash.

  • A-Rod vs. Boras....

    The main topic for Rodriguez to decide on is if he will opt out of the final three years of his contract and leave $91 million on the table. He has until 10 days following the World Series to opt out and become a free agent; Boras said last week a 12-year deal worth $360 million isn't out of the question. The Yankees have said if Rodriguez opts out, they won't chase him as a free agent since they would lose the $23.1 million over the next three years the Rangers are paying on Rodriguez's contract. However, that could change.

    You have to think that A-Rod wants to stay a Yankee and does not want to compromise that. Afterall, he will still get mega-bucks after this contract is up and he already has more money than he can ever spend. However, you do not have Scott Boras as your agent if you are not trying to maximize your money at any cost which leads me to believe A-Rod will be surely opting out and we will all see if Cashman is willing to back up his big talk.

    I still think they would be involved as long as they get to save face a bit which is predicated upon not many teams getting involved into the bidding. However, A-Rod's production is going to be tempting to other teams no matter what they are saying now and the Yankees know they simply cannot replace that in any fashion this off-season.
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    Anonymous MikeinSpaininLA said...

    First guy I'd go after?

    Ervin Santana.

    12:49 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    I don't know if it is possible but I would like to see a different chemistry mix in the clubhouse. The team personality is just too laid back.

    I would like to change the subject if I may. Sometime ago there were postings on another blog about Jose and his nightclubbing. In a similar vein I would like to present this:


    12:58 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Mike, you seem to have missed this one:

    Q:DJ Wallace from Sheridan,Arkansas asks:How close does Philip Humber of the Mets come to being in the top 20 ranking?

    A: Matt Eddy: Humber finished just outside the top 20. He was well regarded, but nobody made a strong case for his inclusion. He's got a solid low-90s fastball and 12-to-6 curveball, a pitch that can be groundball offering for him when it's working. His change is his third pitch, and he made strides with it.

    Matt Eddy: Often Humber seemed to try to do too much, possibly because the Mets opted to give big league starts to Jason Vargas, Chan Ho Park and Brian Lawrence instead of him. His mound presence often wavered, too, and he showed a tendency to get rattled.

    Both Pelfrey & Gomez finished in the top 20 for the PCL.

    As much as I'd like to see more chemistry changes in the clubhouse, the constricted market for anything beyond average to above-average relief pitchers means that the most likely changes we will see will be in the pen. I expect they'll come up with Linebrink for somewhere near Schoenough money. Affeldt would be a great acquisition as well, but the team features three lefties in their pen already and none, excepting a possible 50 game suspension, are going anywhere.

    Names will be named and the continued prejudicial treatment of baseball players over their football cohorts will continue. Nobody seems to shit when a football player tests positive for anything but the second there's a baseball story, it's massacred all over the media. If football has overtaken the popular imagination as per the thread yesterday, why doesn't anyone gets pissed?

    A French acquaintance asked me to explain baseball to him yesterday, not easy to do in French with a couple of major words missing in translation - outs? balls? strikes?
    Interesting to hear how Europeans not only assume but know just by looking that American football players are on PE drugs. I mean, how many 6'4" 320 pound people are there in Europe?

    And then the French rugby team was working out yesterday where I go to workout and play tennis - massive upper bodies with like girlish hips. Guys who can bang and still run for hours. Your average defensive/offensive lineman would have a stroke trying to play 80 minutes of rugby.

    4:55 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    And stop this moronic Joe Torre death watch already! The Mets let WR hang in purgatory for 48 hours and got whomped on by the media, but the Joe-death watch has now reached Day 952 and counting. Fire the guy already!

    5:17 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Mike....there is a nice name for sure. But wouldn't they be selling low at this point? Trading for pitchers has become ridiculously hard.

    2x4...more umph would be nice. A little fire couldn't have prevented their collapse since they just never seemed to understand what was going on.

    DG...that is nice to hear. I still hold out hope for them.

    Affeldt does well against righties! Not bad over the years and a guy that is not just a left specialist. I'm still throwing my weight behind him. And if you still have a problem with three lefties not including Wagner, ditch Shoe!

    Good point on the football thing. Those guys are gigantic and there simply has to be something going on. It just does not seem natural how big some of these guys are and how fast they run.

    Joe Torre could run for mayor and win tomorrow. It will continue to be a hot topic.

    11:11 AM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Mike you kicked my ass in the NLCS prediction. I'm just, wow, the Rockies! I'm amazed. This is fucking nuts. I'm happy for that team.
    I see Omar definitly making a trade for starting pitching. Maybe even two trades. One major and one minor.
    I've ALWAYS liked Jeremy Affedlt, wierd, in the baseball video games I always traded for and always liked him but ionno, if he's a free agent he's going to take advantage of his sucess and ask for and get a long term commitment. He's going to get like 3 years or something.
    There are like 3 Japanese guys people are talking about. How about Uehara? EIther as a starter OR a reliever?
    THere's also, Hitoki Iwase. Here's a youtube video of him, just copy and paste the link. He looks decent...
    ANd looking at his stats he's very good and not allowing homeruns so that's a plus.
    The other guy is Masahide Kobayashi. He's even better at preventing homeruns.
    Looking at his youtube video he doesn't look to great though.

    I think Omar should just do what he's done the previous but with more emphasis on the "throw a whole bunch of a shit against the wall and see what sticks" type of mentality for the bullpen. Arms, arms, arms, arms, and more arms. Sign 10 relievers for the price of a shitty Guillermo Mota.

    o0o0o, I can't wait for Mitchell to name, names. Should be fun.

    Scott Boras is such a dick, haha. I think he's making a bad decision but we'll see what happens.

    1:17 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yes....and when the Indians make it to the WS, both of my picks will come to fruition.

    If Affeldt asks for three years, I would definitely be passing on him. There still is closer potential there with that guy.

    Omar will have plenty of relievers in camp, but there are less spots because of the commitments to Scottie boy and Mota. There will be what, two open spots? He needs to do better at getting better talent to throw against the wall. '06 was a bit lucky and probably will not work every year as '07 taught us.

    Boras always seemingly makes bad decisions, but he gets money for Weaver, Millwood, Beltre, Ziot...Imagine what he can do for A-Rod?

    Fuck 'em though.

    1:49 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    getting 10 million as opposed to 5 or 7 million for guys like Weaver and Millwood is one thing.
    Trying to get 30 million for 10 is another.
    I see A-Rod, if he opts oout getting a 7 year 190 contract or something. Not quite the 300 milion or even 200 million Boras is hoping for, well MAYBE the 200 million. But he's deffinitly falling short of what Boras is projecting all while ruining his already bad image and looking like a big time dick.

    2:49 PM

    Anonymous dG said...

    Still wonder if someone could make Affeldt a starter again as he has the stuff, the pitches to start, but the head (and injury free delivery) has always been the hard part. The Jacket works well on the psyche.

    I had the D-backs versus the Indians. One of my buddies is a long suffering Cleveland fan. Imagine the indignity to be both from Cleveland and a Indians fan. Add the Browns in and you have major futility.

    Joe Torre death watch, day 10098!

    3:09 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    If he says $30 million over 10 years, he will get less. That is his starting point. But he will however get something close to the years. The assumption (I assume) is to lock up the $25 million to $30 million price tag over 10 years, which is something he will get close to. Would you really be suprised to see 9 years @ $25 million? I think he will get another quarter of a billion dollar contract from someone.

    RE: Affeldt...with the need for any type of pitching, I'm sure someone will give it a whirl. And if he wants to start (like Heilman will), whomever says he'll get the chance will nab him.

    Make fun of Cleveland all you want, just as long as you back off Denver.

    3:21 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    can arod be my 2nd basemen?

    3:27 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Shit, I'd take A-Rod if he did not have to move the golden boy. However, the chances of him taking 2nd base is NILL! Considering there will probably be teams offering him third as well as short.

    Also, that may be part of his desire to leave...he might still want to play short.

    4:26 PM

    Anonymous scott from Peekskill said...

    Arod will be playing short stop in Boston next season. When the wonderkid Epstein loses the ALCS to Cleveland he will overeact and sign Arod to a huge contract. Epstein may be more savvy than Boras. He is pretty sly.

    Doesnt Manny's contract expire this season?

    5:44 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    That would not exactly be an overreaction.

    Manny has one more year so it would be a one year big hit for them paying both. Or they can slightly backload, but putting Lowell's eight towards him and the five or so they are paying crisp will help a bit.

    It would be something they would have to look into just to keep him away from NY, no?

    5:53 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Arod would pay in extra revenue the cost of signing him to play third for the Sox, that much is sure. Plus with one more year of Manny, he makes a nice replacement.

    And what if this was the year that the Mets finally get Manny for left field? Subtraction of Moises for Manny wouldn't bother me, and Petey and Manny got along quite well. That would add some swagger, no?

    Like the idea of letting Aaron start again. I think the set up curve argues towards letting him move back into the rotation. He'd certainly be happier. And someone like Linebrink could easily slip into his role.

    6:22 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Manuel Aristides? I'm just not on board with that these days. One more year of Alou por favor.

    I just think Manny still has SOME value even if they do this for salary dump. It really depends on what exactly Epstein wants for him. Heilman straight up still makes the team worse. Alou + Heilman > Manuel in my book....Call me crazy, but I'm not that enthused about him anymore and his aloofness is not exactly what Omar should be looking for. GIve me some fire, not more distractions, which he could certainly be.

    6:27 PM

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