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Monday, October 15, 2007

The Anit-Mets

Grant (NYC): Steve, Can you explain how the "playoff share" system works? Since I have no real stake in the game when it comes to the NLCS, I am pulling for the Rockies because they voted to give a share to Michael Coolbaugh's widow.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: The players on each team get a percentage based on where their team finished. The players vote as to which players and staff get shares of the allocation. Some get 100 percent, while players who came in at the trade deadline, for instance, get voted a percentage by their peers. The Rockies made an extraordinary gesture that speaks volumes as to their character,

The Rockies keep on rolling and I think it is ridiculous that a large majority of baseball fans are disinterested in this team's story. They are the feel good story of the year out of any sports team and they continue to earn some of the worst ratings. Baseball, more than any sport, loses the interest of the fan of the teams that did not make it. You would have to think that the rich history of baseball would mean that there would be more true fans of the sport. Where is the disconnect?

Of course there has always been a problem keeping people interested in this sport as it runs into October because it is so long. Once people's teams are out of it, there just is not much incentive to care anymore, but here is thought. For anyone that actually cares about baseball and has the ability to spread the word (like every sports radio show in New York), why not spread it instead of bad mouthing this series and calling it pointless? Regardless if your team is in it, there is still some amazing baseball to be played and people should be encouraged to tune in.

I have to admit that I have been a big offender in the past of tuning out of the playoffs when the Mets were out. This year has been a complete 180 for me and I have been tuning in as much and as often as I can whether it be for the AL or the NL games. It is a shame that baseball generates so little interest this time of year when the Yankees are out of it or when two small market teams go at it. Typically society loves to root for underdogs except when it comes to baseball and that is certainly confusing to me. Three small to mid market teams remain and have slaughtered all the giants but the Red Sox. Surely that would be of some interest, no?

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  • Again, the Mets are sending not so subtle messages to Willie.

    Jaramillo was a finalist for the Mets' managerial job that went to Randolph. That would raise eyebrows considering the organization let Randolph squirm for 48 hours before confirming he'd return for a fourth season as skipper. But those who know Jaramillo believe he's content as a hitting coach and doesn't have managerial ambitions now. Jaramillo is taking his hitting-coach responsibilities with Texas seriously, too. With his contract not set to expire until Oct. 31, Jaramillo just flew to Arizona to work with Rangers minor leaguers.

    Really, the guy has one opening and the Mets still will not let him name anyone to his staff. Throw on top of it all that Rudy was seemingly their top pick for the managerial opening over Willie himself. Regardless if Rudy wants to coach, it seems like an awful big distraction and it seems like the Mets front office has a lack of respect for Willie.

    Not that I have a problem with the Mets doing what they see fit, but I just think that these types of things speak volumes of their faith in Willie and how sedentary he actually is.

  • For once, I agree with Steve Phillips. A-Rod makes any team better, but moving Wright would seem a bit silly. He profiles best a third baseman and would probably fit nicely at first, but he would have to man second or shift to the outfield for a year. Also, offense truly is not the Mets problem and especially not if they let Milledge start from day #1 and get more of Alou next season.

    They should concentrate on their pitching more than anything and allocating that much to one player at this point is probably not the best course of action.

  • Randy Miller know how to fix the Phillies.

    Transaction No. 1: Sign Curt Schilling to a one-year, $13 million deal with a $15 million club option or $2 million buyout for 2009.

    Not a bad idea.

    Transaction No. 2: Re-sign lefty reliever J.C. Romero to a 3-year, $9 million deal that includes a $2.5 million 2008 salary.

    Ouch. Not sure I do that, but how does that fix the Phillies anyway? They had him and went to the playoffs. That is more keeping the status quo than fixing.

    Transaction No. 3: Sign reliever David Riske to a three-year, $10 million deal that includes a $3 million 2008 salary.

    Hmm...two big contracts to relievers? It seems like we've seen this somewhere. There is certainly a lot of risk throwing a lot of years at relievers these days since very few of them seem to do it year in and year out.

    Transaction No. 4: Sign infielder Mark Loretta to a 2-year, $6.5 million deal that includes a $3 million base salary for 2008.

    A light hitting 36 year old for third base? Not really sure how that makes anyone better. He is best utilized as a utility player at this point in this career.

    Transaction No. 5: Sign center fielder Mike Cameron to a 3-year, $27 million deal that includes an $8 million salary for 2008.

    Great peripheral player, but losing Rowand and picking up Loretta and while getting Cameron only is not exactly a step in the right direction.

    Transaction No. 6: Trade left fielder Pat Burrell and reliever Geoff Geary to Anaheim for two decent minor leaguers.

    So let me get this straight. Bill Stoneman is hesitant to trade his youth away for you....know....talented players and he will give two decent minor leaguers away for one year of Burrell and then only Geary?

    2007 dollars spent: $23 million; Free dollars: $0.

    There you have it, a championship team in place.

    Truly perplexing how that makes one iota of sense to any rational human being.

  • Luis Castillo returning would not exactly be a horrible thing and he certainly is a capable bat, but one with zero power.

  • Joba is in the rotation.

  • Joe Torre to the front office? The Yankees seem to do that for a lot of ex-Yankee players and I guess that would be there way of quelling the negative press they would get for letting Torre go. It really is a smart move if they plan to ditch him as it keeps the natives from being restless.

  • Dusty Baker is back in the bigs and it seems like a weird call by the Reds. It is clear they wanted a name and though Dusty has a good rep for getting along with this players, he also has a very bad rep of ruining arms.

  • Filip Bondy lays it down.

    But you know what? Most managers make the same mistakes. And if they don't, then they commit others. This mythology of the genius manager is just that. It's nonsense. Lou Piniella and Tony La Russa look pretty dumb a lot, too. They are all great thinkers when they are in the World Series, and then they are all screwy when they are knocked out in the first round.

    Mattingly or Joe Girardi would fare just fine. Managing isn't that complicated. This is baseball. American League baseball. A coach tells you when the pitch count reaches 90. The data sheet tells you how a certain batter has done against a certain pitcher. You inform the first baseman why you're benching him, before you tell the media.

    This is no big deal. It's hilarious to read all the concerns out there now about Mattingly's alleged inexperience. The guy played with the Yankees for 14 years. He's coached with them for four years. He's smart. He's steady. You really think he doesn't know when to flash a steal sign, or when to hold a team meeting?

    Losing Torre should be a minor blip on the radar, but it matters to the players. Keeping them happy may be worth the retirement package of giving him a few million, letting him sit in on some high level meetings, and shake some hands in the clubhouse.
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    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Long ago football passed baseball as the #1 spectator sport in the USA. Football engenders heavy betting action from Vegas to office pools that helps keep peoples interest piqued. Even though Football is only played weekly it is the dominant sports item, whether it is Pro Football or College Football, during the week in many towns throughout the USA. Both Pro and College Football know how to promote themselves with the best of them and media hype is extravagant. Weekly, people bet on and watch games not involving the team they root for. When it comes to Baseball, fans tend to be very myopic and when the team people root for has gone to the golf course so has the interest. Once the Mets’ season ended so did my overwhelming interest. I still like to watch baseball but I find I’m extremely dispassionate and couldn’t care less who wins.

    The run of the Rockies when coupled with the Mets meltdown in one year exposes how in a sport of ebb and flows, one that is a marathon not a sprint and one that uses probabilistic based mathematical tools for projection, analysis and measurement that requires large data sets can be so greatly impacted by extreme short term failure and success. It shows that when a team gets into a losing mind set it is important to do what you can to shorten the time you are mired in the losing streak rather than let it run its course or the season can go down the tubes. Likewise if you are in a winning streak you must do whatever is necessary to try and keep the winning mindset going.

    5:07 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Well, I've long said that football is the All-American sport because it promotes laziness for the most part. One game a week....one week off during the season.

    Baseball takes a lot of time to follow on a day to day basis and be a true hardcore fan. I get the logistics of it, but it does not make is less of a shame because baseball is truly an amazing sport to watch.

    11:21 AM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    Football has become the american past time now because it promotes those all-american values, laziness AND artless, ultimately debilitating violence. That said, I've been watching an awful lot of football lately.

    I have also been watching a sampling of post season baseball due to my addiction, but it just ain't the same. Why haven't the cRockies attracted more support? It might be their awful uniforms or creepy facial hair. Luckily for the cRockies, the good lord (their word) is on their side.

    12:11 PM

    Anonymous gbaked said...

    i dont understand all the fuss about willie picking his coaches.

    I dont get to pick who I work with. Most people dont. My opinion, Willie lost that right when he insisted on Down (while I am sure Down is a nice guy... he really didnt seem all that with it) and then he led this team out of the playoffs.

    Its not like Omar is bringing in scrubs here. He promoted HoJo, who needed to be here eventually. He is going after the best hitting coach in the game. I somehow doubt Omar is making these decisions without first discussing them with Willie to some extent... he wouldnt bring his sworn enemy into the dugout...

    I want willie to concentrate on learning bullpen management and the double switch this off season, let omar worry about the personnel moves.

    12:15 PM

    Anonymous jake said...

    i admint to tepid interest in the post season. the rest of the populace aside, as a mets fan, watching baseball doesn't feel as swell these days as under normal circumstances.

    this is pretty much the only place i've been reading about the mets and i've missed a vacation's worth of comments... so are we stuck with willie for sure or does that remain to be determined?

    2:19 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Michael? This is Harriet Weisner, your psychiatrist. I finally figured out how to go on the internet to see the bloggy thing that you say keeps you so busy that you miss your appointments. I thought you said it was called the Metropolitans! Did I hear you incorrectly? What is the significance of the word rock? I read the whole post and there was nothing at all about rock musicl.

    Please remember that your next appointment is on Thursday at 5 pm. Oh and have you been taking your medication?

    3:28 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Football has become the american past time now because it promotes those all-american values, laziness AND artless, ultimately debilitating violence. That said, I've been watching an awful lot of football lately.

    Good stuff and pretty dead on. And at least you agree!

    gbaked, I think manager's for baseball teams a different. It is just rare that a manager gets no choice. You would like there to be a choesive relationship, no? Imagine LaRussa not being able to bring Duncan because Peterson is there. It would never happen. That being said, I would rather Omar do it because I don't trust Willie to do it.

    jake, willie is here to stay barring a horrible start to '08.

    Please remember that your next appointment is on Thursday at 5 pm. Oh and have you been taking your medication?

    Not one congrats for my favorite team chugging along in the playoffs?

    6:17 PM

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