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Friday, November 02, 2007

Magnificent Bastard

Here we go again.

Joe Torre might not be the smartest manager alive when it comes to Xs and Os. He might not be able to win any beauty contests. He might like to ruin the arms of certain relievers. However, you have to give the man credit. He knows how to pick a team.

He took over the Yankees when they were on the precipice of a dynasty and promptly won a World Series in his first year managing the Yankees after only posting a winning record in five of his previous fourteen years as a manager with no playoff appearances. A long time later, he is heralded as one of the greatest human beings ever to live on this planet and rumor has it that he shits gold nuggets.

Now, he takes over the reigns of a team that arguably is positioned for the best five to ten year run out of any team in the big leagues. No only do they have purchasing power, but they have insane prospects all over. Outfield, infield, the rotation, and the bullpen. If the Dodgers play their cards right, they could have a little mini-dynasty themselves over the next few years and guess who will only be adding to their legacy?

Yes, Joe Torre. After only notching a .500 or better record in five of fourteen years previous to becoming the Yankees skipper, he notched twelve straight winning seasons with a trip to the playoffs in every season. Now, he stands to build up his resume and continue piling up wins and playoff appearances while sitting in sunny LA. Make no mistake, he will miss the electricity of being around New York fans, but I do not think he will be complaining all that much.

* * *

  • Easley is back and he should be welcomed back by all. I thought he was great for the team and a valuable piece.

  • Here is a thought....if the Mets truly want to pursue A-Rod, tell him he can play first base for the New York Mets. If it comes down to money and the Mets are the most generous, then great. Let him choose to play for the Mets or third base for someone else. I think the Mets should be done asking their more than capable future MVPs to move anywhere.

  • Moises is back in what was no brainer move #1 for the Mets.

  • Four or five years for a 37-year old catcher coming off of a career year? No thanks. I know he could slide down to first at any time after this year, but he does not nearly put up the offense for first and people should not get blinded by his 2007 season, which is far out of line with his previous years. He batted over .280 exactly twice and never above .290. He also only slugged over .500 once prior to last season. Did he just become a vastly better hitter in '07? Doubtful. These things happen and I am not sure Posada would be worth what it would take to get him here. The Mets might be paying Delgado money to him to put up Delgado's '07 numbers at first for a while. Jorge loses all his value when he is not catching and history does not bod well for 37+ year old catchers.

  • Curt Schilling is eying the Mets.

    Here is the deal. If the Mets shift The Duque to the pen and were looking to bring Glavine back, get Schilling. No need to go down the Glavine road again as it is time they break ties with him and Schilling has the ability to be worlds more effective at this point in his career.

  • Nate Silver hits the nail on the head.

    What They Should Do: Weak Buy. Repeat after me: There is no need to panic. The Mets absolutely have to find themselves a catcher, since Paul Lo Duca and Ramon Castro are free agents. They were wise to re-sign Moises Alou in left field, but should not do the same with Shawn Green in right, instead leaving the job to Lastings Milledge. And they may need to sign or re-sign a second baseman, as Ruben Gotay might or might not be a capable regular. But none of those swaps should require a substantial increase in payroll, and the starting pitching isn't the disaster that it seems, since even assuming that Tom Glavine departs, Pedro Martinez has been resuscitated to take his place. Sure, it wouldn't hurt if the Mets increased their spending a little, giving the 3.8 million fans who turned out to Shea Stadium last year something to chew on. But with CitiField set to open in 2009, it's more the talk radio jocks than the fans that need to be placated.

    What They Will Do: Strong Buy. It's not like Omar Minaya needs many excuses to be aggressive, and he'll have several after the Mets' flop in September. Mets fans will have to hope that youngsters such as Milledge and Fernando Martinez aren't collateral damage.


    Quick aside...I sometimes enter words in google to check their spelling. Apparently, my first spelling of it was wrong and this is what came up:

    1. richeous

    A misspelling of the word righteous. Dumbass.

    You spelled righteous richeous, you are a a dumbass.

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    Blogger mr. met said...

    Dep....I moved this from the other thread since I would like to contiue this...

    Arod DOES cost a draft pick to the team that signs him.

    How so? How the Yankees offer him arbitration? Just like Glavine turned down his option, the Mets cannot offer him arb...By A-Rod opting out, the Yankees can do nothing and do not have any 15 day negotiating rights...correct me if I'm wrong please and document my wrongness.

    1:54 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    I don't know why but I'm very interested in seeing how Torre manages on the Dodgers. I'm almost "excited" eww.
    I think the Dodgers can be very good and just having the players THINK they're better with Torre when they're not is enough of a psychological advantage to bring them over the top.

    I'm happy Easley is back but the important signing is Marlon Anderson. We need him and he needs us.

    Is it just me or is replacing Paul Lo Duca less of a big deal than we all think it is?
    I mean Michael Barret can be signed. As far as trade, I don't know how realistic it is but I want Yadier Molina. He is the perfect catcher...

    2:12 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Excited? Do you have a new man crush?

    Marlon will be back. He had a rough ride of things when he left the Mets and was a All-Star pinch hitter when he did come back.

    I think he prefers to be back in NYC and there is no doubt the Mets want him back.

    Replacing LoDuca IS less of a deal and I'm fine getting a warm body like Hernandez that has some upside...

    Barret is not bad as long as they do some due diligence on him, but he seemed OK after going to San Diego, no?

    Yadier ain't going to no Mets!

    2:48 PM

    Anonymous seattle steve said...

    Joe Torre and casey stengel both have and had something in common...
    To the present and future... do we really want to purchase the CURSE OF THE AROD... his #'s are nice but I dread the thought that we may have to verbally defend this guy because he is wearing a MET uni.
    OMAR...this is the year he really has to supply the ML roster with the players so our manager can succeed... it will be even tougher since the free agent market is not great and so if we have to trade lets hope he does not do what he did last year w/ the trades to the Marlins and Padres giving both those teams young bull pen arms and we got nothing in return/ to judge his effectiveness one must judge him on the minor trades that in the end may bite him in the you know what.
    Milledge... do not trade him, put him in right field and let him sink or swim. I say he will float like a butterfly.
    Pitching... will we spend on Curt, Tommy or Livan.
    Catching.. I agree Posada is tempting but only if he was 4 years younger..Lo duca should be resigned since he is one of the few players who wears his emotions on his sleeve and we need more of that type of player.
    Easley.. I still feel when he went down so did the team, he was a super sub who got a lot of key hits and still has a good glove, i'm glad we resigned him.
    Alou.. that was a no brainer.
    2base... Castillo is nice but again I would like a guy like david eckstein who plays above his abilities and makes everybody else around him better, he would be good for reyes.

    4:29 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You wanted Mota back, you are a dumbass.

    What are your thoughts on the Giants Jonathan Sanchez?


    5:09 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Mr. Met

    I am almost positive that you can offer arbitration to any free agent, including one who opts out of their contract. If you offer arbitration, you are entitled to draft picks as compensation if they sign elsewhere.

    However, Mr. Boras tends to put clauses in his contract that forbid teams from offering arbitration, thus increasing the player's leverage at the end of his contract. Given the monstrosity that is ARod's current contract, I think it's a good bet he has such a clause in there.

    Glavine does NOT have such a clause in his contract, meaning we *could* offer him arbitration and get a 1st and sandwhich pick back for him. (The Braves will be dafting #18, in case you were wondering). However, we tend to be reeeeaaallllly nice to Glavine, and I suspect they will not offer him arb as part of a "gentleman's agreement."

    Anyone else see Buster Olney's report that ARod was demanding a $350 mil offer from the Yankees TO MEET WITH THEM? This guy is unreal...


    5:25 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I am a dumbass. I like Jonathan Sanchez, but I wonder what he would cost? He is not worth a top flight prospect and why give up a next level prospect for him? Besides, they will be looking for position players and Gomez or Millege are too much for him. After that, it's mediocre pitching which leaves the Giants at square one with a pointless move. I don't see a fit unless it's a three way....

    Mmmmm....three way.

    Ube...I am not sure of that. You are right on his clauses...For one, Beltran CANNOT be offered arb. It is in his contract. As for Glavine, I doubt we can. If could and we do want him back, we'll see if they offer it, which I don't think they can. I would like answers....anyone have anything concrete?

    I'm confused.

    Besides...I doubt A-Rod gets offered it proving my point. Either way, we'll find out sooner or later.

    6:30 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Mr. Met -

    From metsblog.com:

    According to the rankings, the only Mets free agents that would bring back any type of draft-pick compensation if signed by another club are; Tom Glavine (Type A), Paul Lo Duca (Type B), Luis Castillo (Type B) and Shawn Green (Type B).

    From mlbtraderumors.com:

    Tony Armas Jr. (30)
    Kris Benson (32)
    Paul Byrd (37) - $8MM club option for '08 - Type B
    Shawn Chacon (30)
    Roger Clemens (45)
    Matt Clement (32)
    Bartolo Colon (35)
    Josh Fogg (31)
    Casey Fossum (30)
    Freddy Garcia (32) - Type B
    Tom Glavine (42) - Type A

    Mlbtraderumors also lists ARod as getting compensation as well...


    7:49 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Hmmmm. That seems like some solid evidence and sufficiently tears down my theory. However, it will 100% be confirmed when A-Rod gets offered arbitration.

    Also, this is the first year of the rules in which they changed the criteria for being a Type A or Type B free agent and they have completely gotten rid of Type C free agents.

    So far, it seems rather solid as there are definitely guys that are not costing any picks that would have cost picks in the past.

    8:13 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Mr. Met - I agree; I think LoDuca and Castro are really good examples. Previously, I bet LoDuca would have been an A and Castro a B, while now LoDuca is a B and Castro is nothing. This seems a bit more realistic to their value to me.

    I still bet the Mets are "gentlemanly" to Glavine and don't offer him arbitration.


    11:36 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I'd agree with that. The Mets will not offer him arb as they have had these 'gentlemen' agreements going for a few years now. It would certainly make the Braves not sign him if they would have had to give the Mets a draft pick.

    12:17 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Everyone was wondering about A-Rod's changed attitude and relaxed demeanor this year where he appeared to allow everything to roll off his back like water off of a duck’s back. Even that incident with the strip club seemed to have no effect. At the time I wondered if he had already made up his mind to opt out and no longer gave a sh*t about what the Yankees fans and/or teammates (Jeter?) thought of him. His salary demand from the Yankees is just totally out of line and the Yankees were right to tell him to take a hike.

    BTW Posada has one “hot” wife but he is too old to command 4 years.

    I believe the Mets will make a major move to bring back the casual fan that jumped ship during the meltdown. From a business viewpoint those people are very important.

    So Mr. Met admits to being a dumbass. Where does that leave the rest of us?

    Mr. Met goes to Africa and not one story of some of the hot babes on that continent. Of all the places I have had the great fortune to visit the girls of Brazil are the best looking, hottest bitches wearing the skimpiest bikinis I have ever met.

    1:47 AM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    So will Torre be the new Phil Jackson?

    I hate Posada and his big floppy ears. I really don't want to give up on that hatred. It's something i hold dear.

    Curt Shilling is a caaaansaar. cancer in beantownspeak. well maybe not a cancer, but a douchebag just the same. The Mets dont need anymore elderly man fluids (bloody sox, pee hands, toothless drool, etc.) in their clubhouse.

    For some reason, my Arod proposal has gotten little attention from the mainstream media: offer Bora$ 7.5 million for 40 years. Arod gets his $300 million and Mets retain flexibility and give Arod an incentive to stay in shape.

    12:41 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Speaking of spelling... it's "take the reins," as in the reins of a horse. (Okay, this is really not a spelling issue but a word choice one.)

    Meanwhile... here's to sensible upgares and no A-Rod lunacy.

    12:44 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    that should have been "upgrades," rather than "upgares. speaking of spelling.

    12:45 PM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    Yo Mike, I have gotten a new google account with new computer and have risen out of "anonymous" land. I am back. Feels good to be Anthony again at The Metropolitans.

    Torre, brilliant...just brilliant. I've learned that some people are really luck in life/good at getting themselves in perfect positions despite themselves. My former boss just sold his company for 14 mil profit. He was the biggest jackass that I have ever met. Did NOTHING. But somehow made all that cash and just got a "consulting" job for a company making $500K per year. Unfucking real. Ugh.

    All this talk of the Dodgers is making me nervous.

    Fuck Tom Glavine. Pass on Posada in a major way. Insanity to offer that guy a 4 year deal in the NL. Total insanity.

    I have no problem if we brought LoDuca back for the right price and no more than a 2 year deal. He could still be good as a platoon in the 2nd year. FYI, Michael Barrett sucks. I was in Chicago when he was there. Not good at all. Paulie is WAY better.

    I am in fear that this team will be too much the same from last year. They obviously need some type of change to keep from repeating last years failure. One thing I know, I like Milledge in right. If Milledge blossoms alongside of Beltran/Alou with Endy subbing, that sounds good to me. I'm nervous about 2nd base and Delgado. We have to find some type of number 1 or 2 pitcher. Otherwise, I think there is still a rough ride getting to the promised land. Also, bullpen - Wags, Heilman, Feliciano, then what? Would be nice to see Duque added to that. Then Schoe and fill in the blank, Smith, etc. I guess that's not bad. Something to me just seems like we still need some type of major change or we're just looking at the same team as last year and that didn't work. #1 thing...Reyes needs to be the player we all know he can be. I hope he gets his head straight and produces the MVP year that I know he is capable of. That would be key to this team being a championship team.

    Three way...Righteous.

    12:59 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    If you care about spelling and the like, this probably is not the place for you. I care little about taking extra time to proofread. It's hard enough to even find time to get content out.

    Hot babes in Africa? There are definitely some hot woman there as there are on any continent, but the ratio is far lower than other countries and would not come close to Brazil. Mmmmmm....brazil.

    Milledge needs to get rightfield with no questions asked. It must be done!

    Anthony, your boss seems to be doing something right, no?

    10:17 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Mike how about trading Milledge for some form of pitching and signing Fukudome?
    Of course a Milledge trade would be done once Fukudome is signed.

    12:59 PM

    Anonymous brian b said...

    I wouldn't mind seeing Schilling for 1 year as long as he wouldn't cause any clubhouse issues. This years FA crop is a yawn.

    On the bright side I can't really see any of the other teams in the NL east getting significantly better.

    To be totally honest I'd love to see Castillo get offered Arb, then sign as a FA on another team. I mean don't get me wrong he's a solid player, solid guy but i don't think the difference between Gotay and Castillo is that big and getting any sort of extra picks at all to try to beef up the farm system would be a plus.

    Either way if we can get schilling for one year, that tides us over for the year and forces Pelfrey and Humber to battle it out.

    7:28 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey Mike, Dep here.

    I was always under the impression that declining an option has absolutely no significance on whether or not that team can offer its players arbitration.

    I believe the skanks can still offer Arod arbitration as can the mets to Glavine.

    Even though a team declines an option, they dont lose the rights they hold on that player.

    I will try to find some documentation of this, but honestly I dont know if I'll be able to. this kind of stuff can be hard to find when you're looking for it.


    9:57 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The Elias Player Rankings system is a disaster.

    it makes no sense imo.

    Lohse and Silva dont net picks.

    Troy Percival does.

    Arod ranked as the #7 infielder. Cano ranked higher.


    3:07 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Dep here....

    For more on the Elias rankings, here's rotoworld's take. they do a much better job railing against them than me! ;)

    "We've railed against them for years and we'll do it again: the Elias rankings are a complete joke and it's in everyone's best interests to base free-agent compensation off another system. It's ludicrous that Silva and Lohse don't qualify, yet Troy Percival, who pitched 40 innings during the two years the rankings cover, is a Type B free agent, meaning he could net the Cardinals a supplemental first-round pick. One more example of the idiocy: Robinson Cano and Mike Lowell are rated above Alex Rodriguez among infielders (A-Rod is still a Type A, of course)."

    3:15 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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