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Friday, November 09, 2007

The 'C' Word

It seems the 'c' word is being dropped and this wreaks of Boras possibly miscalculating the market for A-Rod. In his effort to continually push the envelope in regards to player compensation, he forgot that though baseball is thriving, there is a not unlimited cash outside of the Bronx.

"Over the past few days, press reports coming out of the general managers' meetings relating to the sharing of information between clubs as to their plans regarding players potentially raise serious questions concerning the fairness and integrity of the free-agent market," the union said in a statement Thursday night after the four-day session ended. "Such questions are amplified by reports stating that the commissioner is attempting to influence the market for at least one player."

I call bullshit! Look, if a team wants A-Rod, they will pay A-Rod what they think is appropriate. If Boras falls flat on his face and fails to get A-Rod the contract he has been so adamant about getting him, it will not be his fault according to Boras himself. It will be the owners colluding. Fiscal responsibility? Who needs that shit?

At $30+ million a year, it would be hard for any team to extract full value out of A-Rod. You need a team with plenty of disposable income that can spend that much on a player and not think twice. There is no other team in baseball outside of the Yankees that could truly afford that price tag and there are few people that would really argue that two $15 million dollar players are not more valuable than one $30 million player. Of course, the problem is there just is not that much out there this off-season which does bode well for A-Rod.

However, can Boras get someone to bid against themselves like he did with the Giants and Zito last year? Probably not since we are talking about money in a different stratosphere. I am 100% sure he will get some good offers and I am 100% sure that he will get $20 to $25 million per season, which would make it pretty hard to scream collusion. There was only eleven players with a salary more than $15 million in 2007. Only three made over $20 million. There is simply too much room in the $20 million range for anyone to rationally jump into the $30 million range and I do not think it will happen.

Every team but five made over $10 million in 2006. Eleven teams made over $20 million. Only one team made over $30 million and that was the Marlins with an astounding $43.3 million profit. Even if teams clear a considerable amount of payroll, they will need to backfill positions which will inevitably cost a sizable chunk of change being shitty players now make between $5 and $8 million and then they need to come up with another $30 million for A-Rod? I do not see that happening and truly believe he will now end up in the $20 to $25 million dollar range with something being added in so Boras can save face in some way.

Not many teams have the financial wherewithal to get this done no matter what anyone says without owners dipping into their own pockets, which seems unlikely. It seems that Boras may have finally out-Borassed himself.

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  • The Mets top ten is out and it certainly is interesting.

    1. Fernando Martinez, of
    2. Deolis Guerra, rhp
    3. Carlos Gomez, of
    4. Kevin Mulvey, rhp
    5. Eddie Kunz, rhp
    6. Brant Rustich, rhp
    7. Philip Humber, rhp
    8. Jon Niese, lhp
    9. Nathan Vineyard, lhp
    10. Robert Parnell, rhp

    Mulvey has passed Humber on the list which is not all that surprising, but is more of a testament to Mulvey taking a nice leap forward than Humber taking a huge step back. Comparatively speaking, Humber's numbers for New Orleans were pretty good when put up against his peers. However, the most interesting thing overall is that the Mets are waking up.

    “We’ve adhered to the commissioner’s slot recommendations,” Minaya said. “We’ve been good citizens. But not all the teams have done that, and the competitive balance is not fair. We have to take that position under review as an organization.”

    Playing fair only hurts the Mets long term and it is unfair to expect some teams to adhere to the commissioner's wishes while other teams just ignore Bud's wishes. Now, the Mets have found themselves in quite a pickle in regards to their organizational depth.

  • It looks like Ben Sheets might be dangled out there by the Brewers. There might be a weak free agent market, but there are some big names out there that might be available via trade and it really seems like some huge names will be moved.

    Also within the piece, Ken Oberkfell seems to the leading candidate for the Mets first base coach vacancy. FINALLY! Ken gets a taste of the bigs again and it is only a matter of time before he has his own big league team.

  • I think Tejada would be a great pickup for the Yankees, but he might not cost one of the big three? The Yankees have done a nice job with their system and have some top flight arms, but am I missing where they really bulked up the rest of their system? Austin Jackson? Alan Horne? Shelly Duncan? Jose Tabata? Who are they giving the Orioles that makes it worth it for them to trade Tejada? Some middle relief prospects?

  • The Angels should make every effort to get Cabrera, but Kendrick, Wood, and Adenhart? I don't know about that. Cabrera will be the best right handed hitter for the next 10+ years, but that seems like a lot.

  • Make sure the sound is cranked.

  • Hmmmm...

    Mike(NYC): Hey Mr.Law would you trade Gomez and Phillip Humber for Matt Garza and one of their relief arms?

    SportsNation Keith Law: (2:58 PM ET ) No, Gomez is extremely raw but has a high enough ceiling that that's a poor risk for the Mets - Garza's got good stuff but isn't exactly a sure thing himself. And the Mets shouldn't deal Humber now while his value's a little down.

    I repeat....Hmmmmm....I still would deal Gomez and his upside for Garza as many guys like him fizzle out. The Mets have Beltran, F-Mart, and Milledge so he is really expendable and Garza is young and very good. However, I would see if you it can get done with Niese instead of Humber or something of that ilk. Straight up would be even better, but that won't happen.
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    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    I don't see how GM's being upfront about thier information is considered "collusion". I don't get it. Instead of playing detective and figuring it out individualy, all it does is cut the bullshit and get straight to the point in trade talks.

    “We’ve adhered to the commissioner’s slot recommendations,” Minaya said. “We’ve been good citizens. But not all the teams have done that, and the competitive balance is not fair. We have to take that position under review as an organization.”

    He better review that as an organization. I mean what does pissing off Selig do anyway? What benefit is there to doing it?
    Good this is very good news in my opinion, I'm happy.

    Fuck Ben Sheets.

    Ken Obie to coach 1st base, allrighty! good stuff.

    Orioles could have had Lastings Milledge, Troy Patton, and who knows what else for Tejada. Now they get... ALAN HORNE!!! And Austin Jackson!!! ALRIGHT! YEAH!

    If the Marlins can get a deal with Kendrick then I applaud them!

    Gomez for Garza, hell yeah! I was watching video of Garza when I first about this and he has an explosive 95 mph fastball that is similar to Maine. He also has a loopy 74 mph curve. Good shit.
    He's very good.

    6:34 PM

    Anonymous seattle steve said...

    Am I missing something... Beltran wins silver slugger award/ his semi off year and delgado's complete off year cost us the East division.
    Since Pelfrey and Humber showed us nothing to think they can contribute next year in the starting rotation we will either have to trade or over pay for a free agent.
    I see I am not alone when I see trades being made by other teams and they are giving up mediocre talent but when they come to us its either our grade A stuff or nothing/ sometimes the best trades are the ones you do not make.

    11:01 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Not interested in Big Ben? I would have to disagree.

    Angelos ruins his own team. It's amazing that a man that is that smart can be so dumb in this respect.

    Garza is good.

    Steve...I have no problem trading one or bringing in a free agent, but one of them has to get a shot.

    12:23 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    and did Humber really get a shot?

    12:23 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    Well I don't like Ben Sheets because he hasn't been healthy since 2004. It's been a while since he's pitched 200 innings.
    You know what I was doing in 2004?
    I was graduating high school, and well, I'm getting ready to graduate college now.
    In 2004, Al Leiter AND Scott Kazmir were still on the team!

    1:03 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Benny you have just revolutionized the measurement of time with a mathematical transform that translates 3 years into an eternity (just kidding). And here I was going to discuss a program on the history channel giving a superficial, yet interesting, history of the evolution of the big bang theory of the universe. In the program they referenced the incredible data from NASA's Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) which yielded a baby picture of the universe. I then remembered that back in 2003 I created a link to these findings (yes I know you were still in HS) that I found. It still makes for fascinating reading even though it appears, with the new transform, to have occurred a millennium ago.

    The Oldest Light in the Universe


    Your point about Sheets is well taken. He appears to be fragile and is a potential risk (depending on what the Mets have to deliver to the Brewers in a trade).

    BTW why has it taken you so long to graduate college (just kidding, again).

    2:54 AM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    Hey! it takes 4 years to graduate! I'm right on schedule!

    two by four, you out did me. Here I was thinking I was the grand master of dick headedness and you come in and score a perfect 10! Congrats, that was pretty good.

    6:46 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Ken Davidoff writes in Newsday that Cano could be the cost for Santana. Most Yankees fans believe that the Twins would be satisfied if the Yankees sent them “chopped liver” but they may be in for a rude awakening.

    Benny, I just got lucky. I still, as always, must defer to the master.

    5:41 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    What does BA say about FMart?

    4:25 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hoiw about

    3:09 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    How about Delgado and prospect and $3mil to Baltimore for Hernandez AND Tejada? Tejada would have to agree to play 2nd base but he might be willing to do so for a team that will be more than .500 st seasons end.

    I know its wild and wildly unlikely but it helps both teams out.

    Gomez for Garza..damn right! But not likely.

    -Scott From Peekskill

    3:13 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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