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Friday, November 30, 2007

So Dirty....You'll Beg For A Shower

It is time we take a break from baseball to bring this to everyone's attention.

That guy is creepy enough for me to believe it is real.
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  • First off, let me apologize for that. Second, Keith Law sheds some light onto a situation that has been perplexing us Met fans for a bit.

    Brandon (RVC,NY): Should I be worried as a Met fan that the Mets won't have the ammunition to get top starter this offseason?

    SportsNation Keith Law: (1:03 PM ET ) Ridiculous. I've seen that mentioned in some NY papers, and it's absurd. Carlos Gomez is very highly-rated within the game. Fernando Martinez (who seems to be their one untouchable) is still one of the top 10-12 prospects in the game. Pelfrey hasn't even turned 24 yet, and he's still mid-90s with plus sink. I have no idea why it's fashionable to bash the Mets' young players, but they have plenty of assets to go get another starter. Whether they choose to part with them or not is the question.

  • I figured we were not crazy here. While I know the Mets cannot stack up against the Dodgers, Angels, and BoSox overall in terms of prospects or the Yankees pitching prospects, the Mets are not exactly barren. That being said, they are top heavy and might not be best advised to overpay and liquidate for an ace when there are other workable options that are arguably as optimal when considering the bigger picture. Of course if they can make a fair deal, make it happen.

  • I'm going to be lazy today and leave it to ube. From the comments last night:

    You know, a lot of little things went wrong last year (besides the epic collapse). Burgos blowing his arm was bigger than we all thought. Omar got him to be this year's Duaner (at the time of the trade, was Bannister for Burgos really any different than Seo for Sanchez?) With Burgos in the mix, and Mota being halfway effective, there is no room for Bell, Owens, or Lindstrom. They were all getting old, so Omar spun Owens and Lindstrom off for two younger, lefty starters, and traded Bell for OF depth in case he traded Milledge for an arm.

    So what happens? Burgos blows out his arm, Mota wasn't within nuclear distance of halfway decent, Duaner and Padilla both get re-injured, we have 6 major injuries in the OF (Alou, Green, Milledge, Johnson, Gomez, and FMart), we spend the whole year looking for one more bullpen arm, and WE STILL MISSED THE PLAYOFFS BY ONE GAME and the best record in the NL by two.

    Do we all remember where this franchise was before Omar? How am I reading things about this being a make-or-break season for him? Are you kidding me????? Hasn't he brought us, oh, I don't know, Beltran, Pedro, Maine, Perez, El Duque, Alou, Delgado, Duaner and Wagner??? Bitch all you want, but every single one of those players was WAY better than the guy in their role previously. So Omar took a couple minor gambles and they didn't work out last year. Seriously, though, who was the best player we gave up? Bannister? Really? Sure, he had a good year and he's serviceable. Would we feel comfortable counting on him to be anything better than a #4 starter next year?

    And it's not like we are a second division team right now. Today - with no moves - I'd still take us to win the NL East. We have 5 core players who we can expect to only keep getting better - Wright, Reyes, Maine, Perez, and Milledge. We are in good shape; maybe not to win the WS this year (although maybe), but certainly going forward.

    While I'd still love to see the Mets pick off Harden from the A's for his upside (and I think you can get him somewhat cheaply) and add Livan or Silva for innings, I've come around to accepting we will lose some prospects this year because everyone is running around like their hair is on fire.

    So here's what I say. The three young guys who I'd say are tradeable are:
    - Gomez: well thought of around the league, and since we need Milledge this year and FMart is a superstar, don't see room for him in the future.
    - Mulvey: coming off a great year that is likely as high as his value will get.
    - Heilman: again, coming off a great year likely as high as his value will get.
    - Nick Evans: see Heilman & Mulvey

    So put Gomez, Mulvey, Heilman and Evans on the table for Haren + something or Bedard + Ramon Hernandez (plus maybe take a bad contract like Baez off the O's hands). First team to bite make the deal. Sign Livan, move El Duque to the bullpen. Sign Dotel. Keep the rest of the prospects so they can get healthy / rebuild their value.

    Does a rotation of Pedro, Bedard, Maine, Perez, Livan not give us the best rotation in the NL? Is a pen of Wagner, Dotel, El Duque, Feliciano, Smith and junk not one of the better pens? Wouldn't we still have Pelfrey, Humber, FMart, Guerra, Parnell, Niese, and Carp as upper-level prospect depth? Is it just me, or is the sky not falling here???

    I have said the key word for this off-season should be prudent. The Mets should not feel forced to do anything rash, but if they can make a good move, make it happen. The Mets do not have as big of a need as people think and it cannot be forgotten how much the injury bug has plagued them. In '06, Pedro and The Duque went down for the playoffs and they still made it all the way to game seven. Then Pedro was out for all of '07 for the most part, The Duque went down again during the stretch run, and Alou missed too much time.

    This season, the Mets need to not rely on The Duque as a starter this season and need to replace him in the rotation. Pedro, Bedard/Haren, Maine, Perez, and Livan/Silva does give us best rotation in the NL and even Pedro, Maine, Perez, Livan/Silva, and Pelfrey/Humber works for me. The Mets should also stash Freddy Garcia in their back pocked for the second half of '07 which gives you either Pelfrey or Humber, Garcia laster in the season, The Duque can shift in from the bullpen, and Mulvey later in the season as a guys who you can insert into the rotation and that for me is plenty of depth. If you do manage to pull off a deal for a Haren or Bedard, I would prefer rolling with Pelfrey or Humber in the fifth slot rather than getting Livan or Silva, but it is hard to argue picking one of them up.

    Basically, the Mets have options and are not in as bad of a place as people think. I think the Mets are in a good position to put together a team capable of doing very good things. A full year of Milledge and a healthy Chavez to spell Alou and serve as a capable replacement should he go down will go a long way for this team and I think this team has depth where it needs it.

  • ESPN says the Red Sox and Twins are talking Santana.

    The Red Sox and Twins are discussing the framework of a Johan Santana deal that would have Boston sending four players to Minnesota in return for the two-time Cy Young Award winner, including center fielder Coco Crisp, pitcher Jon Lester and minor-league shortstop Jed Lowrie, the trio that would anchor the deal.

    Red Sox pitcher Michael Bowden has been discussed as a possible fourth player, sources say, but the identity of the fourth player is in flux.

    Wow. If that is the deal on the table, the Red Sox should be pulling the trigger.

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    Anonymous ossy said...

    great post... we were ravaged by injuries last year. that plays a big factor.

    appearances are everything right now, if you add it up, we still have a the best pitching staff in NY right now.

    our prospects are taking hits because the yankees prospects garnered a ton of interest last year. i dont care what you say but pelfrey showed me alot last year. he started 0-100 but pitched better down the stretch despite him looking doofy as hell the whole time out. gomez jumped up two levels and was serviceable. he can be another beltran if you ask me. humber is a bit of a question mark because of the injury but he always had good shit. mulvey can throw almost any pitch for strikes from what it seems like.

    i dont get how the twins can ask us for reyes and what seems like a lot less from what these other teams are offering.

    9:13 AM

    Anonymous seattle steve said...

    I agree 100% of your assessment of the team and what can be done/ the sky is not falling.

    10:01 AM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    The Baltimore Sun today (or yesterday) reported that the mets offered Gomez, Heilman and Humber for Bedard and were turned down.

    I would like Bedard for sure. I do question his ability to make it in NY. Dont forget he had major problems with the media in Baltimore and complained about them all the time not giving him space and other things. Well NY Media is only 10,000x worse.

    I could see him being very unhappy here and struggling.

    Also, i mean shit, the orioles wanted a blue chip prospect for friggin' Ramon Hernandez. They are gonna want the moon for Bedard.

    I like the moon, I want to keep the moon. It looks purty in the sky.

    Hold all kids. Ride the wave.

    The children are our future.

    10:05 AM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    I think the Twins ask for Reyes from the Mets because they don't have a young stud pitcher to offer. So we have to give up a decent young pitcher (Pelfrey) and an uber-stud (Reyes). Teams with young stud pitching prospects will still have to give up a stud young hitter. I don't buy any of the Melky Cabrera + one young stud pitcher BS. They are asking Boston for Ellsbury and a young stud pitcher. The Skanks will have to give up Melky and two of Hughes/Joba/Kennedy or Cano plus one of the named pitchers to get Santana because Melky is not a stud by any stretch of anyone's imagination. The Twins aren't dumb. They got value for Garza to say the least. They aren't going to get fleeced by anyone for Santana. Simply put, the Mets just don't have a stud pitcher to offer the Twins and would have to make it up with an uber-stud position player (Reyes or Wright). The bottom line: Santana isn't going to be a Met in 2008.

    10:17 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ossy...great point. No one is talking about Pettite not coming back. Wang, Joba, Kennedy, Hughes, and Mussina is not exactly a top staff. '09 and forward? Tremendous, but the young kids will have bumps in the road and heading into the season with all three in the rotation is risky. What, five total MLB starts between them? Can the Yankees actually take the lumps without freaking out?

    And not for nothing, I hate to point to one pitch, but when Pelfrey struck out Berkman in a sick change last season, it showed that he had promise with that. One think I'd like to see is Pelfrey go with four pitches and try the curve he had back in college. I think Callis was talking about that and I agree that is should not have been scrapped all together for a slider, which looks decent at times, but not great.

    Pel does look goofy for sure.

    Humber at worst will be a good reliever, and we have plenty of starters so that is not exactly a bad thing.

    Gomez's upside is huge, but that is why he's hot property.

    I like Mulvey a lot.

    Thanks for the affirmation Steve.

    Dep, I saw that. It looks like an underwhelming deal, but not too far off. Humber is probably too low and would need to have Pelfrey plugged in. However, I would want Hernandez back to in that case. As for keeping the kids, I do not mind deal them for other kids, like Bedard and Haren.

    metsfan, good points. Reyes and Pelf would be crazy though. Who is giving away an MVP candidate in '09? No one....Reyes alone would be a better haul than any package I've heard and it's silly to even ask. I agree that Santana won't be a Met.

    10:28 AM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    I hear ya Mike re: trading kids for kids. I just dont like the idea of giving up 4 kids for 1. Its bothers me. That guy must be awesome here or its sets the organization back bigtime. we'll see what happens.

    here's something else interesting from Law's chat yesterday, he's not a huge Haren fan:

    Billy Bean (Oakland): Do you think I´m that crazy (I can´t spell the exact word I´m thinking)? Haren for at least 1 prospect A-type & 2 B-type, right?

    SportsNation Keith Law: 1 of each, maybe. I'm a little bit of a Haren skeptic - ballpark and defense helped him a lot. He opens his front shoulder a bit and struggles to get the ball in on lefties, and he doesn't have a definite swing-and-miss pitch. Good pitcher, no doubt, but more of a 3 than a 1/2. Whether other teams realize that or not is another question.

    10:47 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    I started to post this on the other thread then saw Mike's urgent dog love piece and will start it over here:

    2X4, to pick up from yesterday, Reuschel was a damn good pitcher, much better than Blanton in my view, but hardly gets the credit now that he deserves. My problem with Blanton is I don't really see him being able to keep his ERA under 4 which makes him nothing more than an innings eater. In that case, I'd rather have Livan and keep the prospects.

    Frankly the team I think the Mets should be talking to at the moment is the Pirates. They have a fine young pitcher who a year or two from now should be just as good as Mr. Haren: Ian Snell. Gomez, a HumbPelfMulv (or two) and a lesser prospect (or two) should be able to bring Snell & Paulino and is just as good of a deal for the Mets as the Pirates. (Gomez added to McCutcheon & Walker would make an awesome core.)

    A Met rotation of Martinez, Snell, Maine, Ollie and either El Duque, the remaining name in HumbPelf (Mulv's not quite ready), or, well, Livan would feature four starters capable of winning 15 - 20 games. And the three young ones would likely be able to throw 200 innings (not counting Omar's still unsigned boy).

    In fact I must say that my candidate for biggest breakout in 2008 is Johnny Maine who won fifteen games this year despite two mediocre, unfocused periods over the course of the year. As Omar said yesterday, people forget that the Mets had two 15 game winners last year. The media pressure for the Mets to atone for last season's choke is pretty ridiculous. Considering the injuries and that the Mets are already set to trot out an offensive machine, the hype reads more like hyperbole, which is why it was nice to see Omar temper things a bit in papers this morning. Maine is the easily capable of winning 75 - 80 games over the next five years, and there aren't many pitchers of that quality out there. In my view, we've just scratched the surface of what he can do.

    Further, I expect the Mets to be quite active in the Rule 5 draft next week as it is a banner year, and there are easily young cost effective relievers, like Steven Jackson for example, who would be worth a shot. That's why I like that the Mets' 40 man is at 36.

    10:48 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Eh, four for one is not so bad. Heilman is only on the books for two more years, Humber is still uncertainty and no longer a front end guy (but still good in my eyes) and Gomez is the only top tier guy. Bedard is a 200+ K lefty that has two years left and Haren has what, three years left? I would do it. If you are getting mid 20's guy back, it's a no brainer for me. It hurts for sure, but you have to give up quality to get some back, you know?

    I saw that as well from Law, but it's hard to argue with the back to back seasons Haren put up. I'd still be in on him.

    My problem with Blanton is I don't really see him being able to keep his ERA under 4 which makes him nothing more than an innings eater. In that case, I'd rather have Livan and keep the prospects.

    That's no brainer for me.

    DG, I like your Snell angle. But not two of H/P/M. Too much for me, but they can expand the deal in other ways, you know? Heilman in the mix?

    I love me some John Maine and I don't believe he gets the respect he deserves (I've been saying that a lot, no?) That rising fastball and how he attacks high in the zone is so fun to watch and he can surely win 20 games...I think the Mets drop down three 15 game winners in '08 and they can for sure have three guys notch 200 innings and don't be suprised if Pedro does it with 95 pitches per game.

    Rule 5 fireballer is exactly what this team needs as a nice option.

    11:27 AM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    I hear ya Mike. I dont know, I'll be fine if we make a move for Haren/Bedard and fine if we dont.

    I'm also not a huge fan of Bedard for New York as I stated above, I'm not sure he can handle the big lights here. Maybe as he matures, this point is null. so whatever, fine if we do, fine if we dont.

    One name for the bullpen. Mark Kroon. FA from Japan. The guys 34 and has quite an injury history, but he has a true 100MPH heater and a nasty slider. Bring him in. Check him out on youtube if you want, he's pretty impressive and seems to finally be healthy. I think he's definitely worth bringing in.

    Omar dropping some truth:
    “I do believe we have some quality players, from major league to minor league players, who are major-league ready, and teams are looking for these kind of guys in these kind of trades. I like to go into something being optimistic, but not feeling that I have to do something. When you get yourself in to trouble is when you feel you have to do something, and then you get yourself in trouble.”

    11:45 AM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    i dont even know why anyone writes the words "orioles" & "trade" in the same sentence. you can offer them reyes and wright for bedard and they would say no. they only trade people who they deem worthless (maine, lugo).

    touching on the yankees staff. hughes hasnt proven he can stay off the DL. kennedy had 3 starts.
    you had rules on the use of joba. mussina got benched for a rookie. but we're the ones that have to trade for an ace?

    the mets have 3 #2 pitchers (pedro, maine, perez) and a #4 in elduque. we need two serviceable starters to eat up innings. it would be great if one of them was a frontline starter. but we dont need an ace.

    our pen will get better with no mota and the fact that omar drafted 45 releivers last gives me some hope of internal growth. i also think minaya will aquire anyone with an arm this year and run them out in the spring for the pen.

    everyone seems to be overlooking our other big flaw. the underacheiving offense. we shouldve scored a shit load of runs last year but we didnt bc we had a ton of holes.

    11:54 AM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    A full season of Milledge in RF should help the Offense a lot, and Reyes should bounce back in a huge way in 2008 imo.

    As long as omar is smart enough to hold onto Lasto. Dont give in!

    Alou playing 120 games vs 70 or whatever low-end # and Delgado being able to bring anything in '08 are the keys imo.

    11:58 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    RE: Bedard's demeanor. You just have to trust Omar on that one. He's been good about finding character guys for the most part and we've heard stories about Pedro and others before. Hard to really know about that stuff, but I think Bedard will like winning in NY. Nothing is better, right?

    But I agree that I'm OK either way. I just hope the Mets do not feel some sense of urgency to placate the masses. you cannot let the media run your team.

    I saw that Kroon thing on YouTube. I am on the fence about him and we've heard very, very little of him. I think MLBTRADERUMORS was the only place that posted about him. His website is pretty interesting as well. His stats are decent over there, but not spectacular, which concerns me a bit. But hey, for 100MPH, he's worth a look.

    Omar talks a good game, but plenty of people feel like a move will be done, even it's Joe Blanton-esque because they feel they have to.

    Ossy, that is a classic one. The Orioles have shot themselves in the foot so many times, they are the poster child for how to not run a team. They have no idea when to pull the trigger on deals and could have had Milledge, Heilman, and others already and then could have further upgraded by trading Bedard to built for a future. Right now, they do not have much of that.

    The Yankees are not in great shape, but the long term outlook is great. But really, it is not in the Yankees blood to have three rookies on their team, much less the rotation. That is just nuts for them and hard to envision happening.

    If Minaya goes for another reliever in the first three rounds, I might no nuts. That's all I'm going to say about that.

    The offesnse will chug along this season just fine. Wright was out of sync to start the year, Beltran struggles in the middle, Reyes at the end. Green was a black hole. Endy was injured. Alou was gone. Delgado was off. A lot went wrong and I feel like the offense will be clicking again this season and Delgado should be much better.

    Again, Lastings is going to be aweseome this year if given the chance. .280 to .300 with 15 to 20 homers and a boatload of doubles with plenty of game changing moments. He is a sparkplug and anyone that watched him would have to agree.

    12:14 PM

    Blogger sweep said...


    Great comments in your piece from Ube! Awesome in fact.

    I dont like Bedard simply for his mental make up...he is definitely one guy not ready for the New York media.

    I love reading experts telling us that our prospects are crap, love it! It lets me know which of these assbreathers actually know what they are talking about and which ones just read the other assbreathers stuff and regurgitate it.

    Kieth Law is not an assbreather.

    I wrote about Snell a couple of weeks ago. His W-L totals are not great but all his other numbers are superb! Put him on the Mets and he might win 15 or 16 games if he throws the same numbers. But will they deal him? He is young, cheap and not ready for arbitration for years.

    Would they deal Snell and Bay in a salary dump? Milledge, Gomez and Pelfrey for those two?

    12:26 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Omar's going to have as many as six picks in the first three rounds, and I have no doubt that one of them will be a reliever.

    ideally it would be, say, Gomez, Humber and two lesser prospects to bring in Snell & Paulino, but with current projected deals we're reading about, I'm guessing your talking an extra pitching prospect added to those first two - or Pelfrey instead of Humbefr - and one lesser prospect.
    As long as the Mets hold on to Fernando & Deolis, I could live with that.

    12:33 PM

    Anonymous MikeinSpaininLA said...

    I like Snell, but I recall reading an article last preseason about how, even in pre-season, he was throwing a ridiculous amount of breaking balls, and for such a little guy, he seemed headed for a physical breakdown. That said, who the fuck knows who'll break down.

    I will say that I don't really believe Haren or Bedard or on the market -- their teams have no reason to trade them right now. They're both Cy Young candidates signed cheaply over the next 3 and 2 years, respectively. It's crazy to get our hopes up.

    What Omar should be looking for is a Snell, Ervin Santana, Scott Olsen type who can be had more reasonably and could really blossom in NY.

    I'd love Santana/Bedard/Haren, but just because the media and blog world is having fun speculating, doesn't change the fact that there's maybe a 5-10 percent chance that one of them ends up on the Mets this year.

    12:37 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    ryan church and brian schneider for lastings milledge!


    12:52 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...



    1:04 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    i dont get this trade...

    church is older and is gonna give the same thing we wouldve gotten for milledge.

    i admit that i dont know anything about schneider. maybe omar loved him from when he gm'ed the expos. his bat is weak and wears a goalie mask. we got two years of him too

    1:05 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    you can attribute this trade to the constant bashing that he has endured by the media.

    1:08 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Wow. Horrible trade. Horrible trade. Schneider is a beast on defense, but what? Really horrible deal. Horrible. Horrible. Horrbile. In no context does this make much sense to me. Am I missing something?

    1:09 PM

    Blogger sweep said...

    I don't get this? It makes no sense at all.

    Seems that Milledge had no trade value in a Santana or Haren trade.

    But did we just get a bag of balls and a pack of cigarettes in return for him? Thats how it feels.


    1:12 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I agree. It feels like we just gave him away. Fucking ponderous.

    1:13 PM

    Anonymous DG said...


    That's worse than Ben Johnson/Jon Adkins!

    Catcher's platoon obviously. Who plays rightfield? Church & who?

    1:17 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Church. Church plays right. Scary stuff. This trade is puke worthy.

    1:18 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    It is my sincere hope that LM goes on to have a superstar career leaving the image conscience Wilpons to be constantly reminded of yet another stupid trade. This is Joe Foy for Amos Otis all over again. I am amazed at times just how stupid this organization continues to be.

    1:21 PM

    Blogger metsfanincincy said...

    WTF???? I'm done with Omar. He can go fuck himself. Are you reading this Omar? I'll be happy to say it to your face. Incompetent asshat.

    1:22 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    it kinda makes sense. schneider improves our pitching and defense. he cant hit but neither could loduca. church is gonna give us the same production i expected from milledge if not more because willie wouldve batted him 8th and only played him in 120 games.

    this hurts bc of potential but i guess this hurts more cus we thought so much of him.

    1:27 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    This wreaks of Kazmir, no? Granted Kazmir had more value, but if Milledge does not have much interest in the trade market, why deal him? Why sell low?

    Horrible deal and I agree the media yet again helped determine who is in this town. I'm not saying Milledge is going to be the next Jeff Kent (future HOFer traded by the Mets), but he is going to be pretty good and the media ran him out of town.

    1:28 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Right. Ossy, I agree that Church will = Milledge's '08 production, but one is 22 with huge upside, is faster, and more dynamic. Church is not a game changer whereas Milledge was.

    Schneider cannot hit. Bottom line. I think Lastings can hit #3 down the line and you simply do not trade a future #3 or top of the order bat for Church and Schneider ever much less in the division!

    1:29 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    What a stupid fucking trade. Just fucking dumb. No excuses for that.
    What's the fucking point?

    1:30 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i wasnt in love with milledge myself. church should give u better #'s with the move outta that cavern.

    its a solid move if you really think about it.

    1:32 PM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    Fire Omar now.

    No excuse for this trade.

    Way to be a bitch for the media omar

    you fucking moron.

    I am disgusted.

    1:32 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Ryan Church is almost 30 years old!
    What the fuck?
    1st trade Omar makes that is indefensible. Fuck him.

    1:33 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Anti-Mets media update:

    Media is happy that Milledge is out of here, yet think it's a terrible deal.

    So which is it??

    1:40 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Jim Bowden strikes again!
    Manny Acta is the man!
    I can't wait for Lastings Milledge to make them regret that trade. I don't care if the Mets playoffs hope rest on one game and Milledge is up at the plate, I want him to hit a homerun.
    So Delmon Young gets Matt Garza
    and Lastings Milledge gets back Schnieder and Church? Fuck man, Omar fucked up there.

    1:45 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    If LM’s value was low due to his perceived personality then the best you could hope for was to hold on to him and hope with maturity and constant play his stock would rise. I hope we got some autographed baseballs with the trade.

    1:46 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Anti-Mets media update:

    Media is happy that Milledge is out of here, yet think it's a terrible deal.

    So which is it??

    Right, they bash him and rip the trade. They needed stuff to write about, so they needlessly beat up on Milledge making him a guy the Wilpon's want off the team. However, it's a bad trade.

    I can see how it can viewed as ok in certain context, but do these two REALLY make the Mets a better team now? Marginally because of the defense Schneider brings, but at the expense of Milledge? I do not mind making moves and trading people if you get some value back.

    Are the Mets better off right now in '08? Yes. However slightly, but yes.

    Just from a long term perspective, I hate the deal. This was a win-now move that was not even that good. It does not improve the team all that much. To comprise a guy that could be a nice part of the future for a maringal upgrade makes no sense. None at all. He did not have much value? Too bad, but what was the need to trade him then?

    1:51 PM

    Anonymous DSG said...

    Only thing I can add is that I'd find a Gomez trade utterly indefensible at this point which seems to contravene the whole idea of acquiring a top pitcher.

    1:55 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    If nothing else the Wilpons are accommodating. They accommodated Selig by not going over the slot on draft choices and now they are accommodating the media that seemed to despise LM.

    Well there is nothing we can do about it but voice our displeasure to the ballclub and live with deals such as these.

    2:01 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    we had to improve the pitching staff somehow. it sounds like nobody wanted the guy so minaya made the trade to improve the staff in a different way. if schneider comes and helps lower the team ERA by a quarter of a run thats 40 runs a season. that shit adds up.

    this was a solid move. milledge wasnt gonna develop here bc willie is a fucking douche and the media hates him. we could've tried keeping him and building him back up but it couldve backfired too. he cant catch a break here so just cut ties.

    2:05 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Interesting thing I read that pissed me off.
    In parts of two seasons, ammounting to 350 AB's, Milledge had 40 doubles as a 20-22 year old.
    Church had 40 doubles in close to 500 doubles. Fuck this man.
    Short-term, Long-term, fucking bullshit, its just bad.
    I'm very dissapointed.

    2:10 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    There's just no way to even begin to justify this trade. Fucking ponderous is right.

    I mean, it's... just... fucking ponderous.

    2:17 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ossy...but at some point, we have to stop trading guys that would not have flourished because no one will give them a chance like Kazmir, Bell, and Milledge. So we need to just hand them over to people because Willie won't play them or Omar won't put them on the big league roster?

    Bad way to run a team and not a good way to justify a trade.

    2:26 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    kazmir was just a disaster whatever way you look at it. they fucked with bell and milledge. some guys just will never fit in a teams plans. all you can hope is for a fair return on it. i blame willie for both!

    2:34 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ha. I agree. Seriously, if Willie gave either the fair crack they needed, they could have showed more. I am really done with Milledge, but Omar needs to flex his muscle and start telling Willie what to do since it is clear he has no idea. Though I guess it is possible Omar is in on the doubting as well.

    2:35 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I think this deal means:

    No Santan, no Haren, No Bedard.

    This trade reeeeeeeeeeeeks of Livan Hernandez, Carlos Silva and (maybe) Joe Blanton.

    Good times!!


    BTW, Omar on @ 4 on WFAN.
    - Nokes

    2:44 PM

    Anonymous benny said...

    Actually I take that 40 double thing back. ESPN said it was 40 extra base hits, which is good enough for me.

    3:00 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I feel great.


    [Profanity laced tirade]


    3:43 PM

    Blogger AE said...

    this is worse than the kazmir trade as arms are harder to project than position players...

    i am seriously considering giving up my ticket plan.

    3:51 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Keith Law. TAKE IT AWAY!!

    Lastings Milledge is still one of the better young outfield prospects in the game. By dealing him for an awful player in Brian Schneider, the Mets sold low on a former first-round pick with a lot of upside and committed two years and too much money to a catcher who can't hit.

    The Mets get ... nothing, or close to it. Schneider will earn $10.3 million over the next two years to sit behind the plate when the rules call for it, and to make 300-odd outs at the plate while hitting .230/.320/.330 or thereabouts. He is the definition of replacement level -- his offensive production was roughly as valuable as what Guillermo Quiroz did in eleven plate appearances for Texas last year -- and paying him $10 million is bad enough. Giving up something of value to acquire that contract is horrible. It would be better to pay Johnny Estrada $3-4 million to be bad for one year than Schneider over $10 million to be worse for two years.

    There's a small silver lining for the Mets in the acquisition of Ryan Church, a capable platoon bat in left or right field if you have a right-handed caddy for him. Unlike Schneider, he has value on a big league roster, but even swapping Milledge straight-up for Church wouldn't make sense because of Church's struggles against lefties, his long history of minor injuries, his age and his expense as a super-two player this winter.

    Milledge could easily be the second-best hitter in the Nationals' lineup in 2008, and moved back to his natural position of center field, he gives them two plus defenders on the field as well. Milledge has quick wrists with line-drive power, and good plate coverage. His pitch recognition is weak right now, and he's vulnerable to anyone who can change speeds. This wasn't as much of a problem for him in the minors, so there's reason to expect an improvement. He played mostly right field in the majors for the Mets and never adjusted to the different looks a fielder gets from that position, but in center field, he has plus range and an above-average arm. He's probably not a star, but he projects as an above-average bat who plays a good defensive center field, and Washington has his rights for the next five years. Milledge's value was down due to some concerns over his attitude, but those were really overblown, and Washington just picked up a good prospect for about 20 cents on the dollar.

    The only way this deal doesn't turn out to be a disaster for the Mets -- second in this decade only to the Victor Zambrano-Scott Kazmir deal -- is if Milledge doesn't pan out as a hitter, and the smart money is that he will. This is a heist for Washington, and a serious mismanagement of assets for the Mets.

    Just out of curosity, what is the opposite of 'swell'?

    - Nokes

    3:55 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    The antonym of swell is....drumroll....


    4:00 PM

    Anonymous settle steve said...

    The bottom line is are we a better team the answer is ....NO!
    I honestly feel they did not want a HIP HOP generation type ballplayer on the club.
    We are pure vanilla w/ a ltin twist.

    4:11 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    Wow, I guess this puts to rest the notion that the Kazmir-Zambrano deal was good, because it brought us Omar. Which GM are we going to get after the Wilpons hear the laughter around the league resulting from this deal?

    As with Kazmir, I don't care if 'Stings becomes a career .200 hitter; we have to believe his value was higher than Church & Schneider. I really thought we were done with horrible trades--at least with ones that everyone knows are horrible when they're made (not the ones that look horrible after the season, like Bell for Ben Johnson).

    4:33 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    From a Newsday article by David Lennon:

    The Mets obviously were not satisfied with Paul Lo Duca - they didn't bother to make him an offer - and wanted someone who, along with Castro, would do a better job of handling the pitching staff. Based on his previous three stops with the Braves, Diamondbacks and Brewers, Estrada appears up to the task.

    Starting with the Braves in 2004, each of those teams' ERAs improved after Estrada arrived. With Javy Lopez in 2003, Atlanta had a 4.10 ERA, which ranked 12th in baseball. That dropped to 3.75 with Estrada the following season, tops in baseball.

    The trend continued in 2006 with the Diamondbacks. The previous year, with Chris Snyder the primary catcher, Arizona had a 4.84 ERA (25th). That dropped to 4.48 (13th) with Estrada.

    The same thing happened in Milwaukee, where the Brewers' ERA went from 4.82 (25th) in 2006 to 4.41 (15th) with Estrada in 2007. The Mets had a 4.26 ERA - 12th in baseball - last season.

    Of course, Estrada can be considered only one factor, but such a significant reduction should be noted on a catcher's resume. As for the criticism Estrada has endured for his poor success rate of throwing out would-be base-stealers last season, there are mitigating factors.

    Estrada threw out 13 percent (11-for-84), but the 73 stolen bases he allowed still were fewer than Josh Bard (121), Jorge Posada (102) and Gold Glove winner Russell Martin (82). Nine catchers allowed between 68 and 74 stolen bases.

    It's also important to consider that Estrada played last season with a bone spur in his throwing elbow. The spur was removed Oct. 4.

    Thus the trade for Schneider makes even less sense. BTW Omar on M&MD just said that he sees Church as the everyday right fielder. Let’s be honest here. This trade is a plus for LM. There is no way Clueless Willie was going to play LM everyday. So it’s a great situation for LM.

    4:52 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    "I said, like, Jewish people, they don't believe in Jesus. Does that mean they're doomed? Jon nodded, like, that's what it meant. My ex-girlfriend! I was like, man, if they only knew. Other religions don't know any better. It's up to us to spread the word," Church said.

    I'm all for people that want to be religious and all, but I appreciate people with an open mind. At least with Milledge the team never had to say this:

    Tony Tavares, the team's president, issued a statement saying the quotations in the article "do not, in any manner, reflect the views or opinions of the Washington Nationals franchise."

    Want more?

    Tavares acted following complaints from Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld, leader of an Orthodox Jewish congregation in Washington, who said it appeared that "the locker room of the Nationals is being used to preach hatred" and urged the club to distance itself from Church's remarks.

    Just incredible stuff. Who doesn't like to breed a little hatred now and then. I think this was a great move by Omar to shake some things up. Nothing gets a clubhouse going like a little hate mongering.

    4:56 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    Omar was just on the FAN explaining the trade. He praised Schneider's defense behind the plate and cited Yadier Molina's Game 7 against the Mets as an example to underscore the importance of having a good defensive catcher. Can someone please explain this to me? Did Molina's defense have something to do with his big hits in the LCS and World Seires? Is Omar banking on the poor-hitting-catcher-comes-alive-in-the-postseason phenomenon which has occurred over the past few years in the National League? Is this why he wanted Torialba so badly?

    5:07 PM

    Anonymous MikeinSpaininLA said...

    You guys are all insane -- Omar HAD to make this deal! This puts us right back into contention next year!!! Just think about! Really, think hard! Also, farts smell good!! Really good!! This a great trade!




    Aww, fuck it. This just sucks.

    5:08 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    From “On the Mets beat” by David Lennon:

    I can’t wait for Omar Minaya’s conference call later this afternoon because someone needs to explain this trade with the Nationals to me. Maybe the market value of Lastings Milledge has dipped, but as my Bergen Record colleague Steve Popper reminded me, this is a guy who was nearly traded for Manny Ramirez a few years ago.

    Now the best Milledge can bring in return is Brian Schneider and Ryan Church? What happened to the packages for Johan Santana? Dan Haren? Joe Blanton? Apparently, Milledge must be radioactive to those clubs because they wanted no part of him.

    True, Milledge has frustrated the Mets with his behavior over the years, and most recently with his rap lyrics. But Milledge is only 22 years old, a better offensive player (right now) than Carlos Gomez and his attitude was improving.

    Why not keep Milledge, let him increase his trade value once the season begins and then move him? I really think Johnny Estrada was poised for a bounceback year after surgery and would have been fine splitting the catching duties with Ramon Castro. Oh well.

    It’s a little weird how the Mets are starting to look like the Expos/Nationals. I wonder if Minaya’s affection for his former players is getting in the way of his decision-making. At least Endy Chavez has worked out.

    5:13 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    And this deal, btw, makes even more older in terms of age.

    Seriously now. Can you guys see anything positive that can come out of the Winter Meetings here now?

    I have no idea where to go from here. Blanton? Haren? Santana? Bedard? I get the feeling that none of these players are coming here based on what we have. I mean, if we considered the L-Mill was the best prospect we have (or had) and the best it gets us is Church and Schneider then.....

    Ya know, at this point might as well see who are the free agents going into the '09 season. Off the top of my head I think it's Sabathia, Sheets, Santana (maybe)....anyone else??

    - Nokes

    11:14 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Keith Law's take on the trade:

    Lastings Milledge is still one of the better young outfield prospects in the game. By dealing him for an awful player in Brian Schneider, the Mets sold low on a former first-round pick with a lot of upside and committed two years and too much money to a catcher who can't hit.

    The Mets get ... nothing, or close to it. Schneider will earn $10.3 million over the next two years to sit behind the plate when the rules call for it, and to make 300-odd outs at the plate while hitting .230/.320/.330 or thereabouts. He is the definition of replacement level -- his offensive production was roughly as valuable as what Guillermo Quiroz did in eleven plate appearances for Texas last year -- and paying him $10 million is bad enough. Giving up something of value to acquire that contract is horrible. It would be better to pay Johnny Estrada $3-4 million to be bad for one year than Schneider over $10 million to be worse for two years.

    There's a small silver lining for the Mets in the acquisition of Ryan Church, a capable platoon bat in left or right field if you have a right-handed caddy for him. Unlike Schneider, he has value on a big league roster, but even swapping Milledge straight-up for Church wouldn't make sense because of Church's struggles against lefties, his long history of minor injuries, his age and his expense as a super-two player this winter.

    1:11 AM

    Anonymous benny said...

    David Lennon and his colleague, Steve Popper should just shut the fuck up because all they did was spend the past 3 years bashing and talking shit about Milledge bringing DOWN his trade value. Now they're all surprised? c'mon now...

    2:17 AM

    Anonymous CresceNet said...

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    2:26 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    I apologize for repeating Noke’s Keith Law post. Yesterday was a bad day for both me and the Mets.

    BTW the Yankees have agreed to include Hughes in a Santana trade and Jon Heyman now believes they are the front runners to get Santana. All Yankees fans that I know are laughing their asses off at the trade. Thanks to TVLand they now call Omar, Gomer, as in Gomer Pyle.

    10:33 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It's cool 2x4.

    Like I've said before, I honestly dont think that Santana, or Haren, or Bedard are coming. I cant believe I just did this, but I compared Tom Glavine to *gulp* Carlos Silva. If you compare Silva to Glavine, just on last years stats alone, they are practically the same:

    Starts - TG CS

    Glavine, Tom SP ATL
    IP S QS CG W
    200.3 34 23 1 13

    L K BB HA
    8 89 64 219

    4.448 1.413

    Silva, Carlos SP MIN
    IP S QS CG W
    202.0 33 20 2 13

    L K BB HA
    14 89 36 229

    4.188 1.312

    The thing that gets me, which I had no idea about, was quality starts. Last year, Glavine had 23, Silva had 20.

    It's not as sexy of Santana or Haren but.....or am I just trying to convince myself?

    - Nokes

    10:56 AM

    Blogger sweep said...


    The best FA pitcher out there in my opinion is Jason Jennings. He is a no downside signing. He was injured last season but got fixed up and is ready to go. Give him a shot long before Livan or Silva.

    Like some of you i also think the hole in the rotation will now be filled by a FA.

    11:03 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The media seem to have their wangs out and going 100mph thinking that Hughes and Cabrera are bringing back Santana.

    Me no think so! The Red Sox are not going to let this happen without over spending for him.


    11:06 AM

    Anonymous Ryan Church Can Suck My Ass said...

    One day later all I can say is that the Mets org just seems incompetent in my eyes. It's hard to believe that the team can possibly contend with the Wilpons owning the team.

    If the Mets go ahead and now trade for an upper level pitcher, does anyone doubt that the team will have once again gut the farm system to do it? What continually angers me about the Mets is that they push a vision of the future, in this case Beltran surrounded by Gomez & F-Mart when the constant prerogative of "winning now" means that the Mets will trade both of those guys long before they ever actually achieve anything in NY. So, we're left with what? Empty visions of the future. Nothing more

    Omar came into the organization touting development from within combined with free agent signings and responsible trades. The second the Mets surprised and contended, that outlook was replaced by the current win at all costs outlook that led to a mediocre managers failing to lead a bunch of indifferent players through what amounted to an epic collapse (in baseball terms). Omar has come to exhibit the same poor judgement of his recent predecessors, which of course argues that the issue was never Duquette or Phillips, per se, but institutional.

    I'm not Kazmir-mad, but I could just wash my hands of this whole team today. Realistically, I know I probably won't do that, or cannot do that, but I'm thoroughly sick of the Wilpons and their blind management style. The Mets are guaranteed to be the second team in the city because they frankly have no idea what they are doing.

    Go ahead and trade everyone, Omar! Fuck you!


    12:09 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    And in the how to stick your soul up someone's orifice so that you get a press past department:

    …i believe the Mets will eventually regret trading Lastings Milledge, because, while he has his flaws, i feel he can be the type of exciting, better-than-average player a team in new york will wish it had…frankly, i suspect the Mets know they’ll regret it…that being said, i am okay with this trade, and understand why it was made…

    More spineless than jello! Hope you get your press pass, bitch!

    12:20 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I keep waiting for it to read Schneider, Church AND....

    Now, wouldn't it be funny to have Washington put LM in a package for a pitcher. Not that it would happen, but I'd laugh.


    12:35 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    And no chance of Green returning,,,,

    12:37 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Lance Cormier was released by the Braves to make room for Glavine! Now's our chance to move in quickly and get somebody who could start or relieve, perhaps replace Heilman.


    12:52 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Church had 24 TB in 7 games at Shea on '07.

    Still, what would I rather have

    Green and LM plus LoDuca or Estrada


    Church plus Schneider

    1:06 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Just read on MLBtrade rumors that the twins want to trade Santana to the NL. But they also state that Minaya is rethinking his decision NOT to trade Reyes and might actually use him!

    I know MLBTR is 99% wrong but I am 99% unhappy about this!


    4:09 PM

    Anonymous Brian B said...

    Church is 29, schneider is 31, milledge is 22. Milledge can probably produce the same as church.

    What is this nonesense? I'd rather have milledge and estrada than schneider and church.


    5:54 PM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Farva, Twins columnist La Velle E. Neal III posted to his blog in the Star Tribune:

    There’s a chance that the Mets may re-think their reluctance to add shortstop Jose Reyes to a deal because they are desperate for starting pitching. If Reyes becomes available, look for the Mets to surge in this race. I’ve been told the Twins would prefer to send Santana to a National League team. Santana would like the N.L. so he can hit.

    But if this did come true it may be time to start looking for another baseball team to root for. Talents like Reyes come very rarely and a SS has a major impact on a team for approximately 150 to 160 games. Reyes is an incredible offensive and defensive talent.

    1:21 AM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    Funny observation from Metsblog.com posters.
    Ryan Church gets defended for his religious comments. He gets alot of defense and it makes me think of Milledge and how QUICKLY he was shitted on and judged.
    Whatever, pretty gay, the trade sucks.

    2:50 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    When Church hits 25 homers and drives in a 100, we'll forget about it.


    5:15 AM

    Blogger Anthony said...

    wow. just wow. i've been out of it all weekend with guests in town and haven't had a chance to get into this. what a FUCKING DISASTER. TOTAL DISASTER. Unfuckingbelievable. I am soooooo bummed out. Ryan Church and Brian Schneider? Blown away at how incompetent this organization truly is. I believed in Omar. I thought he was the real deal. I'm as bummed out about losing my faith in Omar as I am about losing Milledge for shit. Just feel like I can't even get behind my team. The Mets are everything to me in sports and a big part of my life. This just sucks on so many levels that they keep on fucking up beyond belief with shit like this. They just kill us consistently. I have completely lost all faith in Omar after this. Just a stupid stupid stupid stupid move.

    And the Ryan Church religion hate thing...I can't even get started. Can't STAND having asshole freaks like this on a team that I'm "rooting" for. What a good fit for NYC...vomit.

    11:57 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Anthony, you said it all!

    2:53 PM

    Blogger Itsmetsforme said...

    What in the name of Jesus Flores?

    this site has long been organized around the two words that sum up omar's LM boondoggle best:
    "Fucking ponderous."

    if you read through this comment thread, it makes you sad again. At the top, we were dreaming of LM stirring the drink next year, at the bottom...well.

    This trade reminds me of when certain prescription drug users go joy driving in their sleep, causing damage which they escape at least some of the blame for. I always think, "hide the fucking car keys before you go to sleep, douchebags!"

    I wonder if Omar will still be around when the Mets are done paying Schneider's blowtastic contract.

    4:48 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Breaking news:

    Heilman traded for Buttcrack

    12:13 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    Some random thoughts.

    On what I now will refer to as the “LM Trade” or “Get Me to the Church on Time Trade” we have for the most part vented our disapproval and now all we can do is turn the page and move on. Yet I hate to part with a raw talent with incredible bat speed. I view it akin to a pitcher with an upper 90’s fastball and 12/6 power curve who has yet to gain command. Both have the chance to be something special.

    To get an idea of how Mets fans viewed the trade I browsed through various Mets blogs. After reading some of the posts I believe I have become a much dumber person. If I had read some of these posts previous to my taking my Qualifying Exams or doing my Dissertation I most surely would have failed. At some of the sites, of which MetsGeek is an example, they act as a collective group and any outsider is either ignored or if he displeases them is ridiculed. One of them posted:

    know what I was just thinking? this is a pretty remarkable group of people…not for our achievements or accomplishments or anything like that…but for the friends we have become and the things that we share and how we all are part of each others lives in some small way. I’m proud to be part of it…..Okay…sorry for the mushy gushy stuff. Just wanted to share that. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

    I found this to be hysterical and all I could think of was a group of people sitting in a circle and I think you can picture the rest. After reading it again I get the urge to propose to Mike. (LMAO).

    Over at Yahoo Sports Vince Gennaro has authored a column entitled “A-Rod's dollars make sense for Yankees” that is interesting reading. Vince Gennaro is a consultant to several Major League Baseball teams and the author of "Diamond Dollars: The Economics of Winning in Baseball," an innovative look at the business of baseball. This followed a 20-year career at PepsiCo, where he was president of a billion-dollar division. Gennaro teaches a graduate course on the business of baseball in the Sports Business Management program at Manhattanville College.

    1:56 AM

    Anonymous DG said...

    To put even more perspective on the fleecing:

    Emboldened by his acquisition of Milledge, Nationals general manager Jim Bowden is trying to pull off a similar coup in trade talks involving closer Chad Cordero. Bowden repeatedly has asked Milwaukee for second baseman Rickie Weeks, figuring that the Brewers might relent due to their need for a closer. No chance.

    6:27 AM

    Anonymous DG, Still Angrily said...

    Mr. Press Pass gets as ferocious as a mouse while discussing Omar not getting a contract extension:

    …as it should be…look, i know people seem to feel i support everything omar does, which is not accurate…i am simply optimistic, and, by nature, i search for the silver lining and always look at the big picture…that’s who i am…so, if omar makes a move, i tend to bring those qualities to my criticism, which is mild-mannered at best…that being said, omar is entering the fourth season of his five-year deal, during which his team made the playoffs once, while squandering a seven-game lead last season…so, the clock is certainly ticking on both minaya and Willie Randolph, as it should be…

    Wish is was ticking on the Wilpons. We'll never have a consistent management while they are running the team. (And in my view, Omar dumping Milledge was a least in part, perhaps more, a directive from his superiors.)

    9:02 AM

    Blogger Rickey Henderson said...

    So when do we trade for Livian Hernandez? Soon, right?

    9:50 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Good news Rickey! We dont have to trade for him. We can just sign him to some stupid crazy contract and he'll be our.

    Aint baseball grand? The Rich keep getting richer, while those who should be rich keep getting mediocre.

    Here's to a rotation of Pedro, Silva, Maine, Perez and Humrey or Pelber.

    - Nokes

    10:11 AM

    Anonymous Two-By-Four said...

    "DG, Still Angrily" here is the reason for Mr. Press Pass' tone:

    Roughly one year ago, I approached SportsNet New York (SNY) to talk about how they could potentially benefit from the success of MetsBlog.com, and how MetsBlog could benefit from being associated with them.

    SNY is New York’s newest sports and entertainment television network, and ‘home of the Mets, Jets and all things New York sports.’

    Last week, following several month’s worth of phone calls and meetings, MetsBlog.com and SNY officially agreed to a partnership.

    12:59 PM

    Anonymous dg said...

    Yep, there goes the independent tag. It was way too apparent for far too long that he was angling for something with his tepid, generally rah-rah commentary. Well, he'll make a living for a while, which will probably be nice for Mrs. Cerrone.

    2:15 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Apparently Omar has been speaking to Bartolo Colon's agent.

    Are we looking at a six man rotation? That is the only way I see him lasting a full season.

    If we end up with one too many pitchers Colon can eat the extra.


    2:36 PM

    Anonymous ossy said...

    orioles want brandon wood and jered weaver for santana?

    why would anyone trade for miguel tejada? he's a roids player, cant play defense, and is owed $26m. oh and the orioles are fucking retards?

    some of these trades requests baffle me.

    3:03 PM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    Wow. and now the Gnats just got Elijah Dukes

    And Wash DC thought they had a problem with teenage pregnancy before.

    they got a new one

    3:52 PM

    Anonymous DG said...

    Dep, that's good!

    Farva, you are expecting that Omar wil not sign Colon for way more than necessary? They'll end up reticent to cut him because they've committed too much money!

    Maybe he should ask the other teams that are shopping their number one pitchers if they still will trade with the Mets if he signs Colon!

    5:08 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Dukes and LM...wow

    Acta better act quickly.

    7:51 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    In a perfect world....

    Santan traded to the Red Sox.

    Omar: 'Hey Theo. Man, that was some deal in getting Johan. I just gotta say congrats.'

    Theo: 'Well, we did what we had to do to get him away from the Yankees, but between you and me.....we dont really need him.'

    Omar: 'Really, we, um. Can we work something out then?'

    Theo: 'Sure. What you got?'

    Omar: 'Well, to make it respectable; Gomez, Pelfrey, Humber and Heilman?'

    Theo: 'Throw in Joe Smith and you got a deal.'

    Omar: 'Um.......ah fuck it. You got it!!'

    - Nokes

    11:02 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Seriously. With all the teams and names being thrown out there. I find it impossible that Omar will get anything done. The first pitcher to get traded (Santana?), means the price for every other SP on the market goes up. And it doesnt look like the Mets have the horses to do so.

    I now have to get into the frame of mind that the Mets starting staff will consist 2 out of Carlos Silva, Livan Hernandez and Bartolo Colon.

    - Nokes

    4:05 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Willis and Cabrera geaded to Detroit

    9:17 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    9:17 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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