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Friday, February 01, 2008

Chicks Dig Run Protection

For me, there is nothing better than a well pitched game. The casual fan might not enjoy a pitching duel, but many true fans of the game can appreciate the beauty of a well pitched game.

To put the point differently, we can compare what the Mets would look like with and without Santana, using Dan Szymborski's excellent ZiPS projections, which are available at baseballthinkfactory.org. According to Szymborski's numbers, Pedro Martinez, John Maine, Oliver Perez, Hernandez, and Pelfrey project to pitch 796 innings this year, with a 4.10 earned run average. Swap Pelfrey out for Santana, and the rotation looks good for a 3.69 ERA in 880 innings.

Just to give you an indication of how tremendous that is, only 22 qualified starters in the entire big leagues posted a 3.69 ERA or better and the Mets project to have their entire starting staff average ERA there. As for team ERA for starters, the Padres, Indians, Cubs, Boston, Angels, Giants, and Toronto rounded out the top eight with a 4.11, 4.19, 4.19, 4.21, 4.22, 4.23, and 4.24 respectively.

The Mets were 11th with a 4.40 and it should be noted, Tom Glavine helped pull down that number as he was on the wrong side of 4.40. Of course there will be injuries, but Mike Pelfrey is one of the better 6th options in the league so I feel pretty comfortable saying the Mets might be odds on favorites to lead the league in starter ERA with a full year of Pedro and Johan in the fold.

The scary part is the Mets were already sixth in the bigs for starter k/9. Tampa was first with 7.71, Boston was second with 7.01, Baltimore was third with 6.95, the Cubs were fourth with 6.92, the Angels were fifth with 6.87, and the Mets were sixth with 6.85. Minus Tom Glavine's 4.00 k/9 and add in Johan and Pedro's innings at an aggregate of 9.00 k/9 or more and you have something that makes a grown man giggle.

Also, the Pedro and Johan-less Met starters last year were second in the league in BAA with .256 second to only the Cubs .248. It is safe to say that will improve quite significantly as Johan's three year BAA is .217 and Pedro's is .216, which will obviously be up post surgery, but I do expect him to be pretty damn good.

This is why I think it is comical when people say "I'm not all too worried about Perez and Maine" or "I do not think their pitching is all that good". They were really pretty decent last year and are markedly better this year. Green is not a flattering color, but it seems to be a popular one these days when it comes to anything relating to the Mets. One thing is for sure, it is hard to get Met fans down these days.

* * *

  • Not only is Dayn Perry emotional, sensitive, shy, introverted, and angsty, but he is also sensible.

    The upshot is that the Mets now boast the best starting pitcher in the division in Santana, the best position player in the division in David Wright (who should've been NL MVP last season), the best closer in the division in Billy Wagner, and the best GM in the division in Omar Minaya (Pat Gillick is deliriously overrated, and John Schuerholz is now the Braves president).

    That's a fine start on a division title. Contingencies certainly remain. For instance, the Mets need Carlos Delgado to rebound to a degree (likely), they need Moises Alou to stay generally healthy (uncertain), and they need Ryan Church to provide an upgrade over Shawn Green in right (very likely).

    Getting Santana without having to give up Fernando Martinez, Aaron Heilman or Mike Pelfrey makes the Mets that much more potent in the NL East, and a front-runner for the NL pennant

  • I consider myself pretty confident and I do not think I'm dumb. I also try and not be a homer, but I have to admit, I doubted myself at times in defending the Mets prospects in the Santana deal. I started to wonder if I was completely off base. Ultimately, I stood by my guns and it is nice to see at least one expert validate the fact that I am not crazy.

    John, NY: Keith, In your listing for Fernando Martinez, you made this statement: "It's been fashionable this off-season for some writers to bash the Mets' top prospects, mostly vis-à-vis the Johan Santana trade talks, but this criticism has been way overblown." I'm assuming this was before the Santana trade - but are you saying you like the Mets system? Who's left now?

    Keith Law: (2:40 PM ET ) I was talking about how many writers said the Mets' "inferior" prospects would preclude them landing Santana, even to this day. Gomez and Guerra are not zeroes. I hate to be in a position to defend the Twins' end of the deal, but really, the criticism is way overboard. They didn't deal Santana for a bag of balls; they just didn't get what they probably should have gotten.

    Muchas gracis Senor Law.

  • Also from the above link:

    Ed (Charlotte, NC): Keith really enjoy your work. Was wondering why E. Kunz was left out of the Mets top 5 prospects?

    Keith Law: (1:26 PM ET ) Sidearming reliever, could just be a specialist, bad athlete. He was a consideration at #5, since their system is rather depleted; Carp probably wasn't the best choice for that slot.

    I guess I feel a little better that Carp should not have been the fifth best prospect, but it is still rather ugly down there.

    Chad (New Hope, MN): I keep hearing Carlos Gomez has "raw" talent. So what is his ceiling? Potential all-star or is he just an average everyday player?

    Keith Law: (1:45 PM ET ) Ceiling is a potential All-Star, leadoff guy with explosive speed, plays well above-average defense in CF.

    Wilson (DC): Gomez ceiling = Juan Pierre. OH BOY.

    Keith Law: (1:47 PM ET ) No, I said Gomez would be good.

    And he did rank his 36th overall in terms of prospects so that is pretty good.

    Alan (St. Petersburg): Is there anyone in your top 100 who you think could make a big leap this year, maybe someone you downgraded for now out of caution?

    Keith Law: (2:23 PM ET ) Chorye Spoone. Josh Smoker. Tyler Robertson. Deolis Guerra. Chris Nelson. Fautino de los Santos. Moustakas. And anyone I downgraded due to injury - Garcia, Brackman, Lincoln.

    I actually thought he was a bit pessimistic in regards to Guerra, but it is good to see him acknowledge that he is a breakout candidate.

    Justin NJ: hey, you biased Fishmonger! The Mets ain't been in da newz at all lately. Gimme some Brant Rustich lovin'!

    Keith Law: (2:29 PM ET ) Live arm, lot of minor injuries, not sure about him in pressure situations.

    The arm is there, but his college numbers versus what people say about him is what confuses me the most. If he has three above average pitches, why did he struggle so much at UCLA?

    Dan (Hell): How about a projection for the 2009 Top 10?

    Keith Law: (2:43 PM ET ) Kershaw, Snider, Fernando Martinez, Jennings, McCutchen, Wieters, Wade Davis, Price, Vitters, Triunfel. Candidates to jump to #1 overall would include Martinez, Davis, Price, Wieters, Triunfel, Porcello, maybe Austin Jackson.

    Of course, this is the real joy of the chat. Fernando, Fernando, Fernando...

    10 Fernando Martinez OF New York Mets TOP '07 LEVEL: AA (Binghamton) age: 19

    It's been fashionable this off-season for some writers to bash the Mets' top prospects, mostly vis-à-vis the Johan Santana trade talks, but this criticism has been way overblown. Martinez's 2007 performance doesn't impress on a quick look, but consider these facts: He played the entire season at age 18 in AA; and he was hitting .309/.372/.409 as late as May 25 before the effects of a contusion on his left hand ruined what remained of his season. He was shut down on June 23 and missed the rest of the year. Martinez shows huge raw power in BP that will make its way into his game performances, and he has a solid approach with good pitch recognition for someone so young. He has good range in center and a plus arm if he outgrows center field and has to move to right. To put his development in more perspective, if he'd played a full year at AA and hit .290/.360/.410 or so, he would have been on pace to debut in the big leagues at 19 or 20 and be a big league regular before he turned 21. He's going to be a star, but everyone has to bear in mind how young he is to keep his performance in perspective.

    Sweet baby jebus. That is good stuff and exactly why Law was a lone soldier saying he would not trade Fernando straight up for Johan and his one year. If you are sure he is going to be star, much like Longoria is going to be, they are much more valuable than an ace. First off, there is so much risk in regards to arms and everyday players that are stars will generally add more wins than ace pitcher year in and year out.

    Of course Johan is the best of the best so he pretty much beats most position players every year, but when you factor in Fernando's cost for that type of projection, it really makes him hard to move for anyone that does not come with many years of below market cream of the crop production and that is why the Reds would not move Jay Bruce for Erik Bedard either. Of course the Mariners are giving Jones away for Bedard if it goes through, but there are plenty of people to argue that this is not exactly the best deal for the Mariners who are incorrectly calculating they are one 'ace' type pitcher away from contending.

  • A little more 'I told you so'.

    Even if that's true -- and Cabrera is no world-beater yet (even those who don't love Gomez say he's "a tick above'' Cabrera in terms of value) -- it's still hard to knock Smith for ignoring Hank Steinbrenner's quick deadline and pressing for more.

    Precisely. Even the people that did not love Gomez agree he is more valuable than Cabrera. The people that love Gomez must have it as a landslide towards Gomez over the known (and mediocre) quantity Melky.

  • Wallace Matthews is a creepy douchebag who is a failure at being funny or objective. You get the feeling he thought he was writing a brilliant column when it is really just steaming pile of shit.

    DG had another theory.

    "Fucking idiot, isn’t he? You know he’s full of himself enough to think his possibly drunken rants actually influence anything!"

    I had not considered any inebriation involved with his writing, but that would explain a lot.

  • By way of DG, I present to you cheeseburger in a can. Mmmmm... cozy yourself up on the couch for the Super Bowl with one of those bad boys and some bacon vodka and you have yourself a par-tay. Who needs friends?

  • More truth. Make sure you read the last two paragraphs.

  • Goldstein is not as high on Fernando as Law. I'm sure a healthy year of the true Fernando will change his mind, but for now, he likes Austin Jackson and Tabata marginally better.

  • Viola is way off.

    "You're talking four guys with a big question mark by all of their names," Viola said. "Carlos Gomez, he has to be comparable to a Kirby Puckett and a Torii Hunter? Good luck with that."

    Really? Gomez is going to have to be comparable to those guys? Gomez will have to and not....oh I don't know...Delmon Young perhaps? Gomez is under pressure to perform because of the trade, but not because he is going to be the centerpiece of this team. Maybe he will be, but there are plenty of other guys on the team to be 'Kirby' or 'Torri'.

  • Jon Heyman rounds up some voices from the other side of the trade.

  • The deal will get done, but it bothers me Santana is trying to get this year at market price with a signing bonus. As if $130 million+ was not enough over the next six years? So the Mets really will not get one year of Santana under market price and had to send $4.5 million or so in signing bonuses to the Twins as well. Anyone still confused why Santana was not worth as much as most of the media would like you to believe should be crystal clear now on his value.

  • More arms on the way?

    Once the Santana deal is completed, the Mets may add more starting pitchers. They have not ruled out the possibility of signing the free-agent right-hander Kyle Lohse, who went 9-12 in 32 starts for Cincinnati and Philadelphia last season.

    That move could push Orlando Hernandez to the bullpen, bolstering an aspect of the team that crumbled toward the end of last season.

    Hernandez’s versatility would make him a valuable long reliever or, because of his success against right-handed hitters (they batted .167 off him last season), a late-inning specialist who could defuse a pressure-packed situation.

    I'm torn on this one and I have not given it much. I did want The Duque in the bullpen, but I wanted someone else in the rotation.

  • My favorite article of the day goes to Joel Sherman.

    JOHAN Santana has never thrown a no-hitter. Neither has any New York Met. Yet, I believe the moons are aligned for that to change.

    Amen brother.

    1. He is great. Actually, I don't think it has truly sunk in yet with even giddy Mets fans just how great. His 9121/3 innings over the past four years are 251/3 more than anyone in the majors. Yet even if you shrink the criteria to 500 innings, no pitcher has allowed fewer hits per nine innings than Santana's 6.95. And that is working in the AL.

    The hardcore fans know, but there are plenty of people, like my father, who would have no idea who he is. So yes, legions of Met fans have no idea what they just got.

    "He works quick, gets it and throws. He is athletic, so forget bunting on him. He is competitive, and then some days his slider, which is good, is great. On those days, you have no shot. He is unhittable."
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    Anonymous Dep said...

    Great post mike. so much good stuff in there.

    I love hearing the haters on the trade, bring it ON! it makes me love Omar that much more, that beautiful specimen of a man he is.

    re: Lohse. I think Omar is doing 1 of 2 things here. 1. He's doing a favor to Lohse's agent, not sure who he is, but maybe they have history. 2. He's driving up the potential price for the Phils.

    I do not believe for one second that Omar is interested in lohse. maybe i'm wrong, we'll see.

    If we boot Duque out of the rotation for Lohse, we are dumb. Please don't. Leave the old man in, his numbers are sweeeeeeeeeet.

    re: Lost....I was mad disappointed last nite. I dont know if everyone has seen it yet so no details. But there's only 8 episodes this year and I feel they wasted 1 already.

    oh well, LETS SIGN THIS MOFO.

    I hear it may get done at 4:59PM today....come on? do we really have to cut it that close? Make sure the fax machine is plugged in and has paper please!

    10:51 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I actually found a lot of articles and info that was pro-Twins. Kind of looks different after the dust settles and everyone actually looks into the trade.

    Olney knows nothing about prospects as many of the media does not. They are busy doing other things and do not have time to look at ten prospects from every team and read up on them.

    Good to see (however little) information come out contrary to what has been littering the internet.

    I love your #2 idea. Price him up for the Phils. Really, without Lohse, the Phillies rotation is bad. Let that sink in. Lohse makes their rotation better. The Phillies are vastly overrated.

    Yes, they won last year, but it took a horrific collapse by the Mets in tandem with a really hot run. I give them intestinal fortitude credit though. I hate intangibles, but they have them. They can put it all together when they need to and step it up.

    That is the ONLY reason I consider them contenders. Their team is virtually unchanged from last year. They lost Rowand and Helms, but added Jenkins/Werth platoon and Feliz's golden mitt, which surprisingly should be pretty equal because Helms had negative value. They moved Myers into the rotation and Lidge into the bullpen, but I still see that as a lateral being their rotation is slightly worse and Meyers never lived up to his front end billing.

    Their rotation is going to be slightly worse in a few spots and I am not a believer in Kendrick just yet.

    The reason people knock Pedro and The Duque, they should knock Gordon and Romero did just get released last year.

    So yeah, Lohse is kind of important for them because they need innings badly.

    I kind of can think of some scenarios that Omar is still interested in Lohse at the right price though.

    RE: Lost...I had this on the other thread this AM.

    I will admit the plot has gone awry. I give it a pass since it was episode #1, but it was marginal.

    Now I do like the working backwards in time and forward as well so we'll meet at the one point that explains everything, but it just seems like the writers are flying off the handle.

    I still have no idea why the 'others' were the original inhabitants. I would like to know that one.

    Only 8 episodes? That is pretty weak. They used to be good every episode and now it is down to 50%. They know it as well since they are winding this puppy down.

    11:16 AM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    cool, yea i missed that on the last thread, i didnt wanna read that one anymore lol

    yea man, the hurley flash forwards were the best part of the episode to me. Jack must have made a really really tough call to leave everyone else stuck on the island and its haunting everyone. i read somewhere 6 ppl get off in total. I think Jin and Sun are 2 others. not sure who the 6th is.

    I dont know who the others are either, they're leftovers from some science experiment set up on the island i guess and Ben remained really devoted to the science aspect and figuring out why they cant have babies or something.

    Who is the guy in the CABIN?!?!?!? that's what i wanna know. I think Locke was the guy sitting with him, who creeped up to the window and scared Hurley. I wanna know who that other guy is.

    The thing is, I honestly feel the episode could have STARTED where ti ended with that other guy parachuting in. nothing happened at all in the present time. oh well, i still enjoyed it cuz the characters and acting is so awesome but the writing leaves a lot to be desired as you mentioned.

    yea, only 8 this season. damn writers' strike, that's all they could get in the can i believe. we'll see how much they stretch them out

    i was also pissed they advertised it as a 2 hour episode. i hate those recap shows, they dont count as new in book. stupid DVR

    its comical that lohse makes the phillies better.

    We need to beat that team's ass this year. the one thing, they seem to firmly believe they own the mets . and after last season and going 9-0 to end the season vs us, why wouldnt they?

    the mets need to come out quick and hard vs those phils and show them that this is not the case, not in 2008. they had their shot and did nothing in the playoffs in 2007, they were a wasted ticket. Kaz Matsui beat their asses, that just proves they had no business being there.

    Johan needs to set the record straight. I cannot wait to watch him dominate that lineup.

    We call your Pedro Feliz and raise you one YOYO!!!!! take that bitches!

    Now sign him! This is why a contract extension window doesnt have much value, we are getting bent over a barrel but we knew that was gonna happen. Ink, contract, now!

    11:58 AM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yeah, something HUGE is going to go down on the island.

    I mean, Hugo goes with Locke but ends up home. And then that creepy guy that was trying to get info out of Hugo.

    Maybe the episode was better than I thought. I kind of wish I did not delete it off the DVR...

    The Phils and their fans believe they own the Mets for sure. I will be making my pilgramage down there this year for sure to talk some trash.

    What does coming out quick do? We did that last year and slowely faded a slow death. That will not get them down. They'll have faith until they are mathematically out and for good reason.

    Johan is going to murder Utley and Howard. Good times.

    Feliz + Jenkins < Johan. Forget Church, Snieder, Padilla, and Sanchez.

    12:08 PM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    I think ABC.com may have the ep's up for stream or something.

    there was also that part in the future where Hugo told Jack he was sorry for going with Locke. What's that all about?!?!?! something bad is gonna happen and lots are going to die. that's my sense.

    re: Phils, good point about what does beating them early do. We need to beat them early and late, all the time.

    Basically i was meaning that i dont want them to gain any more momentum and like say they sweep a series in April, that could propel them to believing they further own us. But you're right, they wont die till they die mathematically. 17-0 in 2008!!!! 17-0! 17-0!!!

    We went out to CBP last year the weekend of 6/30. It was good times, they have a great ballpark outside of the dimensions. I spilt my beer on a hot phillie fan too when Damion Easley went yard, good times. I was so drunk I started wiping her off cuz (in not so appropriate areas) cuz i felt bad and didnt mean to do it, her man did not appreciate that.

    12:28 PM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    This deal will get done, they haven't come this far for nothing.

    One thing everyone should remember, Santana is good but not great April and May, but FILTY June through September. Add to that the pressure of living up to the contract, and it could be bumpy at the beginning. I think I'm going to be patient.

    12:54 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Yeah..Shit is going to go down on the island. Locke is going to finally go off the deepend. Complete carnage at some point in the future. Hopefully Kate's boob pops out in the process.

    I agree. It is always better to be in first, but if history tells them anything, the standings in April, May, June, July, and August do not matter.

    They will be jawing all season, which is definitely a bad thing.

    I love CBP. I always have a blast and almost explode everytime. Cheeseteak and pulled pork followed by moaning.

    It is a ballgame. Beer gets spilled. You should be wary of bringing any female to a sporting event. I mean, at Jets games they do the T-I-T-S, TITS, TITS, TITS chant for girls. Classy people. All those New Yorkers invade my state and make us look bad.

    Sidd, factor in the NL and I think he will be just fine and little extra pumped. Cy Young and MVP will be in Queens this year...World Series too. Cannot forgot about that.

    1:07 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    WOW! That projected staff ERA at 3.69 looks very pretty, as do those 880 innings.
    WHy do people continue to just ignore Maine and Oliver Perez? Remember last year when the big deal was "Will Oliver Perez and John Maine be able to go through a whole season?"
    Well they did... and not only did they get through a whole season but they were VERY successful. And that's with a VERY bad streak included in thier overall numbers.
    So now after doing what they did in 2007, the question remains the same?
    Fuck that, this reminds me of 2006 all over again, where the fans who did some research KNEW the Mets were the best team in the league while every waited for the BRaves to win 30 games in a row in September.

    IF anything Juan Pierre is Gomez's floor...

    I was looking at Jay Bruce being at the top of every prospect ranking and all I could think of was the 2005 draft when I wanted Cameron Maybin and reports kept coming out about the Mets ready to take Jay Bruce. I was soo against Bruce, man, how that has changed, I couldn't have been more wrong. THe kid is preeeeeetyy good.

    Actually, the Mariners might be an ace away from contending. THe mariners defense is solid. THier bullpen is solid. And taking pressure off of King Felix is very important.

    Cheeseburger in a can? Just the picture made me sick.

    TO me Tabata and Fernando Martinez are the same player, interchangeable guys. I guess this is the year when the differences settle in.

    Pilgrimige to Philly? If you guys are serious, let me know I been trying to convince my friends to go there like 3 years now with no luck.

    1:48 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Of course, that is ONE projection and there is no way that happens. Actually...I take that back. With health, that just may happen. Unlikely, but possible.

    The Mets are joke to everyone but the fans really and that collapse did not help.

    RE: Bruce. I remember that. However, Bruce was shooting up the charts according to BA so I was not all that upset with an advanced hitting lefty. Any kid who can take a pitch is OK in my book.

    The only reason I am not bitter is because he or Fernando would have been gone in this trade.

    Are the Mariners an 'ace' away from contending? I am sure we all know about the negative run differential business and I think they needed Jones' offense more. Of course that place sucks for righties, but their pitching is deep.

    We'll see...I would like it to happen, but I think the Angels are a bit better with a chance to be a lot better.

    Everything you point out about the Mariners is true about the Angels and I do trust their offense more.

    Oh, Philly is a great time. The fans will talk trash if they are hopelessly out of it.

    Last time I went there though it was an absolute blow out. No one wants to go into the enemy's backyard when your team is getting SPANKED. I bet Glavine was pitching.

    2:06 PM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    the one series this year I would LOVE to hit up field trip style is the one being discussed between mets and marlins in PUERTO RICO!!!!

    6/28-6/30 is that series. its not decided yet, but they are talking about it.

    I may have to scoot down to PR for 4 days and catch 3 mets games.

    nothing better than some baseball in a tropical setting.

    2:10 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    That is actually a very good idea. Some beer, baseball, and fried plantains.

    2:23 PM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    yea, I love that idea the more i ponder it. I may try and do it. we should keep it in mind. I have some friends that live down there too that could probably put some folks up.

    The one issue i have is a planned vacation for May, I gotta see if i can get another one in June.

    Roto says:

    "SI.com’s Jon Heyman believes the Mets and Johan Santana are closing in on a six-year extension worth about $22 million. (per)

    Other sources have said the Mets are holding firm at five years, perhaps with a vesting option, but Heyman has said all along it’d be six years. Heyman also says the Mets would add about $7 million to his 2008 salary of $13.25 million. That’d mean Santana would earn about $152 million over the next seven years."

    2:41 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    That is my issue. I want to go boarding in Utah next month, then Costa Rica in August/Sept., and then maybe boarding in Japan and a little South East Asia action in early '09.

    Fitting a jaunt to Puerto Rico might be too much.

    Why couldn't I be a trust fund baby?

    I just saw that on MLBTR.com. Crazy...That is some serious cash! I cannot believe he is squeezing that extra $7 million this year. Seems greedy, but I have hard time getting mad someone with such a pristine goattee.

    2:48 PM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    damn, mr. world traveler, that is awesome. I expect lots of pictures! :)

    suddenly my vacation to the Bahamas feels LAME :-p hahahaha

    yea, i can imagine that would be tough fitting in a PR trip. Marry some rich old lady on her last breath and you're set!!!

    His goatee is ridiculously clean-cut, i wonder how many ppl work on that for him

    Get this done! I cant do any work today!

    3:17 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Ha. After my girlfriend and I of seven years split, I've been doing more than beach vacations. She was never into cultureish/adventurish vacations. Machu Picchu would have made her head explode.

    I have thought about marrying some old woman, but I can't stomach it. Too much for me handle. All the wrinkles and sagging would render me a vegetable.

    I have not done any work this week in light of the current state of the Mets. Next week, it should be clear sailing for productivity.

    3:26 PM

    Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

    Well Mike, contending and actually winning the division are two seperate things. I think the Mariners will contend this year.

    Mets vs Marlins in Puerto Rico? I've never been to Puerto Rico before...
    nothing better than some baseball in a tropical setting.
    Women... the women... will be YUMMY

    but I have hard time getting mad someone with such a pristine goattee.
    Imagine if he came to the Mets in 2005? That goatte would have been... I dare not to say it.

    3:28 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    True Benny...You got me. I said the Braves and the Phillies will contend so I 100% am with you.

    Imagine if he came to the Mets in 2005? That goatte would have been... I dare not to say it.

    That crossed my mind the second the Mets got Johan. Willie is an ass.

    Everything is not allowed but my moustache! Riiiiight. Very remniscent of 'cut those sideburns mattingly!!'

    3:43 PM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    Davidoff of Newsday says we damn close!


    Danny found it first!

    3:59 PM

    Anonymous Dep said...

    Shave those sideburns! SHAVE!!! ;)

    4:07 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Was there ever any doubt? $22 a year is not nuts given the circumstances and what Zito and Zambrano got.

    And he'll still be 35!!! at that point.

    4:13 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    I'm out! Beers to celebrate!

    4:14 PM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    I'm not so worried about the 33 homers anymore. He gave up 4 in one start 5 innings against the Orioles, and 8 others in 6 starts against the Tribe.

    I know there are stories that it's almost done, but I'm still getting nervous.

    4:19 PM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    The Mets got a 2-hour extension, according to MLB.com

    5:25 PM

    Anonymous Danny said...

    GOT HIM!

    6:43 PM

    Blogger Sidd Finch said...

    MLB.COM says the deal is done.

    This according to Marty Noble:

    Neither the value not the length of the contract is known, but executives in the game have said since early afternoon that they expect Santana to have a contract through 2014 worth $139 million. That figure would include a signing bonus of about $7 million that would increase the 2008 earnings of the two-time American League Cy Young Award winner to about $20.25 million and put the average annual value of the deal at $19,857,000

    We can all resume our lives.

    6:44 PM

    Blogger mr. met said...

    Wow. Under $20m? I know I am splitting hairs here, but I am impressed they were able to keep it down close to the Zambrano level.

    I'm sure MLB and the player's union is happy about this one.

    7:05 PM

    Anonymous dep said...


    that deal is not bad. honestly with the way today was going, I expected a much worse one.

    Thank you Omar!!!!

    Time for crazy drunkiness!!!!! Have a great friday night y'all!!!!

    YOYO IS A MET!!!!!!

    7:35 PM

    Anonymous seattle steve said...

    This deal does not wipe away the disappointment of the last 2 years but it sure helps.

    11:15 AM


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