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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is the game over when they stop selling beer?

Omar Minaya has gone out and rebuilt the Mets bullpen. He has done in an excellent fashion nonetheless. Getting the two best closers available at an incredibly reasonable price was a masterstroke. The Mets now have what may be the best back end of any team in the majors.

K-Rod is among the best closers in the game and is signed to a friendly contract considering his abilities at his position. He has 3 plus pitches and is only 26 years old. Some may want to rain on the parade saying he lost some speed on his fastball but I will say that he was still clocked at 92mph last year. His change up also offsets that decline. K-Rod was also pitching on a balky ankle that should be healed up by spring training.

JJ Putz was basically picked up for Heilman and Cleto. Carp would never see Citi and Green/Reed is basically the same as Chavez/Smith. Heilman wasn’t going to start here while Cleto wouldn’t help this team within 3 years. Omar got a premier closer for them. He’s like our Jonathan Broxton, but better. He is also a nice insurance policy.

In the end, our bullpen now ranks among the best in the majors. I hope that the starters can eat up some innings that will limit the pens exposure thus ensuring a better performance. If that happens, we should now have a lot more 7 inning games.


Duaner Sanchez looks a lot like Francisco Rodriguez.


I don’t understand how Brian Cashman still has a job. He has been behind some awful trades and signings. This year, he has continued that trend.

He basically bid against himself in the Sabathia deal. Raising his offer and adding a 7th year was confusing and risky. What really confused me was the 3rd year opt out. If Sabathia goes out and has three awesome years, he will opt out and the Yankees will have to resign/extend him. It could turn his risky 7-year deal into what effectively is a 10-year deal. That is a bad idea on so many levels. Not saying that he is a bad pickup, it is just a bad contract.

Reports have the Yankees leading the chase for AJ Burnett with a 5-year $85 million contract. Two words: Carl Pavano. Anyone giving him more than three years is retarded. His numbers and injury history do not justify those years nor that salary.


Mark Teixeira is looking at a nice payday. What free agent wouldn’t want Boston, LA, New York and the Orioles chasing him. Boras must be walking around with a boner. I forgot what its like to have a good first baseman (zing!).


My quick thoughts on some acquisitions:

Detroit acquires Gerald Laird for some minor leaguers to Texas: Good move for Detroit as it fills their biggest need. Texas always needs pitching no matter how young.

Reds acquire Ramon Hernandez for Ryan Freel: Hernandez needs a change of scenery and will show max effort in a contract year. Ryan Freel is much like Melvin Mora in my opinion. He plays many positions (unfortunately, the DL is one of them). Reds should get good production from this deal.

Khalil Greene to the Cards: Greene has been hyped forever. Will he be another Sean Burroughs?

San Francisco got younger at shortstop with Edgar Renteria: wow. Just think about that statement. When was the last time that either the Giants or Padres developed a very good position player? They made a move that means nothing in my opinion.

Braves acquire Javier Vasquez for Lillibridge, etc: The Braves need starters like the Mets needed bullpen relief. This is a good move in that regards. Too bad he is their ace when in actuality he is a nice #3 guy.

Brewers sign Jorge Julio to one year deal: Just kidding!

Boston fleeced the Royals with the Ramon Ramirez-Coco Crisp trade.

Jeremy Affeldt to the Giants is risky because his strikeouts were unreasonably high and may have . However, The dollar amount isn’t that bad.

Cubs and Gregg is a downgrade. Chicago has Obama but are losing their shot at a World Series because the of the ownership’s financial situation (Tribune sale/bankruptcy).

Olsen and Willingham to the Nationals is an improvement, but almost anyone is. (Btw… if the Nats get Tex by some miracle, they will have 3 lovely first basemen.)

Holliday will really earn his next contract playing in Oakland. This move is a plus for both teams if other Beane moves pan out.


Scott Schoeneweis for Jason Marquis? I'm down for that. Get it done Omar!


I'm getting that uneasy feeling that a Peavy trade is gonna be a lot like the Brian Roberts trade last year. A whole lot of nothing.


Anonymous benny said...

Holy shit a new post!
THe K-Rod and Putz trade were awesome.
Heilman HAD to go. Vargas, Carp, Carrera, and Cleto, are "meh" material. Joe Smith was expendable. And Jeremy Reed is the white version of Endy Chavez and cheaper!

I don't think cashman is truely running the show right now this moment. Although I think Burnett is more talented than Pavano they both have the potential of doing the same thing... hanging out in the DL.

I don't think the Red Sox fleeced the Royals, lol. Ramon Ramirez was picked up off the scrap heep for nothing. The Royals just turned the most replaceable position on the team into a legit starting center fielder who provides decent offense and some really nice defense. It allows DeJEsus to move over to LF who will give Crawford a run for his money in best defender in LF.

7:59 PM

Anonymous Mookie Mouse said...

In 2008 every time Jerry went to the bp we would yell “here‘s another Putz.” Well we will now be able to say it with a smile.

BTW once again we learn that patience is a virtue and why we shouldn’t aggravate ourselves over rumors, speculation and innuendo. The bullpen should be vastly improved (actually it couldn’t have gotten much worse) to where it is potentially one of the best in baseball. Now I hope Fred Wilpon will give Omar the budget to complete the plan and strengthen the remaining weak spots.

BTW the Seattle Times discusses the trade from Seattle’s pov and can be read at http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/mariners/2008493913_mari11.html.

10:21 PM

Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

i say fleeced because relievers are hard to find. coco crisp is a good player but boston traded a back up player for a good cheap reliever. those are hard to find.

10:21 PM

Anonymous benny said...

Hard to find but also hard to depend on. Every year relivers are the ones with the most turnover.
I mean, just last year nobody wanted Ramirez. Every single team had the option of getting him and passed. He was brutal for the Rockies. He then goes on and pitches 70 nice innings for the Royals and is transformed into a everyday CF.
He's not an elite reliever, easily replacable, so I can't see how it's considered a fleecing.
Why can't it be a good ol' fashioned even deal?

The mariners btw, now have an amazing OF defense. Endy, Frankie Guitie, and Ichiro? jeeze louise. With guys like Washburn, Silva, and Batista, they actually improved thier pitching staff without touching the pitching staff.
It'll be interested. The mariners would have above average to elite defense in all OF positions, 3rd base, and short stop. Lopez at second base has the tools to be good and then there's 1st base. Good stuff. The Mariners, at the very least can become some sort of freaky science project to analyze defense.

10:49 PM

Anonymous Mookie Mouse said...

The Yankees obsession with winning coupled with George Steinbrenner’s business acumen in running a sports franchise has given them a perennial winning team that has made the playoffs year after year with the exception of last year. This has yielded an incredible fan base drawing over 4 million a year and along with other sources of revenue they swamp the nearest competitors. They can absorb a Pavano as the cost of doing business where other teams can’t. Signing Burnett to a risky contract is a chance they can afford to take. Obviously they feel that they must do what is necessary to keep a winner on the field. A starting rotation of CC, Wang, Joba, Burnett and whomever is quite an impressive pitching staff and if they stay healthy will be hard to beat this team.

Of course with George out of the picture his sons could very well screw up the franchise and wouldn’t that bring a smile to our faces.

3:17 AM

Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

Holy Shit! Hooooooly Shit! A new swellicious post! Holy Shit! Mike isn't dead?

8:52 AM

Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

I dont think Marquis is coming here anytime soon. I think that Daniel Cabrera with be non-tendered and Omar will be standing by the exit with a pen and contract as he leaves Camden Yards. The same with Marcus Thames in Detroit.

I don't think much of Marquis. Who else are we getting to replace Shoe if we did deal him? Chad Bradford?

Coco helps the Royals and he now gets to play everyday. It helps me too because the Sox tried to trade him for every damn player in baseball and I am sick of hearing about him!

J.J. baby come to Omar! This is a good deal for us. Reading the comments after mookies article proves we got the better side of this one. The M's fans are pissed!

I hope we are looking at a good bat for LF. I actually like Abreu with his shitty fielding and left handed bat. I love Dunn though and would like to see him here. He might be getable since i hear zero rumors on him. Wonder if we could get him on a 3 yr $36mm deal?

9:15 AM

Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

Well at least Ibanez wont be coming to our LF except to play for the Phillies. Kinda happy to see them get him.

9:17 AM

Anonymous Farva said...

You know, the Phillies signing Ibanez is probably not a bad thing for them but i am glad WE did not.

12:49 PM

Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

Farva, I disagree. I think us not signing Ibanez is like a ship sailing thru dark seas then narrowly missing a looming iceberg. What makes this better is that the guys you don't like just plowed their boat right up that fucking bergs ass!

P.s. Welcome back Mike.

12:52 PM

Anonymous tc said...

I don't think much of Marquis. Who else are we getting to replace Shoe if we did deal him? Chad Bradford?

Sean Green, man. He is a ground-ball machine; check out Baseball Reference and look at his mid-season splits. The M's overused him big time once Putz got hurt and Morrow was in the rotation.

Ibanez < Burrell. I am not too concerned with that move, and Utley's out for a couple of months. The Mets need to take advantage of that and gain some ground in the early months.

Marquis for Show? Do it. At least it's another arm to compete for a rotation spot. Scotty needs to go to complete the bullpen overhaul and to rid us of that disaster. The last man to give up a homer in Shea does not need to be the first to do so in Citi.

I want Lowe. That's all on that front.

1:00 PM

Blogger Anthony said...

Mike, great to see a post.

Fantastic work by Omar and staff this week. Good to know that it seems like it will be fun to go to the new park and not totally sweat it out every game like last year. Watching those two close out games is going to be very cool.

I'd really like to see Lowe in that 3-4 spot as well. I'm not sold on Maine being a solid number 3 just yet. He was very incosistent last year leading up to his injury. Maine has still yet to prove that he can be more than a 5-6 inning above avg (at best) starter. That in my book is a #4 currently. Would be nice to slot in Lowe at 3. Pass on Ollie. I had enough of him. He seems like a prime time candidate to get paid and fail. No thanks.

Still hoping we get rid of Castillo. Omar & Co need to face they made a miserable mistake and move on. Eat the money. Release, do what you have to do. But there is NO WAY that Castillo can have any part of opening day at Citi Field (if it will still be called that). Would be great to land Hudson.

Mike, you need to come to my new venue I opened in your beloved New Jersey. Check it out if you haven't heard about it yet wellmonttheatre.com. You're welcome to come to any show you'd compliments of me. The least I can do...as long as you keep up the posts!

3:02 PM

Blogger metsfanincincy said...

Mike is still MIA. Credit goes to Ossy for this post. Does anyone know WTF happened to Mike??

I'm with TC - I want Lowe. The Mets can afford him. Get it done.

I'm thrilled that the Philthies got Ibanez. Now Omar can't sign him and we can laugh as his outfield antics. Matthew Artus at Always Amazin' has some hilarious clips of him "fielding".

I'm just throwing this out there, but what do yiou guys think of signing Burrell? He's a right handed power bat. He might enjoy sticking to the Philthies. He's alway shit well at Shea.

Living in Cincy, I hear stuff about the Reds a lot. One writer stated that the only bad contract on the Reds' roster was Chad Cordero. What, then, defines a bad contract? Cordero pitched up to expectations. Is it because he is being paid too much? If that is true, then how many bad contracts do the Skankees have? By those standards you have to count Igawa, Jeter, Posada, Damon, and Matsui. You could even argue Arod. I hope like hell they sign Burnett - he is a contract from hell just waiting to happen. Sabbathia has the same potential, as well. I only count two on the Mets (Wagner and Castillo).

3:08 PM

Blogger metsfanincincy said...

I meant to say that Burrell's always hit well at Shea, but who's to say he didn't also shit well there?

3:11 PM

Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

Sorry Ossy, i should read the byline at the bottom.

Ollie, no, see ya.

Lowe sounds good but looks like he will require the money a #1 starter would cost. He isnt a #1. There are plenty of pitchers out there looking for jobs this season.

Its good to have a post here finally. I hate Mayt Cerrone and his mega ego but its the only place besides here i like to read.

4:25 PM

Anonymous seattle steve said...

I realize there maybe some health issues w/ JJ but if there are none... we stole him from the M's...Marquis for schoenweiss do it..I maybe in the minority but they should see what it would cost to get Pudge.

5:26 PM

Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

mike, is alive, just busy working and having a new best friend. its hard to do a post when nothing is happening with your choke artist team too.

personaly, i'm glad the phillies got ibanez. he isn't burrell (my tormentor). he is 37 years old. this contract will be a handcuff in a year when guys like howard and hamel start making the really big bucks.

i like Lowe on a 3 year deal. he's a lock for 200 innings. he is pricey but the market rates are set. what can we do?

burrell is intriguing but i cant see his defense in the outfield. we have too many flyball pitchers.

putz had some injuries last year along with a slow start (hyperextended elbow, irritated ulnar nerve, rib cage strain). the ulnar nerve is the dangerous one, but reports have him showing no damage.

i dont see the mets dropping castillo for nothing especially after delgado's miraculous revival. it would be nice to have hudson here though. he has a+ defense.

6:59 PM

Anonymous benny said...

My favorite Sean Green fact. In 2006 in 32 innings he only gave up 2 homeruns.
In 2007 in 68 innings he gave up 2 homeruns.
In 2008 in 79 innings he gave up 3 homeruns.
In a total of 179 innings for his major league career he's only given up 5 dingers.

Oh and in the minors in 426 innings, he has given up 2 homeruns.
So for his entire professional career he has given up 7 homeruns in 605 innings. That's half of what Heilman gives up i na season. Super awesome!!!!

8:03 PM

Anonymous tc said...

That is half of what Heilman gave up in September. Or at least it feels like it.

See ya, Show. He's now a D-Back ... traded for Connor Robertson -- the other guy from the Haren deal.

To me, this deal is one of two things:

1), A salary dump to free some room for Lowe. After all, the Phils are out of it from published reports. The Yanks are out of it with the Burnett signing. Which leaves the Red Sox who may spend 160mm onTeixeira ... and us. Not for nothing, but if you can get Lowe for 3 years, $45mm, do it.

2). A precursor to another deal for a starter. We only have one true lefty in the 'pen now (Feliciano), so it'd make sense to flip a cheap guy like Robertson for a moderately more expensive starter.

Nice stats, Benny. Like I said, Sean Green -- if he's still with us opening day -- will be a solid guy that's under the radar. And we will love him if he stays under the radar. He's perfect for a 6th inning spot. After all, with Putz and K-Rod, that's all we need now.

Time to go drink -- and celebrate never having to see that bullpen ever again. I feel like I've been liberated from a prison.

8:51 PM

Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

peace out scotty schoeneweis. you were solid in the first half but couldnt maintain it.

11:17 PM

Blogger Sidd Finch said...

Thanks for the post, Ossy. I used to look forward to some swellicious baseball talk at this site. Now, two posts in a few days, sure is nice to see.

The only decision that Jerry made that I didn't care for was turning Feliciano into the LOOGY and giving Schoeneweis the longer stints. Now it's been taken out of his hands.

You have to love everything that has been done so far to retool the Mets, and I'm pretty sure it's not over yet. One thing for sure, no more bullpen flashbacks.

So, Mike has a new best friend, eh? What's she like????

5:01 PM

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