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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Prospect Analysis

Baseball Prospectus has released its review of the Mets Top 11 Prospects. Some people will find it disheartening that the team has no 5 star can’t miss prospects in the system. Others will say that the Mets have drafted poorly or are running a depleted system.

I pay no mind to negative talk. These same people have attacked the Mets minor league for as long as I can remember (Generation K maybe?). These same people have failed to realize that the team has produced talent. It hasn’t produced many of the superstar prospects that scouts drool over, but the talent is there. There was doom and gloom two summers ago when Omar drafted all those relievers but our system still managed to produced enough talent to land Johan, Church, & Putz. That being done while keeping our top prospect, Fernando Martinez.

We haven’t had many cant miss prospects come in and contribute, but you can attribute that to not sucking for a while, Humber’s injury, Kazmir’s trade, and the negative attention Milledge couldn’t avoid.

In the end I don’t worry and neither should you. Kevin Goldstein would agree with me. The article can be read here free of charge.


Rumors of a Luis Castillo trade are floating around. I would be amazed if Omar can move this guy. Its easy to sign a guy to a bad contract. It’s nearly impossible to push on to someone’s payroll.


Fred Wilpon hasn’t been called Freddie Coupon in a while. After getting swindled for a nice chunk of change, is the nickname due for a comeback?


I haven’t heard much about this, but I wonder how the new stadium will “play.” Shea has been a pitchers park and the Mets have always seemed to benefit due to that. What’s going to happen if CitiField proves to be a Citizens Stank Park or Enron Field?


The Buffalo Bison have a new logo in town (behind the bills) and a new manager.


I secretly pray for Minaya to sign Teixeira and spin Delgado to the Angels for a decent prospect.


The pitching situation is getting interesting. I hope the Mets don’t things on the cheap and sign based on talent. When you miss the playoffs two years in a row by less than three games, a 5th starter matters. Things could’ve been different last year if Kyle Lohse made those 17 starts by Figueroa, Neise, Vargas, Stokes, and the immortal Brandon Knight.

There are too many question marks this year outside of Santana and signing both Lowe and Garland/Perez (who sounds better when you factor his age) would ease some worries. Sheets would be nice but after years of glass players crapping out, I must say pass.


Furcal may be coming back east. Thank god Glavine isn’t here to give up a leadoff homerun to him.


Adios Argenis Reyes and Bling Bling Burgos. I liked Reyes, but sometimes I thought I was the only one in the fan club.


Anonymous benny said...

Is it just me or do I feel like Burgos should have been cut a long time ago for his antics?

Every year Omar has an incredible task, last year it was Mota, this year it is Castillo. If he pulls it of, he is awesome. And everyone will be on his dick again until September 2009.

That Bison logo is badass. It seems like the Mets are planning on long term relationship with them.

I want to see the Mets sign Oliver Perez or Derek Lowe, which ever. Then get Uehara. I don't like this talk about Garland.

9:19 AM

Blogger Sidd Finch said...

I favor OP over DLowe, Benny. I'm not feelin the Garland talk, either

Regarding Freddie Coupon - a friend sent me this, couldn't resist forwarding:

Citi is in the tank and Fred's out 100 million. Maybe he'll start his own 'Wilponzi' investment plan w/the fans

From now on, he's Fred Wilponzi in my book.....

11:03 AM

Anonymous tc said...

I like Lowe over Perez for one reason: consistency. Though Perez is younger and has more upside, he's a fucking nutjob headcase and I have my doubt's about whether he can harness that.

K-Rod looked good donning the blue and orange today.

Wilmer Flores + Jefry Marte = good stuff, though I see both moving from their current positions.

The farm isn't bad; it's 100% bottom heavy in terms of the big-time raw talent. When Nelly Figs is the best guy you have in AAA, it doesn't scream "awesome," and that's why the Mets minors are typically frowned upon.

I hope that Citi plays similar to Shea. But with the new direction the stadium faces, and the new shape, you never know how the winds will carry.

Bisons logo is indeed badass. Wilponzi it is.

1:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tex would be very nice, but I think Omar is saving the 1B spot for Pujols.

I won't be surprised if he becomes a met in 2 years via trade, like Santana did.

Pujols' next contract is going to be over $200 mil, and St Louis is not going to pay that much money.

You heard it here first.


1:37 PM

Anonymous DG said...

Still, the majors are littered with ex-Met prospects. Kazmir is the only true star to come out of the organization in the last five, and it's hard to talk about for obvious reasons. But there is something to be said for drafting & producing major league talent.

OP is not a nutjob; he's just not the world's brightest whip. He's approaching an age sometimes known as maturity. I think he's a better choice than Lowe although Lowe doesn't blow.

Personally, I dont' think the Castillo/Marbury trade will work, but it is bad contract for bad contract.

And don't forget that the weak Mets' minors produced two strong contributors last summer (Murphy & Evans), plus two talented to very talented
pitchers (Niese, very talented; Parnell, talented). Murphy was the only one who was absolutely positively 100% ready, and no one would be surprised to see Evans playing in Buffalo this summer. Niese & Parnell will contribute this summer: with Parnell in the pen from the beginning of the season and Niese as the first call up in New Orleans.

3:37 PM

Blogger oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

pujols at 1B would be a masterstroke but it seems so far from now. i cant imagine the cards not picking up the option for 2011 either.

at that point, he'd be 31 and could easily pull a 7 year, $180m contract.

if he were to come to NY, he'd win about 3 mvps with the way the media would be on that bandwagon.

4:21 PM

Anonymous tc said...

Maturity vs. the ability to harness emotions are two different things. Warthen was good for Perez. I still think he will continue to mature as a pitcher and rely on his stuff more than trying to out-pitch batters ...

... But will he be able to compose himself after a rough inning, or does it get into his head like it has for the last two years and result in 2 inning, 10-run implosion? That's the big question that will remain unanswered.

Either way, Omar is playing this right by being patient. If the Sox get Teixeira and the Yankees enter the Manny sweepstakes, I like the chances.

Johan, Lowe, Pelf, Maine, Niese/Wolf/Marquis is not too bad.

I want me some Pujols! But man, is he is an absolute god in St. Louis. No joke. I was there on business and took a tour of Busch stadium, and he is their Derek Jeter. His mug is plastered everywhere, the fans adore him ... they'd never let him go. And when you have the Rams and the Blues, you gotta keep the only sports-relevant figure in the entire city in town.

5:32 PM

Anonymous benny said...

Albert Pujols is not going anywhere.
The End

10:09 PM

Anonymous seattle steve said...

We got Santana based on the fact we were willing to trade young, cheap suspects, the same in getting Putz... thats one of the aspects of a farm system.
its also nice to see the system top heavy with position players all who are under 20 years of age.
The future looks bright.

11:18 PM

Anonymous tc said...

Brian Cashman has the easiest job ... in the entire world.

Mets deep in discussions w/ Lowe. I like.

6:10 PM

Anonymous DG said...

One of the big advantages of Lowe over Ollie is that we might effectively be trading a second round pick (to the Dudgers) for a first round pick (plus supplemental) from another team. That said, I like Ollie, still believe that he makes some sense. Take whichever one that falls!

Yanks get credit for signing Texeira because they were projecting a pretty diminutive offense for 2009. Still, they are a second place club at best.

6:41 AM

Anonymous Mookie Mouse said...

Since the Mets are not in the same league as the Yankees (on a number of levels) I don’t worry about what the Yankees do. The Wilpons should worry because outside of the hard core fans both teams fight for the bandwagon fans, advertisements for the networks, and various other sources of revenue. I objectively looked at this Yankees team and I saw a team that won 89 games last year and has picked up CC and AJ and will be getting Wang back to go with Joba. When AJ is your number 4 starter there is talent on that staff. The Yankees bullpen came together last year and was solid by season’s end. To the lineup you now add Tex and a healthy Posada and Matsui and I understand Cano is doing very well in winter ball. The Rays had a magical season last year but I expect them to fall back a bit. The Yankees could very well pass the Bosox and Rays in 2009.

But enough about the Yankees. Omar still has moves to make and personally I would like him to acquire both Lowe and Perez. Niese needs time to develop a third pitch. His fastball is very pedestrian and he should be left in the minors to work on a change.

8:27 AM

Anonymous Mookie Mouse said...

BTW I wanted to direct your attention to an excellent article at NJ.com by Dan Graziano/The Star-Ledger.


8:54 AM

Anonymous Buy Out Luis Castillo said...

Too sad to not even see a new post as yet. Not even a Fuck You It's The New Year!!?

Mets will sign every remaining free agent this week, leading to an unusually competitive Spring Training and an attempt to put 15 men in the field. "Now playing short center field, Daniel Murphy..."

Aww, can't help it. Drink French wine or American beer: life's dilemma.

1:23 PM

Anonymous B-O-L-C said...

Burrell with TB makes a lot of sense. (God, that sounds [unintentionally] awful!)

Cerrone wants us to sign Dunn for a year. No thanks!

No way Jim Rice makes the HOF and Dave Parker doesn't. Parker carried a freakin' city!


3:33 PM

Blogger metsfanincincy said...

DG,is that you?

Yeah! BOLC! Please!

Cerrone must be a fan of K's and E's. Dunner hits a lot of bombs and draws the walks, but the other "dimensions" of his game are hard to watch.

4:09 PM

Anonymous B-O-L-C said...

Good guess! You win a starting pitcher (or at least I hope you do!). Figured the French wine reference would give it away.

Just don't get the idea of adding another left handed bat at all. I always figured he was destined to be a Royal. Plus he's Kingman with red hair and a nicer disposition.

I most certainly had an epiphany the other day when the Dodgers did an NBA and bought out Andruw Jones. BOLC!!!!


4:21 PM

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I watched the game on ESPN the other night, and it was a great back and forth matchup between future NBA points guards.

4:19 PM

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