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Friday, February 20, 2009

the season is almost here

It is time to be excited. Baseball is in the air.

Pitchers and catchers reported and for at least a few weeks, hope and excitement are abundant. Everyone is hoping for the continued development of the kid they saw last fall and for just another good year from their aging stars.

Things wont pan out the way most hope, but it’s always good when you get that first whiff of baseball on a cold February day.

Well everywhere except in one place. It’s amazing how this A-Rod story has trumped everything baseball in Tampa Bay. That’s a good thing too because it helps some people avoid the spotlight (Girardi, Matsui, Mariano, etc).

I think the happiest guys are AJ Burnett, CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira. They are after thoughts despite signing some of the most insane contracts ever signed in baseball (this will change as we get further into the season and Burnett shuts it down after stubbing his toe on a door).

Livan Hernandez is in the fold and this effectively has ended the Pedro Martinez era. I can’t say that I’m excited about Livan. He eats innings but his best years are behind him. I hate to see Pedro go since he can be of some use. It wouldn’t be much use around here though.

Buying tickets for games this year is going to be a joke. The brokers have swooped in have snatched everything up. That in addition to the fewer seats is going to spike the prices and cause a lot of fans to have a long distance love with the Mets.

Seeing the Mets promoting Stubhub, I can’t help but to think that they have taken the seats and have thrown them on Stubhub themselves. I’m sure that they love to turn the lovely profit Stubhub usually provides. I believe this more now that the Giants have fluctuating ticket pricing.

Can we keep Mike Pelfrey off the golf carts?

I’m tired of hearing this “team to beat” crap from the players. The Phillies are the team to beat because they won the World Series and they will remain as the team to beat until they are officially eliminated from an opportunity to win the World Series.


Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

Well Livan is much better depth than Lima TIME! and Brandon Knight.
At the very least if it's necessary to have Livan start he'll have a decent defense out there to catch all the balls in play he gives up.

Stub Hub was cool 4 years ago when I first discovered it.... now? everyone knows about it so it sucks.

10:42 AM

Anonymous gbaked said...

I bet if you go back and do the research, you can find one player on every contending team from the past 10 years saying they are the "team to beat" at some point in Spring Training.

5:54 PM

Anonymous tc said...

You can get into Citi by grabbing some $5 St. Johns vs. Georgetown tix on Mets.com ... I think they go on sale in early March.

I have NO IDEA how the Mets failed to sign Hudson if all it took was $3.4mm guaranteed. That is an atrocious oversight by Mets management.

Perhaps they should stop giving $1mm to retreads like Cory Sullivan, Rob Mackowiak, and Alex Cora ($2mm) ... and they they'd have Hudson and his superior bat and solid glove at second.

Thanks, Omar!

1:28 AM

Blogger scott from peekskill said...

The good news is that Hudson will be available next season. And if Castillo sucks it up we can even trade for Hudson in July.

Castillo had a good day today...heres hoping.

7:17 PM

Anonymous benny said...

Do any of you have any idea how good it was to start searching the internet on my phone, go to mlb.com and see SCORES.
Holy shit. I did not expect to see real live scores and I think I "JIZZED IN MY PANTS"

Baseball season has begun.
Thank goodness for the WBC to make spring training go great.

7:32 PM

Anonymous Adam Eaton said...

I'd like to have Eaton as the 5th starter...especially if he could win games and help knock off Phiily.

10:14 AM

Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

Eaton has pitched worse than Livan in the past couple of years.
That's bad...

11:24 AM

Anonymous tc said...

That was definitely Adam Eaton posting because no one else on the planet thinks he is any good.

5:44 PM

Blogger GM-Carson said...

Here's a preview of the NL East rotations with a poll for voting.

Link: http://pabaseball.blogspot.com/2009/03/nl-east-rotations.html

Give it a plug if you like it, thanks.

11:49 AM

Anonymous tc said...

What's up with fantasy, Benny?

1:33 PM

Anonymous benny said...

TC send me an email at: eyedta@hotmail.com

I'll send you an invite.

Plus, we need more people to join either check your emails or if you wanna join in on the fun, send me an email with the subject being:

9:04 PM

Anonymous tc said...

I know these sold out fast, so I figured I'd ask here before putting them on StubHub.

I can't go to Mets/Sox on Friday, April 3rd (first one at Citi) and have 4 extra seats.

Looking to move them for a comparable price to StubHub. Rather see them go to one of you guys then some random person off that though.

Oh yeah, seat info:
-- Promenade Club Gold
-- Section 419, Row 2 (just to the left of home)

You get access to the Promenade club, if I'm not mistaken.

11:42 AM

Anonymous Gehoff said...

Pedro looks good. Mets 5th starters look like crap. Maybe another year removed from surgery and his father's passing hes got something left?

11:46 PM

Anonymous chris said...

I'm a sucker for Pedro. Always have been. I say give him a look.

2:26 PM

Blogger metsfanincincy said...

I'd love to see Pedro as the #5, but $5.5M+ is good money after bad. If he'd accept a low risk, incentive laden contract then fine. Otherwise, pass. The Mets showed him respect, he should reciprocate.

2:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey tc. If you have yet to post those tickets on StubHub, I would be interested to know your asking price for all 4.


4:45 PM

Anonymous tc said...

The more I see from Garcia/Redding/Livan/Niese, the less I like. Depending on what Pedro's asking price is ... perhaps it wouldn't hurt?

Tough break for Pagan today. He's done 6-8 weeks with surgery for his elbow.

Mike ... I still have them and haven't put them on StubHub yet.

Prom. Club Gold seats (rows 1 & 2) that I found on StubHub as of today were:
Sec. 412 -- $99/seat
Sec. 409 -- $125/seat
Sec. 419 -- $125/seat
Sec. 420 -- $145/seat
Sec. 419 -- $250/seat
Sec. 420 -- $250/seat

I'm looking for $75 per seat ($300 total for all four). I have a couple of offers for them but if you're interested, drop me a line -- trc212@gmail.com

6:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yowza! That's a lot of scratch. I was in line for purchasing some nice seats online and I got booted when the time expired. Wasn't even my fault. The damn site took so long to load! I was super pissed.

I can't blame you for wanting to make a profit. And if that's the going rate on the Hub, then go for it! As for me, the price is much too steep.

Thanks anyway, tc!

9:31 PM

Blogger Eli From Brooklyn said...

The Phillies are the team to beat. As is my blog. Check it out. But beware, it's almost as good as this one.


I dare you.

11:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's almost as good as this one

No disrespect to the Oss-meister, cause he is doing a fantastic job of keeping this blog on life support. But let's be honest, it's finished until Mike decides that he wants to embrace it once more. And if he doesn't, then it needs to go away.

So right now, every blog out there is better than this one.

12:18 AM

Anonymous chris said...

let me make some calls, tc. I might be able to find a taker for those.

9:59 AM

Anonymous tc said...

With the site sitting on 827,000 or so views, I am hoping Ossy can usher it in to see 1,000,000. I also have faith in Mike coming out of the blue and making an Opening Day '09 post.

Interesting Marchand link today: http://stations.espn.go.com/stations/1050espnradio/blog?id=3480300

-- Putz jealous of K-Rod? (Don't care, so long as he gets guys out)
-- Livan fifth starter though his stuff is not good (Don't care so long as he pitches 180 innings an goes .500)
-- Delgado looks great this spring (Do care, very much.)

Chris, the $70/ticket is negotiable.

12:04 PM

Anonymous chris said...

Bah, can't do it tc, thanks anyway. Just can't get down there from upstate that day.

I hope to hell Putz is jealous. All the better.

And Delgado's the lynchpin of the offense, just like he has been since they picked him up. If he rolls, the division's sewn up. If he stinks up the joint, we're done.

3:21 PM

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