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Monday, January 05, 2009

happy new year

With the New Year here it can only mean one thing:

We’re only a few weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting!

I’m excited about the work done by Omar Minaya in reshaping the bullpen but I’m still very nervous about the status of our rotation and downright feel like crap when I think of first base.

Scott Boras is a douche bag and hearing his name associated with your team is always a downer. It especially sucks for us because he’s the man we’re going to have to deal with if Derek Lowe or Oliver Perez (hopefully both) put on the orange and blue. I would like to have both in the fold considering that the only production that is a lock for 2009 is that of Johan Santana.

Mike Pelfrey is expected to grow, but the same was thought of John Maine and Oliver Perez heading into 2008. I would hope that he matches his 2008 production at a minimum. John Maine isn’t instilling confidence coming off surgery while John Niese is just a rookie pitcher.

We’ll need both pitchers in the fold to help offset that uncertainty. Lowe is a lock for 200ip and a decent era. Ollie is a head case, but there is no denying that he can pitch and win. Another important factor to consider with them both is their (I think) nonexistent injury history (this is why I say no to Ben Sheets).

As for first base, I hate Carlos Delgado. I also hate that Mark Teixeira isn’t going to be a Met. The Mets should’ve signed him and moved him like they did with Beltran (they signed him and moved Cameron). Now there is no real option at first beyond 2009and it is going to suck.
I’m sure most of you have gotten some correspondence from the Mets for 2009 home games. Here’s your new seating chart. I already miss the simplicity of Shea.

Pat Burrell signed a good contract with the Rays and I like the move for them. His home/away splits were balanced and he should bring value to them especially as a DH. Thank god he’s not in the NL East anymore.
The Cubs signed Milton Bradley to a 3 year deal. Bad move since he’s always hurt and liable to explode at any moment.
JC Romero is going to sit out 50 games. Did his roids use save his career and turn him around in Philadelphia?
I'm loving the site redesign by ESPN. The old design was a mess and was due to be replaced.
I wonder where some of these guys like John Smoltz will end up.


Anonymous Scott from Peekskill said...

I am concerned about the amount of innings Pelf pitched last season. 50 more than in 2007. This could be trouble. I think we NEED ollie back as our #5 and Niese ready just in case Pelf goes down. I like the Pelf and he is a big horse but 50 innings is a big jump.

There are tons of OFers out there. Maybe we can pick one up to help out our offence. I especially like Baldelli (unless we can get Manny.)

6:08 AM

Anonymous B-O-L-C said...

Think it's a pipedream, an innocuous offseason fantasy, to think that the Mets will sign both Lowe & Perez. Not worth wasting one's brain cells folks! More likely is Perez & Redding or even Perez & Pedro. Fine if I'm wrong, but I don't think we're going to see Lowe.

Happy that Omar has finally woken up to a more sensible manner of negotiating and even happier he's taking a hard line with Boras, who is queen (yes, queen) of the fictive market. The Brewers are the only possible suitor for Lowe. I believe the Mets might eventually cede at $14 million a year with a fourth year option, but there is no one who will go that high and no one to bid against.

And obviously the albatross of Luis Castillo (& Bernie Madoff) was probably the final straw. No longer, "show me the money" but "show me the offers." That's good.

I don't worry about first base so much. I worry about second. We can realistically expect that Delgado won't be as good as his best last season but won't be as bad as his worst. He is in his walk year, one of baseball's best aphrodisiacs. That count is in our favor, and it seems pretty clear that the Mets hope to install Daniel Murphy - a proven, thus worthy Daniel Murphy, meaning a player who has more than 130 at bats to his name - at first base in 2010.

No, the biggest risk the Mets are taking right now is second base and why it is imperative to BUY OUT LUIS CASTILLO!!!!! A lineup with Orlando Hudson is a stronger, deeper lineup.

My hopes for the Mets from here: resign Oliver Perez; sign Petey or Redding & send Niese, who I am very high on, to Buffalo; sign Orlando Hudson; come to one's senses and sign Rocco Baldelli to pinchhit, play outfield and learn first base; sign Joey Cora. That team there is NL East Champion. If it's Lowe over Ollie, the result is the same.

Lastly, and off subject, I was looking through the Wash Post and clicked to the Nats page to find the headline: "Texeira Just Out of Reach." Pause to think of that... Was he ever in reach? One of the biggest problems in major league baseball is most players bolt for a "winner" over all other albeit non-financial considerations. The evidence is the Nats probably would have beat the Yankees offer. If they had a chance. A bit of auction philosophy: you read the room. You don't always bid your max when you know it's not anything but empty anyway.

That's why I go back now to Omar's signing of Petey and realize what an incredible coup it was. Even though the Mets didn't get their money's worth in the strictest terms, the signing is and will remain a game changer for NY National League baseball.

Had Texeira really been willing to play for the Nats, he would have had his money, and the Nats likely would have had their own game changer. The mistake perhaps was not having made one big & totally pointless FA signing last year that doomed the Nats. Pedro, older, took the leap; Tex was never going to.

Avoiding turning in last night, I found a link to F-Mart hitting a colossal and I mean COLOSSAL! home run for the team he has just joined in Venezuela. Kid just turned 20, and he will play for the big club this year. Holy shit, what a stroke!

One more thing for 2009: the Mets should retire Ed Kranepool's number.


8:57 AM

Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

For all the things about Boras you have to remember since he is such a douchebag sometimes... he loses the battle!
Remember Kyle Lohse last year?

Pat Burrell-Milton Bradley-and soon Jason Giambi. The dominos are beggining to fall.

J.C. Romero got fucked in the asshole by the MLBPA. I feel bad for him.

9:04 AM

Blogger Sidd Finch said...

Benny, I agree on the JC Romero thing, but I think it's the price we have to pay to avoid the rampant abuse we saw during the past 15 years or so.

Boras is a lying sack of shit - he is constantly getting teams to bid against themselves, and I'm glad that Omar can see through it, even if it means not getting an occasional free agent.

Kranepool in the Mets Hall of Fame? Hell yeah. Retire his number? Hell, no.

11:53 AM

Anonymous mikeinspaininla said...

Mike, what are your thoughts on Manny?

It's becoming more and more apparent that nobody really wants him, despite the fact that he was the best baseball player in the world for the last two months of the season and completely transformed a hopelessly anemic lineup while hitting in a notoriously pitcher-friendly stadium. If he signs a two year contract with a national league team and we were never in on him, it's a huge mistake. Who was more critical to the Dodgers success last year - Manny or Derek Lowe?

Amazing to me that the Cubs let DeRosa go for nothing -- he was arguably their MVP last year.

1:20 AM

Anonymous tc said...

Romero did indeed get F'd big time. Sucks he loses out on $1.25mm.

That seating chart has way too many colors. Just like the Mets have charged me way too much for my tickets. See you all in Section 514, row 11 (shit green upper deck behind the plate).

Omar is either fucking the Lowe situation up big time by low-balling him ... or he is being a genious in realizing there truly is no one else in the hunt. I hope and pray it's option B.

Teams would love to have Manny. Just not for the 4 years, $100 million that he's asking for. Hence, no suitors.

F-Mart's homer was a friggin shot. Stay healthy my man, and stay the hell out of the WBC.

Loving the name, Dg.

1:33 AM

Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

s. See you all in Section 514, row 11 (shit green upper deck behind the plate).

I bet that's technically the old Mezzanine section if you match it up to Shea according to height, haha.
You can't deny Citifield is going to be better than Shea.

9:23 AM

Anonymous tc said...

I was attempting to compare construction pictures from areas around my section (www.stadiumpage.com) to those from a similar section in Shea.

The huge differences between the two are angle to field and height. Shea sloped back so much as you went higher in the nose bleeds (as I'm sure we all know since we all sat there at some point).

Citi looks really, really good in terms of how close seats are in relation to the field -- especially the RF over-hang and the LF home run porch. And the bullpen is supposedly completely open to a fan walkway ... which makes me 99% certain that is why Heilman was traded.

In that sense I'm excited. I just wish I could have kept the equivalent of my Loge Sec. 4 seats without being asked for my first born, an arm, a leg, and my paycheck in return for them.

From those who I have talked to, the Promenade is going to be packed with season ticket holders from year past -- so at least no assholes there to ruin the fun!

9:40 AM

Anonymous seattle steve said...

in the society of baseball dealing with Borass has become a necessary evil...we will sign either Ollie or Lowe/ the Redding signing gives us a backup position if the top 4 get hurt (remember D.Oliver) and we still have Niese...offensively we have to bat "smarter" and be more productive in the 7th ,8th and 9th.

12:49 PM

Anonymous seattle steve said...

in the society of baseball dealing with Borass has become a necessary evil...we will sign either Ollie or Lowe/ the Redding signing gives us a backup position if the top 4 get hurt (remember D.Oliver) and we still have Niese...offensively we have to bat "smarter" and be more productive in the 7th ,8th and 9th.

12:49 PM

Anonymous 99th Nervous Breakdown said...

There are no ballplayers named Stump anymore...

5:55 PM

Blogger Sidd Finch said...

Shit. Braves got Lowe. 4 years 60 million

3:43 PM

Anonymous tc said...

Disappointing re: Lowe. Makes re-signing Ollie imperative.

I still think four years for Lowe isn't worth it, especially at $15 per. First couple of years that deal is fine. It's when he turns 40 that would bother me.

At least Ollie's 27 with some upside. Hopefully he can keep it up under Warthen.

I'd be willing to do battle with:

Still need to bolster the 6-8 spots of the lineup though.

4:09 PM

Anonymous B-O-L-C said...

7 & 8 are the big issues. Right now that's Castillo & Schneider versus righties. Replace Castillo and most of that goes away however.

My only regret in regards to not signing Lowe is that we won't get to read the Post or the News leading with "LOWE JOB!"

Seriously, I know Ollie has been inconsistent, but as you know from previous posts, he's been my preference. A top five with Redding as the fifth and last year's holdovers is a tough rotation.

As my buddy, H.R, sang: "Sail On. Sail On."


5:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does Lowe turn 40 during that contract? I think he's only 35 now.

12:26 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We can call Delgado stump when he stops hitting for good.

12:26 AM

Anonymous tc said...

Lowe will be 36 in June; 40 in the 4th year. Though the difference between 39 and 40 is splitting hairs ... still wouldn't want to invest $15mm on a 40 year old.

The more I think about it, the more they should go after Sheets & Ollie. Johan, Sheets, Ollie, Pelfrey, Maine! (I know, that will never happen.)

2:55 PM

Anonymous tc said...

Oops can't add today. He will be 39 in the 4th year. Oh well, same shit.

2:56 PM

Blogger GM-Carson said...

Cute lil' bromance- http://morehardball.blogspot.com/2009/01/secret-revealed-wright-reyes.html

3:49 PM

Anonymous B-O-L-C said...




5:25 PM

Anonymous Mookie Mouse said...

I have wondered whether or not the Mets have investigated the impact on revenue sources Manny would have if signed. Off hand I do not know what the impact would be but it is possible that adding Manny to the team would:

1. Increase the ratings and thus advertising revenue for SNY
2. Increase merchandising revenue sources.
3. And after the novelty of the new ballpark wears off the presence of Manny helping win games while chasing 600 hrs could help increase attendance

If these revenues were significant they could allow for the team to sign Manny and not ravage the budget.

10:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Signed Garcia to a minor league deal! Yes! Mike? You hear that? It's time to come back, Mike! Freddy Garcia will lead us to the promise land!

8:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Johan, Sheets, Pelfrey, Maine, Garcia? Like
Johan, Ollie, Pelfrey, Maine, Garcia? Don't Like.

Donde estas Mike?

12:54 AM

Blogger GM-Carson said...

Do Wright & Reyes look like Lavern & Shirley- http://morehardball.blogspot.com/2009/01/more-twins-other-than-minnesota.html

6:49 AM

Anonymous B-O-L-C said...

Willie Harris on the Nats during season ticket holders Q&A:

"If we get Adam Dunn and Orlando Hudson that would be great, but if we don't, we still have Nick Johnson, we still have Anderson Hernández and Ronnie Belliard. We've got to do what we do with what we have."

11:46 AM

Anonymous COME BACK MIKE & B-O-L-C said...

30 January

Could they just fucking sign Ollie already and get it over with? This is beginning to give me the tremens! He's all that's left. Just do it for cripes sake!

(And please, please, please, please, buy out Luis Castillo and sign Orlando Hudson)


3:40 PM

Anonymous tc said...

agreed re: ollie. this is nuts. just sign the man.

and gm carson ... you're a fkn tool ... see below:


move along now.

11:51 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like they got Ollie back. Yes! Now the Mets have the same exact starting rotation they did last season. Feels good.

2:23 PM

Anonymous B-O-L-C said...

Not same exact. Redding or Garcia have the potential to add a lot of innings. Just signing a decent fifth starter adds massive depth. And don't forget Maine pitched hurt most of the year before not pitching at all. There's plenty of upside here.

Now it's all a matter of how Luis Castillo doesn't bat 7th followed by Schneider. Murphy should ideally be in the two hole.

2:32 PM

Anonymous DG said...

New idea, why don't the Mets go after O-dog in part with deferred money. The guy wants to be here, and I'd bet he would be willing to get creative if he ends up getting paid!

1:32 PM

Anonymous DG said...

And please, please, please, can we get a life line here? It's getting to the point that I'm thinking of posting on Metsblog. Mike, can that thought shake you out of your slumber?

1:33 PM

Anonymous DG said...

And please, please, please, can we get a life line here? It's getting to the point that I'm thinking of posting on Metsblog. Mike, can that thought shake you out of your slumber?

1:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, it's his site so if he wants to take the winter off, then by all means. But the posts started dwindling in the second half and pretty much died by the end.

I love his posts and I know just how much work goes into preparing them. But if Mike can't get back into the swing of keeping up with this blog on a regular basis once Spring Training begins, then just shut it down. I hate coming here in hopes of seeing a new post only to be disappointed. Hopefully he finds new life in Late Feb/early March.

1:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and major props to ossy for lending a hand in trying to keep this site alive.

1:55 PM

Anonymous tc said...

we might have to organize a "we want mike rally" or "million mike march" outside of the sny studios during hot stove tonight to get another post.

4:13 PM

Anonymous Fans of Mike & Ossy said...

I think we'd have to go to Hoboken actually. And, anonymous, I agree with you 100%.


6:10 PM

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