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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The real Mr. Met

I have to travel for work so I have no time to write anything meaningful. So.....I'll just post the best thing I've read in quite a while since not everyone has access to ESPN Insider. Oh, buy a membership to ESPN Insider.

* * *

From Ben Shpigel's piece about David Wright in yesterday's Times:
    At age 25 and preparing to enter his fourth full season in the major leagues, Wright is in a unique position. Already admired by his peers for his professionalism and accountability, Wright, for the first time in his brief career, will be expected to assume part of a leadership void created when Lo Duca and Tom Glavine were not re-signed.

    -- snip --

    "I've tried to emulate Glavine's professionalism and the way he carries himself. John Franco's leadership, the way he could get everyone on the same page. The one thing that all these guys had in common was that they had the ability to bring together people from different backgrounds and languages."
Is this guy for real?

True Story: Last year I thought Wright was the best player in the National League. His numbers were brilliant, and from Sept. 2 through the end of the season he batted .365 with devastating power. I spend most of my time 3,000 miles away from the National League East battles, but from here he looked like the MVP. So that's what I wrote. He finished fourth.

Right around Thanksgiving the phone rang. We had visitors so I let the machine pick up. It was David Wright, or at least it was someone identifying himself as David Wright. He said he'd read what I'd written and just wanted to say thanks. Later I checked an ill-used e-mail account and discovered that the Mets' PR director had asked for my phone number. So it really was David Wright.

Obvious Question: So is David Wright really, in addition to being probably the best player in the National League, also an incredibly thoughtful guy? Or is he merely a fantastic player who thinks his life might go a little better over the next 25 years if the writers are on his side?

Simple Answer: Both. Or rather, all three. David Wright really is the best player in the National League. He really is smart enough to know that one quick phone call to a writer might lead to something good down the road. And that really is the mark of someone who's both thoughtful and emotionally mature, and perhaps worthy of our admiration as not only a hard-working professional athlete, but also a person.

Next fall, if I think Wright wasn't the best player in the National League in 2008, I will write passionately about who was the best. But if Wright is the best player, again? I'll write with exactly the same passion … and a bit of pleasure tacked on.

* * *

I'll say it again. The Mets will have the Cy Young Award winner and the MVP.

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Anonymous benny blanco from da bronx said...

I didn't get to respond to yesterday's post so I'll just do it now.
Man, Eddie Kunz? I dunno meng, I didn't think he was anyhting special. I saw him pitch more than enough times. He's just soo blah. Maybe he was tired though so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt but by the summer of this year if he's not producing he is considered a bust in my eyes already.

I like Scott Moviel, I got faith in him. I also like Nick Evans who never gets mentioned, hopefully he breaks out this season.

Also, so I don't get anyone spammed I'll put myself out there. I've already started up the fantasy league and I lost/forgot alot of the emails of the guys that have been playing the past few years sooooo, if any of you guys wanna play just email me at eyedta@hotmail.com and let me know oyu wanna play some fantasy beibol.

12:58 AM

Blogger Scott Danzig said...

You're telling me Wright didn't really call up to personally tell you to stop calling him Sugar Pants?... If not, I'm a bit worried about Wright :(

1:06 AM

Anonymous ossy said...

dep: saenz will be our starting 2B if willie has his way

9:02 AM

Blogger Rickey Henderson said...

Wright's a fantastic young player, but those quotes of his just make Rickey's skin crawl... stop tyrying to emulate Jeter already, will ya?

10:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wright is my hero. He is going to go down in history as the greatest met position player.

Anybody listening to the congressional hearing? clemens is sounding horrible...haha, its awesome. Clemens is going down hard.


11:51 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yup, Clemens is getting crucified. Couldn't be happening to a nicer guy.

Benny - I think I'm with you on Kunz, but I'm really kinda torn. I don't read much exciting in his scouting reports, and nothing in his numbers pop. But, for as much as we think of him as a reach draft pick, he was a Top 35 prospect in the draft according to Keith Law, and BA & BP both seem to like him. I don't get it, honestly...


12:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clemens sure sounds like a scumbag, but so does McNamee.

I honestly dont think they have anything substantial on him.

McNamee and Clemens should both be taken outside and shot imo.

Quick and over.


2:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all the 'misremembering' and 'distrust' we are hearing about, one thing we know for sure. There wasn't a lot of intelligence testifying in that room.

9:08 AM

Blogger Sidd Finch said...

sorry about that last anonymous comment. It was an ID-10T user error.

9:10 AM

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