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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

I think that is the most quoted movie line by bloggers. Anyway, I am still alive and I am going away for the weekend and upon my return, I plan to start tearing some shit up...or posting, whatever comes first. I have a bunch of unfinished articles and they need to be posted for all of humanity to see. The Re-Grand Opening will be on or around Wednesday.

As an aside though, what is wrong with the world? Rumors are flying around that BJ Ryan is going to be looked at for the set-up role for the Yankees and both parties are mutually interested. Is there any sound reasoning to this? One of the best closers and one of the few top tier ones is going to be a set up man until Mariano retires? Maybe the Yankees can get Wagner to work the seventh.

Something is rotten in Denmark. The Mets better be able to top the Yankees’ silly offer and try and explain to him that he should not be setting anyone up, even a future Hall of Famer. There are dark powers in play here. First tsunamis, then hurricanes, then floods, then earthquakes, then the bird flu, and the final proof I need the world is heading towards utter chaos would be BJ Ryan pitching the eighth inning for the New York Yankees.