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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Good bye Greg Maddux

Greg Maddux called it a career this week. It was a rather low publicity send off when you think of the treatment Roger Clemens got as he retired (all three/four times). He deserves a lot more attention if you ask me considering he was the best pitcher since the expansion era. Yea I said it, expansion era.

I know a lot of people will think of Koufax, Carlton, Martinez, etc. I like to think that Maddux is the best because of what he did with what he had for how long he did it when he did it.

Look at his numbers and try to find someone comparable. You may or may not. I look at his stats and see someone who is 5th on the all times win list during the era of steroids, five man rotations and specialized bullpens. To have done it while topping out at maybe 92 mph is amazing. I will never forget the time he had a 76 pitch complete game against the Cubs in 1997. He only threw 13 balls!

I hate that his career took a back seat because of his low profile personality and how that douche Clemens roided his way into the spot light. Maddux will have the last laugh though when he gets that 100% vote into the hall 5 years from now.


The Mets have traded Scott Schoeneweis to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Conor Robertson. I personally thought Scott got a raw deal here considering he was signed as a lefty specialist but was used in a different role. He in fact faced more right handed batters than lefties while here. He did have some moments of failure against lefties in key moments (Jody Gerut), but his problems were magnified by an injured knee last year, Willie Randolph, and our bullpen injuries woes this year.

Conor Robertson is nothing to be excited about. This move was about clearing salary and clearing the air of the 2008 stench. The Mets ate $1.6m of his salary and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets Delgado out in a big spot next year.


Scott Proctor was non-tendered by the Dodgers and I hope Omar takes a look at him. He can be effective but made the worst move a reliever can make: he became one of Joe Torre’s guys and practically warmed up every single day of the season.

Daniel Cabrera is also an interesting non-tender. He has electric stuff but his erratic stuff turned off the pitching starved Oriole’s. I didn’t think that was possible. Omar struck gold in that Baltimore cave once, can he do it again?


The Yankees have officially won the AJ Burnett sweepstakes. Uh, congratulations? Burnett has great stuff (his “stuff” got us Al Leiter). Too bad he is 32 years old and is extremely injury prone. By the contract runs he will have at least 5 trips to the DL.

I don’t get it. He’s had three 200 ip seasons and only one was not in a contract year. In his career year of 2008, he had a 4+ ERA.

This seems like another Pavano-ish contract for me (maybe even worse, Pavano isn’t surly). He can pitch but his best friends in the stadium will be the Yankees medical staff.

The smarter money would’ve been Ben Sheets who has shown his great stuff consistently and only sought a short term deal.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is the game over when they stop selling beer?

Omar Minaya has gone out and rebuilt the Mets bullpen. He has done in an excellent fashion nonetheless. Getting the two best closers available at an incredibly reasonable price was a masterstroke. The Mets now have what may be the best back end of any team in the majors.

K-Rod is among the best closers in the game and is signed to a friendly contract considering his abilities at his position. He has 3 plus pitches and is only 26 years old. Some may want to rain on the parade saying he lost some speed on his fastball but I will say that he was still clocked at 92mph last year. His change up also offsets that decline. K-Rod was also pitching on a balky ankle that should be healed up by spring training.

JJ Putz was basically picked up for Heilman and Cleto. Carp would never see Citi and Green/Reed is basically the same as Chavez/Smith. Heilman wasn’t going to start here while Cleto wouldn’t help this team within 3 years. Omar got a premier closer for them. He’s like our Jonathan Broxton, but better. He is also a nice insurance policy.

In the end, our bullpen now ranks among the best in the majors. I hope that the starters can eat up some innings that will limit the pens exposure thus ensuring a better performance. If that happens, we should now have a lot more 7 inning games.


Duaner Sanchez looks a lot like Francisco Rodriguez.


I don’t understand how Brian Cashman still has a job. He has been behind some awful trades and signings. This year, he has continued that trend.

He basically bid against himself in the Sabathia deal. Raising his offer and adding a 7th year was confusing and risky. What really confused me was the 3rd year opt out. If Sabathia goes out and has three awesome years, he will opt out and the Yankees will have to resign/extend him. It could turn his risky 7-year deal into what effectively is a 10-year deal. That is a bad idea on so many levels. Not saying that he is a bad pickup, it is just a bad contract.

Reports have the Yankees leading the chase for AJ Burnett with a 5-year $85 million contract. Two words: Carl Pavano. Anyone giving him more than three years is retarded. His numbers and injury history do not justify those years nor that salary.


Mark Teixeira is looking at a nice payday. What free agent wouldn’t want Boston, LA, New York and the Orioles chasing him. Boras must be walking around with a boner. I forgot what its like to have a good first baseman (zing!).


My quick thoughts on some acquisitions:

Detroit acquires Gerald Laird for some minor leaguers to Texas: Good move for Detroit as it fills their biggest need. Texas always needs pitching no matter how young.

Reds acquire Ramon Hernandez for Ryan Freel: Hernandez needs a change of scenery and will show max effort in a contract year. Ryan Freel is much like Melvin Mora in my opinion. He plays many positions (unfortunately, the DL is one of them). Reds should get good production from this deal.

Khalil Greene to the Cards: Greene has been hyped forever. Will he be another Sean Burroughs?

San Francisco got younger at shortstop with Edgar Renteria: wow. Just think about that statement. When was the last time that either the Giants or Padres developed a very good position player? They made a move that means nothing in my opinion.

Braves acquire Javier Vasquez for Lillibridge, etc: The Braves need starters like the Mets needed bullpen relief. This is a good move in that regards. Too bad he is their ace when in actuality he is a nice #3 guy.

Brewers sign Jorge Julio to one year deal: Just kidding!

Boston fleeced the Royals with the Ramon Ramirez-Coco Crisp trade.

Jeremy Affeldt to the Giants is risky because his strikeouts were unreasonably high and may have . However, The dollar amount isn’t that bad.

Cubs and Gregg is a downgrade. Chicago has Obama but are losing their shot at a World Series because the of the ownership’s financial situation (Tribune sale/bankruptcy).

Olsen and Willingham to the Nationals is an improvement, but almost anyone is. (Btw… if the Nats get Tex by some miracle, they will have 3 lovely first basemen.)

Holliday will really earn his next contract playing in Oakland. This move is a plus for both teams if other Beane moves pan out.


Scott Schoeneweis for Jason Marquis? I'm down for that. Get it done Omar!


I'm getting that uneasy feeling that a Peavy trade is gonna be a lot like the Brian Roberts trade last year. A whole lot of nothing.