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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Let's turn on that stove!

Now that the Phillies have found a way to throw salt on the wound, it's time to focus on next year. We all know the names and the needs. Minaya has some options and I think that the Wilpons are going to want alot of fans in the shiny new seats. That adds up to many "potential" moves and hopefully just as many smart moves. I'll start this off by saying that Brian Fuentes does not need to be Met. I'm saying that one based off a gut feeling like my boy Willie used to do. I'm also looking forward to a different face at first base next year.

The Marlins and Royals have opened things up and got Mike Jacobs out of the division. The trade fills a need for both teams as the Royals had a big hole at 1B and Leo Nunez would fit in nicely with any team.

I doubt that Willie will manage another team in the Major Leagues. It sucks too because had he gotten the job, Milwaukee would've underperformed and gave the Mets a little wiggle room.

Can Omar kick tires on Chad Cordero? I wouldn't mind seeing him signed to a small deal.