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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Asked if his team smells that finish line now, Phillies manager Charlie Manuel replied: "Yeah. Of course we smell it. And we want it. Matter of fact, we might want it bad enough where we've got to take it easy, just relax and just play."

And there you have it. The tail of two teams. You have a team that needed to do spectacular things to make it happen in the Phillies and a team that just need to be a notch below mediocre to solidify things up.

The fans have been criticized about their non-participation in the games, but last night they showed up and guess what? The Mets fell flat again. Can we please dispel any notion the fans are somehow tied to this slide or are not doing their part? They want to cheer, but have been given little reason to lately.

This rest squarely on the Mets shoulders and now instead of controlling their own destiny, they are relying (ironically enough) on the Nationals. The Wild Card is seemingly unlikely being the Padres magic number is now one. This utterly collapse by the Mets is mind boggling and though it is not over, these Met games are starting to feel strikingly similar to a funeral.

With the Mets playing before the Phillies today, let us see if they can step up and put some pressure on Philadelphia to win tonight.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Opposite of Swell

Wow...this is a great vibe. It's like Daddy just hit Mommy at the dinner table and we are all trying to eat still.

Mommy: "Just eat honey, Mommy's OK. Daddy just got a little angry"
Child: "I don't wanta eat."
Mommy: "Mommy's fine, Daddy just got a little crazy and Mommy's fine."
Child: "Do I have to eat?"
Mommy: "Yes you have to eat."

There are a lot of people enjoying this. Every Yankee fan and every fan of every other team not the Mets are really enjoying this. I was 100% sure the Yankees were going to miss the playoffs while the Mets would slide right in. Then it appeared the Yankees were going to make it, but who cares? The Mets were going to not only make it, but finish in first while the Yankees had to settle for the Wild Card.

Now, the Yankees pulled off a truly amazing run to not only get into the playoffs, but finish with more wins and clinch before the Mets did. It seems unthinkable to me that the Mets could miss the playoffs altogether, but that is a very real possibility. At best, they could be tied for first place in the NL East and tied for the Wild Card at the same time after all the games are played today. At worst, they could be tied for first in the NL East and one game back off the Wild Card lead.

The optimist might see some positives to take out of this being the Mets are still where they are despite playing so badly. However, with three games left, you would have to think the hot hands have a huge advantage here. I am not going to say this team does not care. I do not think I'm in a position to say that and I do see some frustration with this team, but something has been drastically off with this team for a bit.

I think a lot was taken for granted. I do know that a lot of Met fans had turned a blind eye and thought everything would be fine despite how poorly they had played at times and despite the gaping holes that presented themselves. This is for real and the Mets are in danger of completely the biggest and most embarrassing collapse in baseball history to end the season.

The Phillies have Hamels, Eaton, and Moyer on tap and the Mets have Perez, Maine, and Glavine. The Padres have Maddux, Young, and Peavy rounding out the season and I'm thinking it does not even matter who the Rockies have on the mound.There is a very real possibility there will be two one game playoffs needed to decide this thing in the end. However, if there is going to be any October baseball for the Mets, Perez needs to step up and give seven sparkling innings with the offense getting some early runs on the board to end this free for all. I thought this last Sunday game coming up was going to be a nice relaxing day at the park to throw some beers back, but it looks like it might be a tremendously important game. Who would of thought that two weeks ago?

* * *

  • This just outlines this bizzaro world that upon us.

    The Mets' pitching is so bad, general manager Omar Minaya is ready to put out an all-points bulletin for Steve Trachsel. Since a three-game series with Philadelphia at Shea in mid-September, here are some Mets ERAs: Jorge Sosa (10.80), John Maine (10.61), Mike Pelfrey (7.59), Guillermo Mota (7.50), Billy Wagner (6.75), Tom Glavine (6.11) and Pedro Feliciano (5.68). Amazingly enough, New York's team ERA of 5.09 in September is still better than Philadelphia's 5.15 staff ERA this month. But Mets manager Willie Randolph sure looks a lot more stressed than Philadelphia counterpart Charlie Manuel these days.

  • Stevie....he was your last first round draft pick!

    Owen (Washington, DC): How do you see the NL East playing out? Right now it seems that no one wants to make a statement.

    SportsNation Steve Phillips: I think that the Mets will limp to the NL East title, and will have major questions about what they are, headed into the playoffs, because of their starting rotation and struggling bullpen. The Phillies and Braves will finish a close second and third. Tonight is a key game for the Mets. The Mets need this game, and need a good start out of Umber.

  • Wow.

    Luke (Miami): Reyes or Rollins?

    SportsNation Jim Callis: Rollins.

    My, my, my. Jose has not made many fans in the second half. He went from being the MVP and best player in the universe to being below Rollins. Of course Jimbo is having a tremendous year so it could speak more towards how good Rollins has been vs. how bad Reyes has struggled, but I tend to think this is more of byproduct of Reyes' struggles.

  • After a 4 for 4 night, I'm not so sure Micah Owings should be pitching. He has an OPS over 1.000 with four homers in 59 at-bats. He could stand to walk a bit more, but I would really be nitpicking if I got on a pitcher for not walking more.

  • The Mets playoff chances should now be under 80%. If not, it will be really close to it with the possibility of a tie extremely large.

  • Moises wants to come back in 2008 and the Mets would be foolish to not bring him back.

  • The Pirates should trade Jason Bay and the Twins should trade Joe Nathan. While they are at it, the Twins should trade Johan if they are not going to sign him this off season.

  • Mark Ecko's little stunt was an expenseive one, but very amusing as well. If you pay that much for a baseball, you should certainly be allowed to do whatever you want with it and to any asshole who said that dude who caught the ball should give the ball to Bonds, please punch yourself in the face. Twice...and onces in the balls for good measure.
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    That taste in your mouth would be puke.

    Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    Back In Business

    I'm back, but I have not had time to chime in about the Mets. And really though, why would I? I leave for a bit and have to come back to this putrid display of baseball? To recap, the Yankees have three more wins than the Mets will in all likelihood clinch before the Mets do. The Nationals, who are not horrible, but certainly should be a team the Mets are capable of beating are absolutely owning the Mets. I did mention previously that this Nationals team is nothing to sneeze at and have not played all that much worse than the Mets since June 1st, but this is silly.

    The Mets were at about 99.4% certain to make the playoffs when I left. Now, they are down to 97.9% which is still good, but not the right direction. Sure the Cardinals stumbled last year only to win it all and the Yankees had stumbled relatively recently at the end of the season only to win it all as well, but the Mets have big issues. The Duque's foot problem is persisting, Pedro needs extra rest, Maine's ERA is now comfortably north of 4.00, and Glavine still scares me.

    No team is afraid of facing the New York Mets at this point. They still might have the most talent, but they are not the best team.

    * * *

  • The Mets need for pitching help was plain to see way before I left.

    It's madness, really, asking someone with no experience to reverse one of the worst finishes in recent team history. What's worse, selecting Humber tonight exposes the flaw of using Brian Lawrence last Monday in D.C.

    Why wasn't Humber chosen then? The answer is as obvious as it is damning: the Mets are operating without a late-September blueprint. No one saw this collapse coming, and no one has a way to end it. Randolph's closed-door speeches haven't worked. Players-only meetings have accomplished nothing. Coming off the road hasn't made a difference in the Mets' play, either.

    Now it's down to guesswork, Humber and tightly crossed fingers. Not even the eternally optimistic Minaya could muster a strong defense of the rookie's enlistment.

    "He's the best option available," is how the GM put it. "In a perfect world, you'd rather have a proven guy out there."

    The Mets handling of their talent down the stretch is reprehensible. While it was clear they had a need, they failed to try some guys out and now it is probably too late. Nothing short of back to back no hitters would get Humber a serious look at contributing to this team but he should have been playing a large factor in the bullpen weeks ago. Now, he has three big league innings and has not pitched since the 11th and today is obviously the 26th. The last time he started a game was on August 27th. To me, that is not setting your guys up for success.

  • The Duque is inching his way back.

    After throwing "50, 60" pitches in a bullpen session Tuesday to test how the bunion on his right foot has healed, Orlando Hernandez said if no problems arise today, he expects to throw a simulated game Thursday.

    What can reasonably be expect from him health wise? His first start back might be in the playoffs and that certainly does not give me the warm and fuzzies.

  • There was some talk on the radio on with Joe Beningo on the Mike and the Mad Dog show about Willie feeling underappreciated. I'm sorry, but did I miss where he proved himself to be a manager who deftly navigates his way through the game and makes great decisions all the time? He is appreciated too much in this town in my opinion and a detriment to this team.

    They also spoke about Willie not being allowed to pick one of his coaches. Sure, Omar might be giving him praise now, but nothing speaks more volumes than that. They fired the only guy he was allowed to hire and replaced the open spot on the staff with Ricky Henderson. If this Mets front office truly though Willie was cats meow, he would have some semblance of control and he is far from having control.

  • Moises continues to do what he always does. Just hit the shit out of the ball.

  • Some Africa pics to wet your whistles. I have not had the chance to go through them all and can post more later, but here are a few.

    We were lucky enough to see two lionesses with seven cubs. Our guide said he has never seen more than three at a time so we were definitely fortunate. The best part was after the mothers did this woofing typing thing in a territorial manner, the little cubs would proceed to do what sounded a notch above a house cat's loudest meow in an attempt to be tough.

    Nothing to add about the warthog except they look tasty. Bush bacon anyone?

    It never gets old seeing one of these goofy bastards running around looking ridiculous.


    Definitely not a common occurrence to see a cheetah this close. We saw one a few times under a tree in the distance, but seeing one sitting on the side of the road was rather fortunate. None of the big cats gave a shit about anything. If they were chilling out, you could get really close since they have nothing to worry about.

    Baby elephant? Awesome.

    The Serengeti had flat out the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. I have way more pictures than any man should own. I'll go put my mini skirt on now.

    They vote for the creepiest animal had to be the hyena. They oozed creepiness with little effort. For two nights, we actually camped on the Serengeti and it was just my friend an I with some beers and a bottle of Jamison. We were continually checking for eyes staring back at us with head lamps. One time, while checking our back, I saw two eyes staring back.

    I called my friend over to confirm what I was seeing and once he did, I ran to the tent. unable to get the zipper open more than five inches, I tried shove myself through. I couldn't fit and got shoved in with some help from behind. Feeling like girls, we went back out to check the scene and another pair was there. At that point, we called it a night. The camp people said it was most likely hyenas, but that was not exactly a gamble I was willing to take.

    This was one of the lionesses with the seven cubs. Check her neck out as she has some gnarly looking wound on it.

  • All in all, it was an amazing, albeit very dusty and dirty, trip. We saw every animal but the Rhino and ate plenty of unidentifiable meats. I'll try and get some more complete pictures up in the next week or so for those of you who are interested in seeing more pics.

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