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Monday, February 09, 2009


Alex Rodriguez is a guy who has two amazing abilities. He pounces on fastballs in a snake like fashion. He also does incredibly stupid things.

Everyone knows by now that he has been implicated as testing positive in MLB’s 2003 steroid sampling.

I can understand why the guy would do it. He is hungry. He wants to put up the best numbers ever and become a baseball immortal. To do that you need a physical advantage and the steroids do that.

In the end his image is tarnished and who knows if he’s going to the HOF. I do know that he will become a baseball immortal. It’ll probably along the lines of Pete Rose rather than Hank Aaron.

This is the Yankees problem and I don’t feel bad about the Mets not making a push for him in 2000. This guy is an rbi machine but the trouble is too much. I would’ve hated dealing with stripper-gate, Madonna-gate, and now this fiasco. He’s like TO but with a better attitude.
Jason Stark had this interest bit about Fernando Martinez in a recent article.

“He looks to me like he can be a young Bobby Abreu… His discipline at the plate is good. He worked counts. He hung in against left-handers. He did a lot of good things. He may be 20 years old, but he doesn’t look like it, the way he handles himself. He really plays under control.”

This is always good to hear. Seeing the Rays bring up Evan Longoria and Cole Hamels becoming a superstar so fast give me hope that we may have another Reyes or Wright. I just hope this guy can stay healthy (he left DR because of a swollen elbow).