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Friday, September 19, 2008

'the collapse' vs september 2008

Bunches of you haven’t gotten over what happened last year. It’s understandable. Coming off a year in which we were a game away from the World Series, our hopes were high and everyone was ready for the ticker tape parade.

Those hopes and dreams were dashed when Tom Glavine officially moved past Bobby Bonilla on the “Worst Mets Ever” list. It wasn’t helped by the constant media coverage that decided that losing a 7 game lead with 17 games left is worse than losing 6 with 12 games left (the ’64 Phillies accomplished that one).

This is a new year however. We came into the season as underdogs by virtue that you own a division until you lose it. Expectations had to be different considering the changes outside of Johan Santana were minimal (re: Willie was still manager).

For a Mets fan to get upset about blowing a lead and speaking of a collapse, is a bit overdoing it in my opinion. They should remember a few things before they get all riled up:

  • We were at one point 7.5 games out of first at one point
  • Willie Randolph gave us a lovely .493 winning percentage this year
  • Delgado has sucked for half the year
  • Luis Castillo (Jose Castillo was a typo)
  • Our bullpen has been run into the ground by over use and injuries
  • Billy Wagner
  • Concussions
  • Willie Randolph
  • Maine’s injuries

I am actually quite happy that the Mets are in a race despite all these problems. That being said, any comparisons to last year are 100% unwarranted. This season was going to be a race and its shaping out that way. Appreciate the excitement that comes with the race and just enjoy baseball.


The Mets are the only team in baseball with three 100+ rbi guys.


Beltran has been awesome this year and totally under the radar.


I still cant believe Delgado has done what he’s done. I still don't know if he should be our first option at 1B next year, but I'm glad he's improved.


The “empty” minors are producing:

  • Daniel Murphy looks like he could play full time next year.
  • Argenis Reyes gives me the same feeling Edgardo Alfonso once did.
  • Kunz brings hope for the bullpen.
  • Niese looked great in his second start.
I’ll be posting periodically. Hope you guys can bear with me.

P.S. Isn’t it great not having Willie Randolph here?